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2021Philadelphia Eagles mock draft 2.0

A lot has changed for Philadelphia since our Eagles mock draft 1.0. In a bittersweet trade for Eagles fans, Howie Roseman traded the 6th pick in the draft to the Dolphins for the 12th pick. This likely dashed any chances they had at a top four pass catcher, a top two offensive lineman, and a top two defensive player (Micah Parsons and Patrick Surtain II). In return they received a first-round pick in next year’s draft, which sets them up with definitely two and maybe even 3 first-round picks in 2022. The Colts traded a conditional pick for Carson Wentz, which will be their first-round pick if he plays 75% of snaps or the Colts make the playoffs and he plays 70%. 

Despite them trading back to 12, we still projected one of the top pass catchers to fall to them at the 12thspot. With the possibility of 5 QBs, 4 pass catchers, 2 offensive linemen, 2 corners, a linebacker, and maybe 2 pass rushers projected in the top 11, depending upon who’s board it is and which version, several have to fall to the Eagles at the 12th pick. 

We see 4 QBs off the board, as well as, 3 pass catchers, two offensive tackles, a corner, a linebacker, and a pass rusher. 

If this is the case it would be considered a huge win by Eagles fans and shrewd maneuvering by Howie Roseman, as he was able to add a first-round pick in the process. 

The Eagles now own the 12th and 37th overall selections in this draft.


This pick has not changed since our Eagles mock draft 1.0, but it comes six picks later now thanks to the trade. The availability of Waddle at 12, almost rests entirely on the decision made by the Dolphins at 6 and the Detroit Lions at 7. 

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Because both Kyle Pitts and Ja’Marr chase off of the board by the time Miami is on the clock, we think that they traded up to grab Micah Parsons. If they’re happy getting any of the top receivers, such as either of the 2 Alabama wideouts to reunite with Tua, then the chances get slimmer for the Eagles.

We also projected the Lions taking Penei Sewell at 7. Their offensive line is ravaged and their division features some of the most elite edge rushers in the league in Khalil Mack and Za’Darius Smith. With a high 2nd round pick, we think Detroit will address receiver then. 

We see not only Jaylen Waddle being available at 12, but also DeVonta Smith. This presents a very interesting question to the Eagles front office as to which guy they think fits their system the best. It’s close as both are extremely talented and either would bring an elite receiver to the Eagles offense. 

Waddle was our choice as a more yards after catch producer. He’s a bit more versatile than Smith, as he’s able to be used out wide, in the slot, or even on end-arounds. If the offense remains anything like the one Pederson ran, then it seems like Waddle would be the preferred choice. 


This pick also remained the same since our Eagles mock draft version 1.0. Jalen Mayfield greatly fluctuates depending upon who’s board you’re looking at. He’s 6-5 and 319 pounds, but is a raw and undeveloped prospect as compared to others at his position, which is why we see him as the 6th tackle and 9th offensive lineman taken. Others see him as high as the 3rd tackle in the draft. 

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Similar to their pick of Andre Dillard (who the jury is still out on), Mayfield would greatly benefit from a backup role this year as he learns from Lane Johnson. He is a solid run blocker, but needs to grow into a more competent pass blocker, which is why we see him falling to the 2nd round. 

Mayfield played a little left tackle in his time at Michigan, but spent the majority of his time at right tackle. He’d be able to step in if needed on either side, but would preferably be the heir to Johnson on the right side. 

Unlike Dillard though, Jalen Mayfield has remained healthy and on the field during his career at Michigan. A versatile, big tackle who does need some work, but doesn’t have a history of injuries, I think that he would be an excellent choice at 37th overall. 

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