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Bears mock draft 2.0

It can be argued that no team needs a quarterback, any quarterback, more than the Chicago Bears. The trouble for them is that even though 2020 was another disappointing season, their record was still good enough to have them own the 20th overall pick.

In a draft class with five projected first round quarterbacks, pick 20 will still not be good enough to land any of them. They will have to make a move up and be aggressive when doing so. What do they have to lose? Head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace surprisingly were able to keep their jobs heading into 2021, despite many of the moans coming from Bears fans. If they’re not able to land a quarterback, then what are they looking to achieve in 2021? Andy Dalton cannot be the starting quarterback all season if they expect to have a job this time next year. No, they need a young quarterback who will add energy and excitement to the fanbase and ownership. The case heading into 2022 will be that a new offensive system should not be forced upon their quarterback after he spent his first full season coming to grips with Nagy’s system. 

In our Bears mock draft 2.0, we project them to trade up to pick 16 to draft Trey Lance. 

It’s tough to tell which of the quarterbacks will be the one to fall as the 49ers pick is still so uncertain. The Bears, at a minimum, will need to leapfrog Washington at pick 19 and trading with the Cardinals at 16 allows them to do so.

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There are so many teams that have been linked to drafting one of those five quarterbacks that obviously some will have to and up going in a different direction. The Falcons, Broncos, Patriots are just some names that might be a part of that group that surprises some by not taking a falling quarterback.

Chicago will have talked to certain teams about a move up prior to the draft so they’ll roughly know the cost and can read how the quarterback selections are going. It’s also possible that they have to move up farther and teams like the Giants and Eagles will be suitable counterparts. The cost is really to no concern to Pace and Nagy. If they try to preserve a first-round pick in 2022, it’s likely that they’re not around to make use of that pick anyway. It’s either preserve future capital for the guy taking your job or use that pick now to hopefully keep your job.

In the second round of our Bears mock draft 2.0, we project them to select wide receiver Tutu Atwell. 

They need a receiver for their new quarterback and thankfully for them, this draft class is historically deep. The situations with Anthony Miller and Allen Robinson are unknown and its possible that neither are on the roster week 1. Robinson would be tagged and it’s unlikely he’ll re-sign to stay in Chicago. They could look to move him and replenish their draft capital heading into 2022. Even if they decide to keep him, they’ll need another weapon to add to their arsenal. Atwell is a dynamic receiver who could be used in creative ways. 

In our Bears mock draft 2.0, we see the team injecting some offensive excitement and a bright future into the team. They’ll need to trade up in the first round to do so and will not have their pick of quarterbacks, but they’re in such a need that they can’t be picky.

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