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Bears mock draft 3.0

With all of the talk around the Broncos or the Patriots possibly trading up for a quarterback, people seem to be sleeping on the team that needs to trade up for one more than any other…the Bears. Without a new rookie quarterback, what’s the proposition that Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace are trying to sell to ownership. Many were surprised that the organization decided to bring the both back in 2021, but it must be that Nagy’s system would be a perfect fit for a young quarterback that they could get their hands on.

After striking out in their attempts to land Russell Wilson, Carson Wentz, and now Sam Darnold, that leaves the draft as the only option. Luckily for them, the Panthers should now be out of the quarterback market so that leaves one less team between them and their franchise guy. If it’s true that Denver is not in the market either, instead opting to put their faith in Drew Locke, then that should be ample opportunity to trade up. Washington, who holds the pick directly in front of Chicago, will not have the same opportunities to trade up since in a bizarre twist NFC East teams hold picks 10 through 12. It would be hard to imagine any one of them giving their division rival the means to draft their franchise QB. 

In our Bears mock draft 3.0, we project they will trade up with the Philadelphia Eagles to draft Trey Lance.

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The trade is likely to come from either the Giants at eleven or the Eagles at twelve, but it all depends on who is still available from the top of their big board. Do the Giants make the trade if Micah Parsons or Penei Sewell are still available? Do the Eagles make the trade if DeVonta Smith or Jaylen Waddle fall to them? Someone will determine that a first round pick next year will be worth the drop back to the 20th overall.

In the second round of our Bears mock draft 3.0, we expect the pick to be wide receiver Tutu Atwell.

Their need at receiver is enormous, but obviously they won’t go that route in the first round. They need to acquire weapons to surround their new, young quarterback. They have subpar offensive assets outside of Allen Robinson, who may not be on the team next season. Atwell will not be the heir apparent to Robinson, but he’s lightning quick and could help to open up the field vertically and horizontally for this offense. His lack of size is well documented, but he’s too dynamic for a team like Chicago to pass up on here. 

Our Bears mock draft 3.0, projects Chicago to land two cornerstones of their offense. Within just the first two rounds, Nagy and Pace have put together the makings of a dynamic offense and an exciting team over the next couple of years. For two guys trying to keep their jobs, this is quite an accomplishment. As the rest of the teams around them enter a period of unknown as the Packers may be moving on from Aaron Rodgers and the Lions are now in the post-Matthew Stafford era, the Bears look to return to the form they had a couple of seasons ago.

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