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JuJu Smith-Schuster: A High-Profile Addition to the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots have always been known for their smart offseason moves. One of the biggest acquisitions this year has been wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. Smith-Schuster, previously part of the Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs, signed a three-year, $25.5 million contract with the Patriots, bringing a wealth of experience and leadership to the team.

Contract Breakdown


The 26-year-old receiver’s contract is structured to balance salary and incentives, demonstrating the Patriots’ savvy approach to team-building. In 2023, Smith-Schuster is set to earn a base salary of $1.1 million alongside a hefty signing bonus of $7.9 million. His cap hit for this year is projected at $4.67M while a dead cap value sits at $16 million.

On top of his salary, Smith-Schuster could net additional earnings through performance incentives. If he achieves 950 receiving yards or 1,110 receiving yards in the 2023 season, he stands to gain an extra $750,000 for each milestone.


In 2024, Smith-Schuster’s base salary will increase to $7 million, with a signing bonus of $2,633,333, and a roster/game bonus of $1 million. His cap hit is estimated at $10.63M, and a dead cap value of $12.266M. The incentives for this year are even more substantial: $1 million each for 800, 950, and 1,110 receiving yards.


By 2025, his base salary will rise to $6.5 million, along with a signing bonus of $2,633,334 and a roster/game bonus of $1 million. The cap hit will be $10,133,334, with a lower dead cap value of $2,633,334. The same set of incentives from the previous year will be in play.

Although the contract seems extensive, it also includes a potential out in 2025. The Patriots could choose to cut ties after two years, having paid $18,000,000, with a $2,633,334 dead cap.


The Patriots are taking a cautious approach with Smith-Schuster, who is coming off an injury-riddled season. He didn’t participate in the first minicamp practice and has yet to take the field with his new team.

Despite his absence from the practice field, Smith-Schuster has already made a significant impact off the field. Both Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Mac Jones have praised Smith-Schuster’s leadership and experience.