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The Transformation of Larry Ogunjobi: A Look at His Performance at Steelers OTAs and Contract Details

Larry Ogunjobi, the formidable defensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers, has been drawing attention for his impressive performance at the team’s OTAs. Coming off a solid 2022 season and entering the 2023 season with a significant new contract, Ogunjobi seems to be in the best shape of his career.

Ogunjobi’s OTA Performance

During the Steelers’ OTAs, Ogunjobi stood out, not just for his physical transformation, but also for his commitment to his personal goals. Second-year teammate DeMarvin Leal, dubbed him as “Scary Larry,” signaling Ogunjobi’s imposing physical transformation.

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Ogunjobi himself has been quite vocal about his offseason work. He attributes his physical transformation to being able to train the way he wanted and set lofty goals for himself. Ogunjobi feels that he is in the best shape of his life and is highly motivated to hit his targets.

However, beyond his physical prowess, Ogunjobi’s performance on the field remains consistent with his career body of work. Despite a dip in sack production in 2022, Ogunjobi still had 11 quarterback hits and 48 tackles with seven for loss, respectable numbers that align with his career stats.

Ogunjobi’s New Contract

Off the field, Ogunjobi has secured a significant three-year contract with the Steelers worth nearly $30 million. The contract includes a $10.6 million signing bonus and $12 million guaranteed. Ogunjobi’s average annual salary under this new contract is around $9.6 million.

In 2023, his base salary is set at $1.4 million along with his signing bonus, taking his cap hit to $4.9 million. However, the Steelers will also bear a dead cap value of $12 million.

Looking ahead, Ogunjobi’s base salary will rise to $5 million in 2024, and his cap hit will increase to $13.3 million. By 2025, his base salary will be $4 million with a cap hit of $10.5 million.

Interestingly, the Steelers have a potential out in 2024, with a dead cap of approximately $7 million.

Looking Ahead

The Steelers are hoping to see a big return on their investment in Ogunjobi. With his physical transformation and the high motivation to meet his personal goals, Ogunjobi is a player to watch in the upcoming season. His performance at the Steelers’ OTAs and his new contract are clear indications that Larry Ogunjobi is a player on the rise, not just for the Steelers but also in the NFL.