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Review of Todd McShay’s 49ers mock draft 4.0

It seems like all 49ers mock drafts are split between Mac Jones or Justin Fields at 3. Trey Lance no longer seems to make sense since it seems they are more than open to trading Jimmy Garoppolo. Fields and Jones are the two ready Day 1 options as opposed to Lance who would greatly benefit from sitting for a year.

McShay’s 49ers mock draft has them trading up to three to draft Alabama quarterback Mac Jones.

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He believes strongly in Jones’ ability within Shanahan’s offense, primarily his abilities to pass effectively and accurately from within the pocket and when running play-action. Shanahan has never really implemented an offensive scheme for more of a running quarterback. Part of this argument is the chicken or the egg debate. Has Shanahan never had an offense like that because he doesn’t want to run one or because he didn’t have the skill set at the quarterback position to run one? Selecting Mac Jones is a strong commitment to running his offense similar to the way it was run with Garoppolo and Matt Ryan. 

Many will argue that watching what Mahomes did against him in the Super Bowl will influence his decision to draft Fields and get a QB who can run when plays break down, but lets not forget what really happened in that game. If Jimmy Garoppolo makes one maybe two open throws, the 49ers have a Super Bowl win and Mahomes is still without one. Mac Jones may have the accuracy to make those types of throws when they need to be made. 

In the second-round of McShay’s 49ers mock draft 4.0, he has them going with cornerback Kelvin Joseph out of Kentucky.

We also projected a corner here, but we saw them going with Greg Newsome. Newsome is off the board already in McShay’s 49ers mock draft, so they get the arguably the best remaining man coverage corner. He has elite speed and fantastic quickness. At 5-11 and 195 pounds, he could be used on both sides and in the slot. 

If the 49ers had remained at the 12th overall pick, there’s a very good chance that they would have ended up with Caleb Farley or Jaycee Horn. Now that they’re spending that 1st round pick on a QB, they need to address this need in the 2nd round. This is the year to do it as corner is one position that is very deep. They didn’t address this position yet in free agency and it appears that Richard Sherman will be moving on, so all signs point to them spending a high pick on this position and possibly another later pick as well. When you’re in a division with receivers like DK Metcalf, Deandre Hopkins, AJ Green, Tyler Lockett, Cooper Kupp, and Robert Woods, cornerback should definitely be a position to focus on. 

In McShay’s 49ers mock draft 4.0, he’s got them getting their QB of the future in Mac Jones and a versatile cover corner who will more than likely be their number 1 corner. Putting aside all of the backlash they’ll receive about taking Jones over Fields, this would be a really solid draft. They get the QB they believe will take them beyond what Garoppolo could along with his rookie contract. They also land their number 1 corner and still have 5 rounds left to go in this draft to add even more talent to corner, as well, as depth to other key positions. 

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