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Review of Todd McShay’s 2021 Seahawks mock draft 4.0

The Seattle Seahawks unbelievably have only three picks in all of the 2021 NFL draft. They own a second, a fourth, and a seventh rounder, but have several pressing needs that they need to address. It seemed like a lot of pressure was placed upon the front office due to the quasi-trade demand of Russell Wilson. He has the right to complain, he was sacked 48 times last year, making it the third straight year this has happened. There is no legitimate third option in their offense and they have a wildly inconsistent defense, who’s best pass rusher (and soon to be it’s highest paid player too) is safety Jamal Adams. Wilson is getting any younger and it’s quite shocking that he has been able to remain healthy considering the staggering amount of sacks he’s taken. 

The addition of Gabe Jackson was big this offseason. It would have been difficult to argue that they could add an impactful offensive lineman with only the 57th pick in the draft, meanwhile they acquired Jackson for a fifth-round pick in this year’s draft. That opens them up somewhat to do in a couple of different direction with this pick. They could continue to add around Wilson by giving him a third receiver or taking another piece to plug in along the offensive line. They will seemingly lose KJ Wright in free agency and will need to replace him at linebacker. We projected them to do so with this pick. Seattle places a high value on linebackers, just look at Bobby Wagner’s contract extension for proof. 

An argument could also be made for cornerback due to the large number of receiving weapons possessed by the rest of their division rivals. 

In Todd McShay’s Seahawks mock draft 4.0 he has them selecting guard Quinn Meinerz.

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Meinerz has become a popular pre-draft name among this interior offensive line class, which is very thin. Out of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Meinerz has taken advantage of the lack of depth and has showcased his talent very well allowing him to overcome his small school background. Seattle would be getting a solid pick that would fill in the guard spot opposite of their new addition Gabe Jackson. They suddenly have a solid line forming in front of Wilson, despite this being their own pick in the first 2 days of the draft. 

Meinerz is a very solid rush blocker, but still has some room to grow and develop with his pass protecting technique. At almost 6-3 and 320 pounds, he is very quick for his size and has good balance. To be able to learn from Gabe Jackson and Duane Brown would be a fantastic opportunity for him. Some may see him as a 3rd round pick due to his lack of big school competition in college, but in a  year filled with players who didn’t play at all in 2020 he isn’t as risky as he may have been considered in previous drafts. Ultimately Seattle needs to help Russell Wilson out as much as possible and Todd McShay’s Seahawks mock draft does just that. They should draft the best available talent for him at receiver or offensive lineman, if they aren’t too overly concerned with the loss of KJ Wright at linebacker. 

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