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Packers mock draft 3.0

This year’s draft class at center is very thin with two highly rated prospects and then a substantial drop off after. Those two players are Landon Dickerson out of Alabama and Creed Humphrey from Oklahoma. It can be argued that no team needs to draft a center more in NFL history than the Green Bay Packers do this year. Exaggeration? Maybe slightly, but it’s not too far off.

After all of the saga surrounding the pick of Jordan Love and the relationship between Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, team management made one jaw dropping decision that only intensified the distrust and animosity. Kicking the field goal? Well, yes, but one other major decision. The front office allowed Corey Linsley to walk this offseason. The relationship between a quarterback and their center is a very tight one and the fact that Green Bay seemingly only faked an interest in retaining Rodgers’ close teammate should not be overlooked. The thinking is that this would only be done if the team had plans to fill this whole in the draft, which would have to be done early.

In our Packers mock draft 3.0, we project that they’ll select Landon Dickerson.

Dickerson might very well be off the board here depending upon with direction Pittsburgh chooses to go, but if he’s available for Green Bay they should hand in his card. If he is off the board then Creed Humphrey would be the choice.

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Dickerson has great pass protection skills and has the strength to pass back linemen in run blocking. He has a lengthy medical history, including a torn ACL in December but his talent should outweigh the risks. He appears to be recovery well as he was seen doing cartwheels at the Alabama pro day.

In the second round of our Packers mock draft 3.0, we expect them to draft offensive tackle Jalen Mayfield.

Within the first two picks, the Packers depth and talent in protecting Aaron Rodgers appears to have improved substantially. Mayfield has some room for improvement, but is still an immediate upgrade over Billy Turner at right tackle. It would be tough for Rodgers to complain about these first two picks. Moving forward, the Packers can land another pass catcher in the third or fourth round. Thanks to the unbelievable depth at the receiver position in this year’s draft class, they should be able to secure their reigning MVP an impact player to complement Davante Adams, even in the middle rounds.

Our Packers mock draft 3.0, projects the front office to us their top draft capital in the protection, and therefore appeasement, of Aaron Rodgers. The cannot lose Corey Linsley and not address his absence seriously. Depending upon the outcome and timeline of the Rodgers and Packers split, these picks also form the foundation of the Jordan Love era. The center relationship between Love and Dickerson can begin to form and Mayfield should serve as the right tackle for many years into the future. These picks help in the short-term to calm the waters without sacrificing the future at all.

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