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Alex Forsyth

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Alex Forsyth

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Alex Forsyth draft profile

High School and College Career

Alex Forsyth was a 3-star West Linn High School recruit and decided to join the University of Oregon football team.

In his freshman year in 2018, Forsyth played 44 snaps in six games for the Ducks, primarily at left guard and tight tackle. Despite being a freshman, he allowed no QB hurries, hits, or sacks throughout his limited playing time.

Forsyth’s sophomore year in 2019 saw him play in six games and take a total of 47 snaps, mostly at left guard but also at right guard. Once again, he proved to be an asset to the team, conceding just two QB hurries and no QB hits or sacks.

As a junior in 2020, Forsyth made the switch to center and saw action in seven games, for a total of 440 snaps. He gave up only two QB hurries, one QB hit, and one sack in this role.

In his senior year in 2021, Forsyth continued to play the center position, taking the field in 10 games and playing a total of 647 snaps. Despite managing a higher workload, he remained highly effective, allowing just three QB hurries, two QB hits, and two sacks.

In 2022, Forsyth returned to the team as a fifth-year senior, participating in 11 games and playing a total of 761 snaps at center. He proved to be an anchor for the offensive line, offering exceptional protection for the quarterback by allowing only one QB hurry and no QB hits or sacks throughout the entire season.

Alex Forsyth Scouting Report Introduction

Before taking on the role of starting center in 2020, Forsyth played as a rotational lineman filling in at both guard spots. Despite not being the starting center right away, Forsyth approached his time on the bench with dedication and used the opportunity to build his skills and make himself a more versatile player.

He possesses good size and exceptional athleticism for his position. As a right-handed center, Forsyth is quick off the snap and displays excellent snap quickness and timing when initiating contact with defenders. This is particularly evident in the passing game; Forsyth’s quick feet and hands allow him to make contact with the defender and disrupt their initial rush. He is able to maintain his position thanks to his good ability to mirror upper and lower half movement and a strong grip.

Beyond his physical abilities, Forsyth is a cerebral player who takes responsibility for Oregon’s protection calls. He has excellent timing when passing off defensive linemen and picking up stunts and games. Though he has an above-average anchor, there are times when he initially loses ground when faced with explosive strength on his head.

When it comes to the run game, Forsyth is quick off the snap and agile enough to get across the defender’s face on reach blocks and outside zones. He has above-average power and is able to maintain good leverage while engaged. Forsyth also takes excellent angles while working the second level and is able to connect with moving targets.

Despite being a solid athlete, there are some limitations to Forsyth’s abilities. At times, he struggles with foot quickness on wide-zone plays and screens. There are also instances where he connects with a defender but falls off and fails to maintain his balance.


He is both balanced and agile in pass protection and combines that with solid hand placement. He is quick out of his stance and particularly effective in front of screens, where his footwork allows him to set up blocks precisely.

In the run game, Forsyth is prolific, exploding off the line of scrimmage gets to the second level of play. He has a stout build, with a strong and flexible core, making him a team leader in pass protection. Forsyth has heavy hands and a formidable grip that allow him to hold his own against bigger defensive tackles.

Alex Forsyth has an impressive skill set as a football player. His footwork, technique, and physical fitness are some of the most prominent features of his game, and he has the flexibility to be successful in both the pass and run game. Overall, Forsyth’s talents make him a valuable asset to any team, and he is recognized as a reliable and effective player on the field.


One of the biggest weaknesses is a habit of reaching when blocking. Instead of using his athleticism and trusting his movements to get him into a favorable position, he tends to lunge and grab. He does this out of panic and results in penalties most of the time.

Furthermore, Forsyth’s capabilities as a blocker are limited. He doesn’t have great range or lateral mobility. Moreover, he is not a skilled pass protector, especially when mirroring against quickness. Forsyth often gets too high in his sets, which causes him to sacrifice some of his power. Additionally, his coordination between his upper and lower body when sliding back in pass protection is not always optimal, leading to unfavorable positioning.

On the other hand, Forsyth does show some promise in the run game. He possesses enough power to be efficient in this area, although at times, he lacks meanness or aggressiveness when finishing blocks.

Alex Forsyth is the 121st prospect on our draft big board.