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Andre Carter II

Andre Carter II draft profile

Andre Carter II

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Minnesota Vikings
Edge/DE, Outside Linebacker
Andre Carter II draft profile



Andre Carter II, a talented Army edge rusher/linebacker with impressive athleticism, is catching the attention of defensive coaches in the NFL. He is a high-motor player and is expected to be a strong figure in an NFL locker room due to his outstanding character. Although his production has decreased in 2022, his potential for growth and upward mobility as a player make him a highly sought-after prospect.

Carter started his football journey as a wide receiver and tight end at Westbury Christian High School, where he was not ranked as a recruit. He transitioned to playing on the edge with the help of a redshirt season in 2019 and made his defensive debut in 2020.

Since then, Carter has shown moments of significant production, including being among the top-rated pass rushers in the FBS in 2021 and logging multiple tackles for loss in nearly half of his games that season. However, it is not unexpected that his production declined in 2022 as he is still relatively new to the defensive side of the football.

During his sophomore year in 2020, Carter II played in 9 games for the Black Knights and took part in 198 snaps. He made 9 tackles, 3 assists, and 7 stops. As a pass rusher, he achieved 12 total pressures, 8 QB hurries, 3 QB hits, and one sack. He also recorded a single interception in coverage.

Carter II had a breakout junior year in 2021, playing 13 games and contributing on 639 snaps. He recorded 20 tackles, 8 assists, and 24 stops. In coverage, he had one pass breakup and an interception.

As a pass rusher, he achieved a massive 58 total pressures, which included 34 QB hurries, 9 QB hits, and an impressive 15 sacks. He was named to the AP All-American team, becoming the first Black Knight to make that list in 31 years. Carter II was second in the nation in sacks with 15.5, trailing only Alabama’s Will Anderson, and made one and a half more sacks than last year’s number-one pick Aidan Hutchinson.

As a senior in 2022, Carter II played in 9 games and logged a total of 525 snaps for the Black Knights. He recorded 28 tackles, 3 assists, and 19 stops. In coverage, he did not make any pass breakups or interceptions, and his QB rating when targeted was 114.8. As a pass rusher, he tallied 21 total pressures, including 15 QB hurries, 2 QB hits, and 4 sacks for the season.

Andre Carter II NFL DRAFT

Army’s Andre Carter II is an exceptional athlete with an impressive wingspan, elite agility, and remarkable change of direction skills, making him capable of matching tight ends in coverage. His physical abilities make him a standout prospect for the 2023 NFL Draft. However, the only thing that may hold him back from being a first-round selection is his commitment to the US military after graduation from the United States Military Academy.

Carter’s commitment to serving his country is undoubtedly commendable and noble, but it could impact his playing time in professional sports. Due to his service obligation as a part of his time at West Point, he may not be available to participate in NFL games immediately after being drafted, which may affect his value as a first-round selection. This is a risk that NFL teams must consider when evaluating Carter’s potential as a player.

Despite this potential limitation, Carter’s exceptional athleticism and skills make him an enticing prospect for NFL coaches. He has the physical abilities to compete at a high level and become a valuable asset to any team. His massive wingspan, elite agility, and change of direction skills make him capable of matching up against some of the best players in the league. Carter’s impressive speed and quickness make him a formidable force on the field, and his ability to cover tight ends in the passing game is a valuable asset for any defense.

Carter is an exceptional athlete with impressive physical abilities and skills that make him a highly sought-after prospect for NFL teams. However, his commitment to the US military is a potential limitation that teams must consider when evaluating him. Despite the risk of active duty service, Carter’s potential as a player makes him a valuable asset to any NFL team, and he has the potential to become a standout player in the NFL.






Carter is a standout player on the football field, with the talent and physical ability to make plays from sideline to sideline. Standing at 6-7 and 260 pounds, with a 6-10 wingspan, Carter piled up 18.5 TFLs, 15.5 sacks, and four forced fumbles in 2021. Carter’s length is even more impressive when taking into account that he blazed a 4.2 in his pro agility test during the offseason.

Carter is a fluid, fast, and aggressive tackling machine on the field, and his athleticism is elite considering his size. He has room to add more weight to his frame and has quickness in his hands, which he uses effectively, making him a threat on the field. He is capable of being used as a rangy run defender inside and is instinctive when it comes to locating the ball, with the quickness to get to it before blockers can react at the second level.

As a pass rusher, Carter is an explosive mover with body control and flexibility. He can dip and bend around the corner and maintains speed while he does so. His ability to ward off blockers with quick, violent hands and his massive wingspan makes him elite coming out of his stance. He also has good movement skills with decent range and can hold up in zone coverage, making him an effective A-gap blitzer. He has great upper body strength and it’s great watching him play and projecting the kind of impact he could have on a game once coached up.

Carter is not just an edge rusher but is a complete linebacker, surprising many with his smoothness when it comes to dropping into coverage to defend the pass. He is an impressive player to watch on the field, with the talent and physical abilities to make him a standout prospect for NFL teams and should play on all 3 downs throughout a game. Carter’s exceptional athleticism, length, and speed, combined with his ability to make plays on the field, make him a highly sought-after prospect for defensive coaches in the NFL.


Carter is still developing and has areas of weakness that he needs to improve on. He needs to work on his pass-rush counters and develop comprehensive plans to defeat opposing tackles. His preferred rush move is a Euro-step speed rush that aims to force a missed stun punch on the edge before transitioning to a reduced inside shoulder and trying to run the arc.

Carter has some bright flashes of inside counters and quickness to cross the face of blockers, which allows his linear athleticism to shine. Although he has been moved around on the field, he is best suited for a two-point stance at the NFL level and should avoid dropping into zone coverages to focus on developing as a pass rusher.

Carter’s play at the point of attack is an area that needs improvement as he struggles with pressure and drive blocks. He also has some weaknesses in his hand placement, hand power, pad level, and leverage as a rusher. Although his length is a significant advantage, his punch placement needs improvement to stun and dislodge offensive tackle sets. He needs to develop more power up top and better hinges in the lower half to unlock his full potential and become a consistent control player at the point of attack.

Andre Carter II 2023 NFL DRAFT SUMMARY

Carter has a high floor as a prospect due to his potential, but he is still a developing talent. He can be coached, which makes him a highly sought-after prospect in the draft and possesses all of the physical traits that can’t be taught.

However, as with all service academy athletes, his current limitations mean that he should be valued appropriately in the NFL draft. Although Carter is not expected to realize his full potential anytime soon, his potential for growth and upward mobility make him an enticing prospect for defensive coaches in the NFL.


  • Incredible length and athleticism
  • Elite athletic skill set
  • Solid ball skills; pass breakups and turnovers


  • Service Academy- Commissioned service obligation
  • Really raw and unpolished in most aspects of his game
  • Most unknown of the NFL prospects in the draft- can he play this season and if so is he ready?

This is the most intriguing player and unknown player in the 2023 NFL draft. Will his NFL dreams come true, or will his military service block it? There is serious discussion that he may have to defer next season and put his pro sports career on hold to complete his military service. This is not new for military service academies, but as he may be the 2nd best edge rusher in the draft after Will Anderson Jr., this obligation is getting renewed attention.

There is some discussion around a new bill provision that would allow the Army edge rusher move on to playing professional football. The provision would allow service academy athletes to pursue an alternative service option to play professional sports.

We currently have him ranked 19th overall on our draft big board and 4th edge rusher (1st outside linebacker). He’s behind Will Anderson Jr., Tyree Wilson, and Myles Murphy for edge rushers.