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Anthony Richardson

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Anthony Richardson draft profile

Anthony Richardson DRAFT PROFILE – 2023 NFL DRAFT


Anthony Richardson, a standout football player hailing from Eastside High School, has been recognized for his exceptional skills on the field. He was a 4-star recruit after amassing impressive statistics during his time in high school. Specifically, he logged an impressive 4,633 passing yards and 37 passing touchdowns, alongside 1,633 rushing yards and 41 touchdowns.

Following his successful stint in high school, Richardson made the decision to join the Florida Gators team. During his freshman college football season in 2020, he had limited opportunities to showcase his talents and only played in two games. In those games, he threw for a total of 27 yards on two attempts.

However, in the 2021 season as a Redshirt Freshman, Richardson played in seven games without making any starts. He exhibited great potential as a quarterback by passing for 527 yards on 63 attempts, completing 58.7% of his passes with an average of 8.4 yards per pass, and scoring six touchdowns. He was also sacked four times and recorded a QB rating of 84.6. Furthermore, Richardson proved himself as a formidable runner, amassing 415 yards on 50 runs at an average of 8.3 yards per rush. His outstanding performance earned him a spot on the All-SEC Freshman Team.

In the 2022 season, Richardson played a total of 12 games and cemented his position as a key player on the Florida Gators team. He passed for an impressive 2,553 yards on 330 attempts. Richardson completed 53% of passes and an average of 7.7 yards per attempt. He also threw 17 touchdowns and allowed 13 sacks, ending the season with a solid QB rating of 84.3. As a runner, he continued to excel, amassing 713 yards on 97 runs at an average of 7.4 yards per run.

Anthony Richardson DRAFT PROFILE

Anthony Richardson is a redshirt sophomore quarterback prospect that has garnered significant attention in the lead-up to the NFL draft. At 6-foot-4 and 235 pounds, he possesses the ideal size for a modern dual-threat quarterback. He entered the 2022 season with much momentum following a promising 2021 season, where he displayed impressive arm talent and athletic ability.

Throughout his first season as a starter, Richardson showed flashes of brilliance, but also exhibited some questionable decision-making. Overall, he posted solid numbers, accumulating 2,549 passing yards, 17 touchdowns, and nine interceptions, while adding another nine rushing touchdowns. Richardson opted to enter the 2023 NFL draft, despite many believing he needed another year starting at the quarterback position.

Richardson’s profile as a dual-threat quarterback, coupled with his powerful arm and athleticism, has made him a highly-coveted prospect for NFL teams in search of a franchise quarterback. 


Anthony Richardson 40 yard dash- 4.4 SECONDS

Anthony Richardson NFL DRAFT PLAYER COMPARISON- Trey Lance & Cam Newton/Lamar Jackson



Richardson’s strong arm is one of his most impressive assets. The Florida QB is able to effortlessly throw the ball 50-plus yards down the field with a flick of his wrist, and he can put velocity on his passes to fit the ball into tight spaces between defender, even when he’s not able to plant his back foot. Richardson’s throws are unbelievable to witness when he’s on.

This arm strength provides him access to the entire field, and there is virtually no pass that he cannot make. He has also shown the ability to change tempo and trajectory on his passes, allowing him to drop the ball over a receiver’s shoulder or place the ball between two defenders in zone coverage.

In addition to his arm talent, Richardson’s athleticism is a significant part of his game. He can use it to extend plays and deliver the ball downfield when the pocket collapses. He has shown the ability to accurately throw the football on the run on designed rollouts and bootlegs, making him a versatile threat in the passing game. He keeps his eyes downfield, even when the pocket collapses and has to throw on the run. The Florida QB could be lethal in play-action

Furthermore, he is a powerful runner, capable of ripping off big gains in the open field on designed quarterback runs or running through defenders to pick up short-yardage situations. He showcased this skill at Florida, along with his ability to break tackles.


One area in which Richardson needs to improve is his accuracy. While his arm strength is undeniable, he struggles with ball placement and location, leading to inconsistent results. Richardson struggles with the medium and deep ball, especially when he is contained to the pocket.

The Florida passer as poor throwing mechanics, which is the root of the issue, as he is more accurate when he can execute proper mechanics. When he fails to do so, it results in missed throws, incompletions, tipped throws, or interceptions. Developing consistent accuracy will be a key focus for Richardson as he continues to develop as a quarterback.

Offseason reps to improve his footwork and throwing mechanics will determine whether or not he can make the jump to starter at the QB position in the NFL.

Anthony Richardson NFL DRAFT SUMMARY

Overall, Richardson has all of the physical tools necessary to be a successful franchise quarterback in the modern NFL. His arm strength, athleticism, and size make him a coveted prospect, and with continued development and refinement, he has the potential to reach great heights. However, his ability to consistently execute the details of the game, such as reading coverages and delivering accurate passes, will determine just how high his ceiling can become as an NFL quarterback.

His impressive physical attributes are undeniable – he possesses elite speed, towering height, and an outstanding arm that brings to mind Cam Newton and Lamar Jackson. His upside as a quarterback is unparalleled, and many believe he has the potential to become a true game-changer in the NFL.

However, despite his remarkable physical gifts, Richardson’s relative inexperience is a significant concern for NFL teams. Prior to the 2022 season, he had thrown just 66 passes, which raises questions about his ability to lead a professional team on a consistent basis.

Furthermore, his inconsistent performance during his lone complete season of college football in 2022 is also a concern. Richardson struggled with a QB rating of just 84.3, which is poor when compared to other quarterbacks in a Florida offense that typically produces quarterbacks with inflated passing stats.

Given these factors, it is difficult to imagine selecting the Florida QB in the first round of the NFL draft as anything other than a significant gamble. While he has the potential to develop into the next Cam Newton, there is an equal chance that he may never fully adapt to leading a traditional NFL offense and may be relegated to a limited RPO role.

Overall, Richardson’s potential as a franchise quarterback is undeniable, and his unique physical gifts are a rare find. However, his relative inexperience and inconsistency present significant challenges that any NFL team considering him must carefully evaluate. While his potential is certainly worth considering, the risk involved in drafting him in the first round cannot be overlooked.

He will either be a starting quarterback for years to come or will be out of the league rather quickly.

Plus Side:

  • Unbelievable combination of size and speed; Ultimate athletic physical traits
  • Off the charts big arm with quick release
  • Solid short-yardage power rushing ability
  • All Pro Upside


  • Lacking experience; Far from a day 1 starter
  • Unreliable accuracy; poor mechanics and footwork
  • Hasn’t shown ability to read defenses and recognize coverages
  • Will be reliant on an excellent coaching staff

Florida’s Anthony Richardson is our 31st overall prospect and the 4th ranked QB on our draft bog board. He will almost certainly be a first round pick by a team that understands that he won’t hit the football field until 2024. Teams like the Washington Commanders, Carolina Panthers, and the Minnesota Vikings have been tossed around as possible destinations. The football world seems torn about this passer, so this will be interesting come April’s 2023 NFL draft.