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Bijan Robinson

Bijan Robinson draft profile

Bijan Robinson

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Atlanta Falcons
Running Back
Bijan Robinson draft profile

Bijan Robinson Draft Profile – 2023 NFL Draft

Bijan Robinson NFL Draft Scouting Report Introduction

Bijan Robinson, a prospective NFL draft pick, hails from the Texas Longhorns football program, where he was one of the nation’s top recruits, and renowned for producing some of college football’s most skilled running backs. Robinson fits this archetype, having achieved the fourth-highest rushing yardage in Texas program history. His record of impressive single-game and season performances earned him the Associated Press All-American status and the 2022 Doak Walker Award.

Bijan Robinson 2023 NFL Draft Profile

Robinson boasts an ideal-size prototype build, standing at 6 feet tall and weighing 220 pounds, and his athleticism makes him an X-factor running back. He can dominate both the running and passing games with his comprehensive skill set.


Bijan Robinson forty yard dash- 4.49 seconds

Player Comparison- Saquon Barkley


Scouting Report- Strengths

Robinson’s ability to survey the line of scrimmage is commendable. When handed the ball, he swiftly scans the entire line from front to back, avoiding the impact of early penetration and remaining poised to find developing gaps. Robinson is also skilled in setting up blocks and second-level defenders. He presents himself in one gap, luring defenders and moving them to create space to run through another. His past season at Texas cemented him as a first round talent and some team will make sure he doesn’t fall out of the first round.

Ground Game

Robinson’s lateral agility and elusiveness in the hole are exceptional. He displays excellent tempo and balance, enabling him to evade defenders even in tight and confined spaces. Robinson’s balance plays a crucial role in his success. When defenders do manage to make contact with him, he nimbly bounces off them and works his way up the field to gain yardage. He can rack up major rushing yards on a single play and is a touchdown threat on every single snap.

He is particularly adept at making explosive lateral cuts to run through smaller defenders and to outrun larger ones. Robinson’s speed and ball-carrying skills make him a potential game-changer on any given handoff.

Passing Attack

In the passing game, Robinson is a dependable pass-catcher out of the backfield with soft hands. He has experience running every route at Texas, from short swing passes to longer wheel routes of over 30 yards. Robinson is versatile, being deployed as a receiver when motioned out of the backfield. Expect him to put up major numbers when it comes to all purpose yards at the NFL level.

When required to stay back and block, Robinson displays high IQ by recognizing his responsibilities and picking up blitzes and free runners to protect the quarterback. The combination of his receiving skills and pass protection makes Robinson an ideal three-down player at this position in any offensive setup.

The Doak Walker Award winner will be a day 1 impact starter for a team next season and will instantly be one of best talents in the NFL at his position.

Scouting Report- Weaknesses

The only identifiable area for Robinson to improve is his decision-making when running with power between the tackles. Robinson’s upright running style could leave him vulnerable to big hits, especially in short yardage situations.

Choosing to lower his pads and rely on brute force to gain tough yardage instead of relying on his agility to evade defenders could be beneficial. He is a big back with good speed, so the Texas running back could pack quite a punch to pick up small but crucial rushing yards between the tackles.

Bijan Robinson 2023 NFL Draft Summary

Overall, Robinson has a well-rounded skill set and is among the best running back prospects to emerge in the last ten years. He has the potential to carry a team to victory, making him a coveted asset to any NFL team.

He may very well be the best Texas back since Ricky Williams and Earl Campbell. He finished his career as one of the tops in several school record categories.

Plus Side:

  • Deadly in open field
  • Excellent pass catcher and blocker; 3 down back
  • 3 down back


  • Shy away from contact
  • Trouble in short yardage situations
  • Some injury concern

Bijan Robinson is ranked 13th overall on our draft big board and 1st out of the running backs class. Due to the discount at his position, he may have to wait a little while to hear his name called on draft day, but make no mistake, he is a first-round talent. This will hurt the value of his rookie contract, but should help the Texas running back prospect land on a Super Bowl contender.

Some names being mentioned as possible destinations are the Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, the Dallas Cowboys, or the Philadelphia Eagles. I perosnally think he falls no later than the Buffalo Bills, so a team may decide to trade up in the first round to grab him.