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B.J. Ojulari

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B.J. Ojulari

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BJ Ojulari, a former two-way starter in high school, made a name for himself as a standout defensive end for the LSU Tigers. During his high school career, Ojulari not only played on the defensive line but also on the offensive line as a right tackle. After receiving numerous offers from top schools across the country, Ojulari decided to join the LSU Tigers.

As a freshman in 2020, he saw action in 10 games and played a total of 314 snaps for the Tigers. Despite being a newcomer, he was able to make an impact by recording 10 tackles and 2 assists, while also adding 12 stops. As a pass rusher, Ojulari demonstrated his skills by adding 24 total pressures to his name, which included 17 QB hurries, 3 QB hits, and 4 sacks throughout the season.

During his sophomore year in 2021, Ojulari continued to impress as he played in 13 games and took part in 697 snaps for the Tigers. He recorded 37 tackles and 5 assists, while also adding 29 stops. As a pass rusher, Ojulari excelled by tallying up 54 total pressures, including 33 QB hurries, 13 QB hits, and 8 sacks throughout the year.

In 2022, Ojulari’s junior year, he played in 11 games and contributed on 747 snaps. Despite facing tough competition, he continued to display his prowess on the field by recording 35 tackles and 9 assists, while also making 26 stops. As a pass rusher, he maintained his dominance with 50 total pressures, which included 28 QB hurries, 13 QB hits, and an impressive 9 sacks on the year.


B.J. Ojulari is a highly talented defensive lineman/edge player for the LSU Tigers. As a true junior, Ojulari has already made a significant impact on the team since his freshman year, and his contributions have not gone unnoticed. 

As the younger brother of New York Giants defensive end Azeez Ojulari, B.J. has grown up around football and has developed his skills as a versatile player on both sides of the ball. However, he has found his true calling as a stand-up edge rusher, where he can utilize his natural athletic ability to be a difficult player to block in both the passing and running game.

One of Ojulari’s biggest strengths is his ability to rush the passer. His explosive first step and exceptional speed make him a formidable opponent for offensive linemen. He also possesses excellent balance and agility, which allows him to bend the edge and win around the outside of blockers. In addition, Ojulari is a skilled hand combatant, using various moves to defeat offensive linemen in his pass-rush sequence.

While he excels as a pass rusher, Ojulari also has the speed and athleticism to be a solid run defender. He is particularly effective when he can use his closing speed to make tackles in backside pursuit, and he is a difficult player to account for in read-option plays.


BJ Ojulari 40 YARD DASH- 4.60 SECONDS



B.J. Ojulari is a highly respected football player with a formidable skill set that makes him a valuable asset to any team. He possesses a high football IQ, and his coaches and teammates alike hold him in high esteem, which is why he was voted as a team captain.

As the younger brother of New York Giants defensive end Azeez Ojulari, B.J. has NFL bloodlines and a natural talent for the sport. He has an array of pass-rushing moves that make him a dangerous opponent, including an elite spin move that few can match.

When Ojulari explodes off the line with his quick first step, he showcases his agile feet and closing burst to finish plays. He is also highly instinctive when it comes to countering and is solid in his overall hand usage. His flexibility to dip and bend under tackles adds to his effectiveness as a pass rusher, but it is his ability to counter that makes him truly dangerous on the field.

In addition to his pass-rushing skills, Ojulari has impressive athleticism and speed that allow him to hold up in space when dropping into coverage. He has the ability to chase down opponents in pursuit, which is thanks in part to his outstanding closing burst that he showcased throughout the last season. Ojulari’s range and toughness as a run defender are also impressive, as he is capable of dropping anchor to set the edge and showing the acceleration to chase down ball carriers in pursuit.

Overall, Ojulari is a player with a versatile skill set and the potential to be a valuable addition to any NFL team. His fluid movements in pursuit make him a threat on both sides of the ball, and his combination of speed, athleticism, and instincts make him an asset in all facets of the game. With his impressive pass-rushing moves and natural talent, Ojulari has the potential to follow in his older brother’s footsteps and become an impact player in the NFL.


However, there is still room for improvement in Ojulari’s game. One area of concern is his lack of size and strength along the line of scrimmage, which can limit his effectiveness in the run game. On the front side of run plays, he often struggles to work through traffic and make an impact, and he has difficulty disengaging from offensive linemen due to his length. Additionally, he can sometimes hesitate to be decisive in his rush plan, which can prevent him from applying pressure to the quarterback.

One area of concern is Ojulari’s ability to hold up at the point of attack. As a pass rusher, he sometimes struggles to keep blockers at bay due to his lack of ideal length, which can allow linemen to get into his chest and overpower him. Unless he is able to add more weight and strength to his frame, Ojulari may struggle against larger, more powerful linemen at the next level.

While he is an agile and fluid mover on the field, Ojulari sometimes struggles to get to ball carriers in pursuit. This is an area where he could improve in order to become an even more effective player.

In order to reach his full potential, Ojulari will need to continue to develop his skills and work on improving his technique. He may need to make some trade-offs in terms of size, speed, and athleticism in order to become a more well-rounded player. However, with his natural talent and impressive skills, Ojulari has the potential to become a standout player in the NFL. If he can continue to refine his game and address his areas of weakness, he could become a dominant force on the field and make a significant impact for years to come.


Despite these areas of improvement, Ojulari’s potential as an NFL prospect is undeniable. His high upside as a pass rusher is sure to attract attention from NFL teams, and he has the potential to see the field early in his professional career. With continued development in other aspects of his game, Ojulari has the potential to be a dominant three-down player at the next level.

B.J. Ojulari is our 39th ranked prospect on our draft big board. His brother was not a top 10 prospect and ended up going later in the first round, but he’s shown incredible pass rushing talent so far in his NFL career. Even though BJ Ojulari may not be a top edge rusher in this draft class, he could show the same type of value to a team, most likely in the 2nd round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Plus Side:

  • Explosive first step as a pass rusher
  • Knee and hip flexibility
  • Good arsenal of pass rushing moves


  • Needs to add to frame
  • Lackluster against the run
  • Average length