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Broderick Jones

Broderick Jones draft profile

Broderick Jones

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Pittsburgh Steelers
Left Tackle, Offensive line
Broderick Jones draft profile

Broderick Jones DRAFT PROFILE – 2023 NFL DRAFT


Broderick Jones, who attended Lithonia High School, was highly rated as a five star recruit. Broderick Jones, the starting left tackle for the Georgia Bulldogs, was an impressive two-sport athlete in both football and basketball. Jones made the decision to join the University of Georgia. Jones has since developed into one of the best offensive tackles in the SEC and the nation.

As a freshman in 2020, Jones only saw action in 2 games and played a total of 25 snaps for the Bulldogs. However, in his sophomore year in 2021, Jones played in 11 games and had a total of 434 snaps. Most of his snaps were played at left tackle, where he conceded 5 QB hurries, 1 QB hit, and 2 sacks.

Jones saw even more action in his junior year in 2022, playing in 13 games and totaling 805 snaps. He continued to play at left tackle and conceded only 8 QB hurries, 1 QB hit, and no sacks.

Broderick Jones DRAFT PROFILE

Jones possesses remarkable athleticism for an offensive lineman, with reported speeds of up to 19 mph on the GPS tracker. He excels as a lead or pulling blocker in space, using his lateral agility to mirror rushers and protect against inside and outside paths to the quarterback. His athleticism also allows him to use vertical and diagonal sets in pass protection, which effectively cut off explosive rushers.

Jones demonstrates exceptional hand and grip strength, overpowering his opponents and displaying the ability to adjust his grip based on his opponent’s moves. He approaches blocking with a physical and aggressive mentality, often throwing defenders to the ground and punishing interior defensive linemen by crashing on the side of his guards. Jones is also spatially aware and is quick to help his teammates when needed.

Georgia OT Broderick Jones is one of the top left tackle prospects in the 2023 NFL draft. He arguably has the best starting experience of any prospect in the offensive lineman class. He was the starter for the Bulldogs for more than one season, facing some of the best teams and defenders in just about every game. Jones was also the starting left tackle in the National championship game in back-to-back seasons.


Broderick Jones 40 yard dash time- 4.8 seconds

Player Comparison- Dion Dawkins



Broderick Jones, a five-star offensive tackle recruit, is a player with an impressive array of skills. He is equipped with powerful arms and a strong grip, making him capable of creating significant movement at the line of scrimmage. Additionally, Jones is an agile mover who makes the most of his length by using his hands aggressively and landing solid initial punches. He shows excellent coordination and balance when moving to the second level, where he can hit moving targets with ease.

As a cerebral player, Jones is quick to react to twists and stunts from opposing defenders, displaying an excellent understanding of angles when moving out as a run blocker. He also shows a good feel for combo blocks and displays good quickness and flexibility when moving to the second level, capable of sealing the back side on reach blocks. In the run game, Jones explodes off the line of scrimmage and consistently gets out to the second level to do damage.

Jones possesses great grip strength, which enables him to be an elite pass protector. He did not allow a single sack at left tackle in all of 2022, a testament to his skill and ability to protect the quarterback. His physical and finisher mentality is an important part of his game, and he has been known to rag-doll defenders with his super strength. He has elite core strength considering Jones’ frame, that allows him to maintain leverage and bend when taking on rushers.

In addition to his physical prowess, Jones is also a smart player with elite spatial awareness. He has the ability to act as a bumper if left uncovered, using his impressive athleticism to help his teammates and block for the ball carrier. Jones is also a former basketball player, and his skills developed from this background allow him to split out and play tight end with crazy speed for a tackle.

Overall, Jones is a player with a diverse range of skills and talents. He has excellent hand and grip strength, the ability to move effectively in space, and a powerful finisher mentality. His physical tools, combined with his intelligence and spatial awareness, make him an excellent prospect for any team looking for an elite offensive tackle.


Despite his exceptional physical abilities, Jones has only 19 starts to his name, which may explain why his overall technique is not as polished. He has a tendency to carry his hands too low, exposing his chest to defenders, and his timing of punches can be inconsistent. This leads to balance issues, and he sometimes leans or bends at the waist, causing problems during sequences.

However, with his impressive natural abilities and potential for growth, Jones is a strong and talented offensive line prospect. He has the potential to become even better with more experience, and his long-term outlook as a multi-year starting OT looks promising.

Broderick Jones 2023 NFL DRAFT SUMMARY

The Georgia OT blocks with the best of them and has the most NFL upside in this draft class. He has more than one season playing on the nation’s best team and getting starting reps against the closest thing to NFL experience at the college level. He has unmatched power and excellent feet in pass blocking. He does have room to grow in terms of run blocking and overall technique, but coaching and reps can help unlock his potential.

The Georgia offensive tackle is going to be yet another Bulldogs player to hear his name in the first round. We have him ranked 23rd on our draft big board and 4th ranked offensive lineman.

Plus Side:

  • Outstanding in pass protection
  • Combination of impressive power, feet, speed, and punch to use against a rusher
  • Arguably highest upside blocker and best athlete/talent of his class


  • Struggles in run blocking compared to playing as a pass blocker
  • Needs polish his technique as a blocker
  • Inefficient balance at times