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Bryan Bresee

Bryan Bresee draft profile

Bryan Bresee

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New Orleans Saints
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Bryan Bresee draft profile

Bryan Bresee Draft Profile – 2023 NFL Draft

Bryan Bresee NFL Draft Scouting Report Introduction

Bryan Bresee is one of the highest ranked defensive linemen in the 2023 NFL Draft class, hailing from Clemson University. With his natural ability, athleticism, and versatility, Bresee has the potential to make a significant impact as a starting defensive lineman in the NFL.

The journey to this point has been a challenging one for Bresee. He committed to Clemson as the No. 1 recruit in the country from Damascus High School in Maryland and quickly made an impact, earning ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year honors in 2020.

However, his time with the Tigers since has been marked by multiple injuries, including a torn ACL that ended his 2021 season after just four games, and the tragic loss of his younger sister, Ella, to cancer in September 2022. Despite these challenges, Bresee has persevered and is now poised to make his mark in the NFL.

Bryan Bresee 2023 NFL Draft Profile

Bryan Bresee, the Clemson defensive tackle, is sure to be a top 15 prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft. His impressive physical attributes, including explosiveness, lateral agility, length, power, and a tireless motor, make him an ideal fit for any professional football team.

Throughout his college career, Bresee has demonstrated his effectiveness as a pass rusher, registering a total of 8 sacks, and showcasing exceptional pass-rushing skills. Although he has played nose tackle at times, his best position at the next level is between the gaps as a 4-3 defensive tackle.

While he still has room to improve his hand usage and leverage, he already possesses a strong age-adjusted hand usage arsenal and sufficient strength to be effective in run defense. His elite burst, power, and agility position him as a potential top pick in the draft. His game is not an edge rusher, although he could be played on the end, but on the inside where he can use his lower body strength to rip through blocks on blow-up plays from the inside.

Injury Concern

The main concern surrounding Bresee heading into the 2023 NFL Draft was his ACL injury, but after a strong performance this past season, it appears that it is no longer a concern. It is expected that Bresee will be selected in the top-ten of the draft and will have the opportunity to start as a rookie.

NFL fit

I would love to see him land on a defense like the Detroit Lions who have had great success generating edge rush without him. They could insert the Clemson defensive tackle on the line without him being the focal point.


Bryan Bresee forty yard dash- 4.8 seconds

Player Comparison- Ndamukong Suh


Scouting Report- Strengths

Bresee’s physical skill set is evident on film, particularly when he was healthy and at his best as a freshman and early in 2021. He is best suited as a penetration 3-technique, with the ability to use his quickness to get into the backfield and create chaos for opposing offenses.

He is also capable of playing up and down the line, and his pursuit and speed allow him to play through the added attention he often draws from double teams. Bresee has a prototypical build to play in the B-gap at the NFL level, and when healthy, he can be a challenge for interior blockers.

At Clemson he showed that he’s an elite play inside, pass rusher who can split gaps and get after the quarterback.

As a run defender, Bresee shines best when he is flowing laterally along the line of scrimmage, and as a pass rusher, he commands a lot of attention. To maximize his production, he will need to focus on ways to successfully negotiate multiple sets of hands and generate forward motion through contact.

Scouting Report- Weaknesses

While Bresee has the potential to be a dominant force in the NFL, he does have areas that need improvement. He will need to prove that he is fully recovered from the injuries that piled up over the course of his final two seasons at Clemson, and he could stand to be more consistent with his pad level, ensuring he is playing with leverage in the front.

He also needs to continue to develop his fundamentals to become a more universal prospect for all 32 NFL teams. His Clemson career was choppy, so teams will have to decide whether or not they have faith that he’ll be able to be play football through a 17 game season.

Bresee’s development can only happen if he’s on the field for practices and games for just about all of the incredibly long football season. The team that selects him will be hoping that he bucks the injury trend that plagued him at Clemson and he returns to his form from his games as a freshman All American.

Bryan Bresee 2023 NFL Draft Summary

Bryan Bresee is a player with a highly athletic and versatile, and his journey to this point has been marked by adversity, resilience, and determination. While he has areas that need improvement, his potential as a starting defensive lineman in the NFL cannot be overlooked.

Plus Side:

  • Naturally athletic and movement skills that are readily apparent
  • The quickness and pursuit to make game-changing plays
  • Versatility in various schemes and a frame that is well-suited to the NFL


  • A history of significant injuries over the course of three seasons that raises questions about durability
  • Inconsistency in maintaining proper pad level and leveraging the point of attack
  • Limited playing time over the past two seasons, with fewer than 500 snaps taken.

Expectations for Bresee should be centered around him taking significant snaps early in his career and steadily building himself back to the player he was as the No. 1 recruit in the country coming out of high school. With his natural ability and potential, Bresee is a high-variance projection but one that could pay off in the long run.

We have the Clemson stand-out Bresee ranked 9th on our draft board and 5th ranked from the defensive line. He’s the 2nd ranked defensive tackle behind Jalen Carter. Many analysts project him to be a fit for the Seattle Seahawks or the Detroit Lions.