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High School and College Career

Cameron Brown, attended Christian Brothers College High School where he played football and was rated a 4-star prospect before he ultimately decided to join Ohio State.

As a freshman in 2018, Brown’s playing time was limited, and he only saw the field in three games, playing a total of 24 snaps at cornerback for the Buckeyes. During this time, his performance was relatively lackluster, recording only one tackle and he failed to notch any pass breakups or interceptions.

In the following year, as a sophomore, Brown saw a significant increase in playing time, appearing in 14 games and logging 255 snaps for the Buckeyes. He made 11 tackles, had no pass breakups or interceptions, and allowed a QB rating when targeted of 68.3.

Unfortunately, Brown’s junior season in 2020 was derailed by injuries, and he only played in two games, contributing on 40 snaps. His performance during this time was again relatively lackluster, with just one tackle and he failed to force any pass breakups or interceptions.

However, during his senior season in 2021, Brown was able to put it all together and make an impact on the field. In 11 games, he played 456 snaps and logged 20 tackles. Additionally, his coverage skills improved dramatically with six pass breakups, one interception, and allowing an elite QB rating when targeted of just 44.9.

In his fifth year as a senior in 2022, Brown saw action in seven games, playing 256 snaps. His performance was consistent with previous years, recording 11 tackles, but his coverage skills seemed to have taken a step back with only four pass breakups, no interceptions, and surrendering a disappointing QB rating when targeted of 140.1

Cameron Brown Scouting Report Introduction

Cameron Brown’s impressive abilities on both sides of the ball made him a sought-after prospect and ultimately led him to Ohio State, where he became an essential player for the Buckeyes. Despite experiencing several injuries, Brown has shown to be a versatile and capable player on defense.

One of Brown’s most significant strengths is his comfortability both in press coverage and off-man coverage. He is not afraid to get in the face of opposing receivers and disrupt their timing from the outset. Additionally, Brown is effective at playing with cushion and reading the receiver’s route before making his move. His short-area quickness, combined with his length, allows him to quickly close in on routes and make effective tackles.

However, Brown’s physicality is not consistent, and he can struggle in run support and tackling. He also has a tendency to play off contact, which may cause him to miss opportunities for tackles. Additionally, Brown’s speed is only moderate, and his ball production has not been as impressive as some other prospects.

Despite these weaknesses, Brown has a well-proportioned frame with excellent length, making him an appealing option for teams that play heavy zone coverages. However, his transitions can appear leggy and lead to segmentation, and his feet can be loud and antsy at the snap, leading to wasted movements. Moreover, Ohio State has struggled with communication breakdowns in their secondary lately, and Brown has not been exempt from this issue.

Because of these factors, Brown is likely to be a depth corner at the next level and will need to provide value on special teams. While he may not be the tallest corner, his sturdy build and desired size thresholds for an outside corner may allow him to have a successful career in the NFL, provided he can refine his technique and consistency on the field.


Brown’s explosive acceleration out of his backpedal allows him to close in on the ball quickly and efficiently, leveraging excellent timing and ball skills that make him a consistent threat for game-changing interceptions.
Brown is also adept at delivering powerful punches early in the routes, a skill that is complemented by his quickness and agility, allowing him to follow the opposing player’s movements with nimble footwork. Brown is equally comfortable playing press coverage or backpedaling and closing in quickly when the ball comes out, showcasing his versatility as an athlete on the field.

With solid cover skills, impressive athleticism, and a knack for making big plays, Brown has shown the potential to grow into a leading cornerback in the sport. He has the change-of-direction ability to stay with his opponent at all times, whether shadowing underneath or pursuing from a distance in off-coverage. When in zone coverage, Brown demonstrates excellent instincts, quickly identifying plays happening in the backfield and adjusting his positioning accordingly to help thwart them.

Not only does Brown possess powerful and agile movement, but he also has the agility and balance needed to shadow his target flawlessly, a skill that allows him to keep pace with his opponent with precision and skill. On top of all of these abilities, Brown is also a willing participant in run support, eagerly moving quickly to make a play whenever he has the chance to contribute to his team’s success.

Overall, Cameron Brown is an explosive, nimble, and versatile athlete with an impressive set of skills that promise a bright future in the world of football, particularly at the cornerback position. With the maturity and continued development of his abilities, Brown could become an invaluable asset to any team looking to dominate on the field.


When assessing Cameron Brown’s abilities on the field, it can be noted that there is room for improvement in certain areas. For instance, one of the key areas that Brown needs to focus on is the development of a better understanding of route combinations and overall vision. This is an important attribute for any player in this position, as it allows them to anticipate opponents’ movements and make strategic decisions on how best to defend against them.

When it comes to coverage, there are some differences in Brown’s performance based on whether he is in press coverage or off coverage. He tends to perform better in press coverage, showing more confidence and control. However, when transitioning out of his backpedal in off-coverage, he can sometimes appear shaky and unsure, which can lead to giving up throws underneath. This is an area that Brown could work on to become more consistent and effective in all types of coverage situations.

Cameron Brown is our 95th prospect on our draft big board.