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Cameron Latu

Cameron Latu draft profile

Cameron Latu

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Cameron Latu draft profile

High School and College Career

Cameron Latu, a 4-star recruit from Olympus High School, prio to committing to the University of Alabama.

He was not featured as a freshman. Moving into his sophomore year in 2020, Latu played in 6 games but did not see much action in the passing game.

Latu’s junior year in 2021 was a breakout season for him. Playing in 15 games, he had an impressive 26 catches for 409 yards, averaging 15.7 yards per catch. He also scored 8 touchdowns and had an impressive quarterback rating when targeted of 146.3. Latu’s skills as a pass blocker were also evident as he gave up only 3 pressures and one sack over the course of the season.

In his senior year in 2022, Latu played in 10 games and continued to be a valuable asset to the Alabama team. He had 25 catches for 322 yards, averaging 12.9 yards per catch, with 3 touchdowns and a quarterback rating of 93.2 when targeted.

Cameron Latu Scouting Report Introduction

Cameron Latu, a redshirt senior tight end prospect, originally enrolled at the University of Alabama as a defensive end. After a year, he transitioned to the tight end position and consistently worked his way up the depth chart. In the 2021 and 2022 seasons, he became the starting tight end for the University of Alabama.

Cameron Latu is considered to be a versatile player who can do it all, with a great understanding of his role and assignment on the field. He is an ideal size for an in-line tight end but has been utilized in multiple alignments by Alabama – both in the slot and outside as a receiver.

As a player, Latu’s strengths lie in his versatility and high IQ. He is an effective blocker on run plays when he is aligned in the traditional tight end position. In the passing game, he is able to find gaps in the defense when facing zone coverages and is known as the “security blanket” over the middle of the field for the quarterback.

However, Latu’s limitations are centered around his speed and acceleration. In today’s modern era, where tight ends are expected to be dynamic vertical threats, Latu appears to fall short of that standard athletically. His best skills lie in working the middle of the field on short-to-intermediate routes. Additionally, his lack of speed and acceleration affects his ability to separate from defenders in man-to-man coverage.
Cameron Latu possesses great versatility attributed to his high IQ and knowledge of the game. His limitations include his lack of speed and acceleration, which may limit his role on the next level. He projects best to an NFL system that utilizes two tight ends where he can complement a tight end who can provide the vertical threat.


With his strong hands and competitive nature, Latu is able to make difficult catches with ease. He also possesses an innate sense of timing when it comes to elevating and high-pointing balls, allowing him to secure the catch and gain valuable yardage.

In addition to his impressive catching abilities, Latu has also shown impressive burst off the snap, quick hands, and excellent balance. These traits allow him to gain a clean release and get open downfield, making him a reliable receiving target for his team. He also has good strength and effort, which enables him to run through arm tackles and gain extra yardage after the catch.

Despite his impressive physical abilities, Latu’s build is also worth noting. He has a tapered build with strong hands, which makes it difficult for defensive backs to knock the ball out of his grasp. His lean athletic build also suggests that he has plenty of room to grow and improve his skills as he continues to develop and mature as a player.

One key aspect of Latu’s game is his soft hands. He is able to catch even the most difficult of passes, and has shown flashes of the ability to make the outstanding catch. This ability to consistently make difficult catches sets him apart from other players and makes him a valuable asset on the field.


Latu has room for growth is in his blocking abilities. Often, he plays with too high of a stance, which can leave him vulnerable to being overpowered when trying to defend against the opposing team’s attacks. While some level of strength and agility is certainly necessary when it comes to blocking, it is also important to maintain a low center of gravity and a firm base. With some additional practice and coaching, Latu could likely learn to incorporate these elements into his gameplan and become a more effective blocker.

Additionally, Latu struggles with tracking the ball over his shoulder. Improving his ability to track the ball and anticipate its trajectory would likely help him to become a more effective player overall.

Finally, it is worth noting that Latu may not be the type of player who can consistently create separation from his opponents. He needs to find ways to create separation without having the luxury of having elite speed and quickness.

Cameron Latu is our 96th prospect on our draft big board.