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Cody Mauch

cody mauch

Cody Mauch

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Offensive line, Right Tackle
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Cody Mauch was an unranked offensive lineman out of high school and ended up at North Dakota State.

During his first year in 2017, Mauch redshirted and only played sparingly, seeing action in only seven games and playing just 40 snaps. 

In 2019, Mauch played in 15 games, totaling 128 snaps. He played primarily at tight tackle and right guard and even played a few snaps at tight end. Impressively, he didn’t concede any QB hurries, QB hits, or sacks. Mauch’s skills continued to develop, and by his junior year, he became a key player on the offensive line.

In 2020, Mauch played in nine games and totaled 542 snaps, primarily at left tackle and some on the right side. He gave up three QB hurries and three QB hits but no sacks. Mauch’s senior year was even more impressive, playing in 15 games and a total of 891 snaps, mostly at left tackle. He only allowed seven QB hurries, no QB hits, and one sack.

Mauch’s final year at North Dakota State was as a fifth-year senior in 2022. He played in 12 games and totaled 671 snaps, continuing to excel at left tackle, allowing only four QB hurries, one QB hit, and just one sack. His performance throughout his time at North Dakota State shows his dedication, hard work, and passion for the sport.


As a sixth-year senior, Cody Mauch boasts a wealth of experience and maturity that make him a highly desirable player at the next level. Despite his good size and athleticism, Mauch’s arm length may prove to be a limiting factor for him at the left tackle position in the NFL. As such, a switch to guard seems highly probable.

In the run game, Mauch’s lateral agility and movement skills are highly impressive, and he has the ability to make it to the second level with great ease. His quickness and agility also make him highly effective at landing on moving targets during pulls and screens. He is a highly physical player who is always looking for opportunities to finish his opponent.

However, Mauch’s strengths lie more in his position and wall-off blocking abilities, rather than in his ability to generate displacement at the point of attack. This makes him a strong fit for a zone-based scheme where his mobility can be put to good use.

In the pass game, Mauch’s light feet, balance, and body control make him a formidable opponent in pass protection. He has an impressive range and can handle speed rushers working his outside shoulder. However, he can struggle when defenders are able to get in his chest due to his arm length limitations. He also has just an above-average anchor, which leaves him vulnerable to speed-to-power and bull rushes.

Despite his experience and savvy, Mauch can still be prone to holding penalties when his hands are too far outside. Overall, he has the ability to be a starter-level player in a zone-based interior line, but his lack of power and length may limit his upside at the next level.


Cody Mauch 40 YARD DASH- 5.2 SECONDS




Cody Mauch’s journey to becoming a starting offensive tackle at North Dakota State is a testament to his incredible work ethic and athleticism. When he first entered the program as a tight end, he weighed just 221 pounds. However, through impressive dedication and hard work, Mauch was able to bulk up to an impressive 303 pounds while still maintaining much of his tight end speed.

Mauch is a smooth athlete with terrific mobility and footwork, able to stay light on his feet and move with impressive lateral range and natural shuffle movements. His lower body quickness allows him to easily mirror speed rushers, and he is rarely beaten on the edge. In fact, Mauch is instinctive in shepherding rushers towards the sideline, showcasing his elite overall speed.

Despite his impressive size and weight, Mauch carries it naturally, with a wide frame and low body fat. He possesses powerful hands that help him in both pass protection and run blocking. His agile feet and natural balance make him a formidable opponent in pass protection, able to mirror defenders with ease.

Overall, Mauch’s journey from tight end to offensive tackle is a remarkable feat that showcases his incredible athleticism and dedication. He has the natural ability to kick outside and play tight end in a pinch, but his impressive size and mobility make him a highly desirable offensive tackle prospect.


Cody Mauch’s skill set as an offensive lineman presents both strengths and weaknesses that will need to be addressed as he transitions to the professional level. One area that requires improvement is his tendency to bend at the waist instead of using ideal power and functional strength. This flaw is compounded by his habit of dropping his head, which is a serious concern that will need to be corrected.

Mauch’s arm length is also a disadvantage when compared to his height, measuring just in the 4th percentile when compared to his peers at the combine historically. This can make him appear small for a pro-LT and has led some to view him as a pumped-up tight end who may not be big or strong enough to hold up in the NFL. However, he may be better suited as a pro guard due to his size and skill set.

While Mauch’s mobility and agility make him effective against speed moves, he can be overpowered by a strong bull rush when rushers get their hands under his pads. This weakness is compounded by his tendency to play too upright, leading to a lack of balance in protection.


Cody Mauch possesses impressive mobility and agility, there are areas of his game that require improvement as he transitions to the professional level. His tendency to bend at the waist instead of using ideal power and functional strength, as well as his habit of dropping his head, are significant concerns that must be addressed. However, his skill set may be better suited for the guard position, and he will need to work on his balance in protection to fully utilize his strengths.

Plus Side:

  • Solid athlete
  • Great footwork
  • Mobile, transitioned from tight end


  • Plays upright
  • Can be overpowered by bull rush
  • Lacking experience against elite defensive linemen