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Cory Trice

Cory Trice draft profile

Cory Trice

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Cory Trice draft profile

High School and College Career

Cory Trice from Christian County High School, was a 3-star prospect prior to committing to Purdue.

As a freshman in 2018, Trice only saw action in two games and played a total of 15 snaps at safety for the Boilermakers.

Moving into his sophomore year, Trice played in 10 games and logged a considerable 494 snaps for Purdue. He made 34 tackles, two pass breakups, three interceptions, and a QB rating when targeted of 61.6.

In 2020, as a junior, Trice played in only six games but still managed to contribute on 419 snaps. He chalked up 29 tackles, two pass breakups, no interceptions, and gave up a disappointing QB rating when targeted of 140.5.

Moving into his senior year in 2021, Trice only saw action in two games while playing a total of 100 snaps.

Finally, in his fifth year senior season in 2022, Trice saw action in 13 games and played a total of 656 snaps. During this time, he made 36 tackles, nine pass breakups, two interceptions, and finished with an elite QB rating when targeted of 51.3.

Cory Trice Scouting Report Introduction

Cory Trice, the starting cornerback for the Purdue Boilermakers, began his journey as a three-star recruit that originally played as a safety. However, his skills led him to successfully transition into a cornerback position. Within the first two years of his career, Trice became a rotational starter, showcasing his natural abilities and making him a valuable player for the team.

Unfortunately, in 2021, a season-ending injury prevented Trice from playing, making 2022 his first full season as the starter. Despite this setback, Trice has proven himself to be a competitive cover corner, using his size to his advantage to play aggressively in press alignment. He also has a disruptive ability to throw off the timing and rhythm of his opponents’ routes with physical punches.

Trice’s understanding of the outside/boundary corner position has enabled him to use the sideline as an advantage, serving as an extra defender and helping to limit the opposing team’s plays. Additionally, he has shown his reliability in man coverage, staying attached to his opponents and remaining in phase throughout the rep. Trice’s tackling skills are also commendable, utilizing his arm length to wrap up offensive players in space.

His physical build can make it difficult for quarterbacks to find throwing lanes, as he is able to stress their ball placement. Furthermore, Trice has solid ball skills, enabling him to attack passes at their highest point.

However, Trice’s size and length come with a cost. His rigidity in lower-body movements can make transitioning more difficult, and he can struggle with changing directions during coverage. He also needs to improve on his processing and play recognition in zone coverage, as he can get caught focusing on the backfield and neglecting his coverage landmarks. Moreover, his long speed is a concern, especially with faster receivers.

Despite these limitations, Trice presents himself as a promising cornerback prospect. Although he currently projects best as a depth piece on an NFL roster, he will also be a valuable player on special teams. His abilities in man coverage and tackling make him a useful player against bigger-framed wide receivers, and his potential to operate at safety and matchup with tight ends make him a versatile asset to any team.


Cory Trice excels at reading angles to track and tackle ball carriers. He is known for his strength and aggression on the field, never backing down from a challenge. Trice is particularly adept at delivering a powerful punch at the line of scrimmage while maintaining good footwork. He possesses strong core and hip muscles which enable him to effectively stick to and sideline receivers downfield.

Trice is a fluid mover with decent speed, and his length allows him to cover the field effectively. His hands are strong, making him effective at making plays on the ball. He is also a highly effective blitzer, demonstrating well-coached technique and awareness.

In some situations, Trice can be found in press coverage where he utilizes his quick and powerful punch. He has impressive ball skills and plays with a high level of confidence and competitiveness.


One of the first things to note about Trice is his size. While he may not be the most physically imposing player on the field, his size does give him some advantages. Where he may struggle, however, is in his tackling ability. Trice is not an overly physical tackler, and may need to add some weight in order to become more effective in this area.

Trice’s long speed and body flexibility are lacking. While these may not be major issues, they could impact his overall potential as a cornerback in the NFL. Coaches will want to work with him to improve his speed and flexibility, but it remains to be seen how much progress can be made in these areas.

Cory Trice is the 178th prospect on our draft big board.