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Dalton Kincaid

Dalton Kincaid

Dalton Kincaid

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Dalton Kincaid draft profile

Dalton Kincaid DRAFT PROFILE – 2023 NFL DRAFT


His career began in 2018 as a freshman at the University of San Diego, where he saw limited action in just one game. Despite this, Kincaid managed to make three receptions for 37 yards, scoring one touchdown and achieving a remarkable quarterback rating of 157.6 when targeted.

However, Kincaid’s fortunes changed in his sophomore year when he played four games and had an impressive 16 catches for 336 yards, averaging 21 yards per catch. He scored two touchdowns and earned a QB rating of 129.6 when targeted, cementing his position as a promising young talent in the college football scene.

Despite his success at San Diego, Kincaid transferred to the University of Utah for his junior year in 2020. Unfortunately, his time at Utah was plagued by limited playing time, with Kincaid making just one catch for 14 yards in five games. However, he did not let this setback hold him back, and he worked hard to prepare for his senior year.

Kincaid’s hard work paid off in his senior year in 2021, where he played 14 games and had 36 catches for 510 yards, averaging 14.2 yards per catch. He scored eight touchdowns and maintained an outstanding QB rating of 153.5 when targeted. In addition to his impressive performance as a receiver, Kincaid’s pass protection skills were also noteworthy, as he gave up no sacks.

The fifth-year senior’s success continued into 2022, where he exploded on the field. Kincaid played in 12 games and had a remarkable 70 catches for 890 yards, averaging 12.7 yards per catch. He scored eight touchdowns and maintained an excellent QB rating of 115.4 when targeted. Once again, Kincaid demonstrated his pass protection skills, giving up no pressures and surrendering no sacks.

Dalton Kincaid DRAFT PROFILE

Dalton Kincaid’s pass-catching skills are nothing short of impressive. His athleticism, route-running, hands, and ball skills all appear to be strong suits that make him a valuable asset on the field. As a fluid route-runner, Kincaid is quick through his breaks and can run an expansive route tree. His ability to threaten all levels of the field makes him a versatile receiver that can adapt to various situations.

Although Kincaid’s proficiency at the catch point is what draws the most attention to his skill set. As a sure-handed receiver, Kincaid is a natural at securing the football and often plucks it with ease. He has exceptional body control and concentration at the catch point, allowing him to routinely win through contact and put himself in leveraged situations when contested.

Aside from his pass-catching abilities, Kincaid is also a willing blocker with a good temperament. While he finds most of his success as a blocker in pass protection and when working in space to seal linebackers and defensive backs, he demonstrates a competitive spirit that makes him a valuable asset in the field.

Despite his impressive trajectory in football, Kincaid’s lack of mass and functional strength make him inconsistent in college and potentially ineffective in the NFL. Opponents often overpower and play through him, limiting his ability to excel as an in-line blocker. However, this does not take away from his abilities as a receiver, where he remains a factor in the passing game.

Dalton Kincaid 40 YARD DASH- 4.7 SECONDS



Dalton Kincaid is a highly productive tight end whose skill set extends beyond his position. His exceptional performance on the field is reflected in his impressive record of 70 receptions and 890 yards, which led the nation. Kincaid’s play style is reminiscent of that of a receiver, reflecting his background as a former basketball player. His smoothness and balance on the field are a testament to his athleticism and dedication to the sport.

One of Kincaid’s notable strengths is his ability to set up defensive backs, demonstrating a strategic understanding of the game that is rare among tight ends. He tracks the ball well on intermediate routes and is rarely caught out of position, showcasing his discipline and precision on the field.

Kincaid is explosive off the line, allowing him to create separation against safeties with his deep speed. His ability to run perfect routes is a key asset, enabling him to make the most of his impressive catch radius. Whether he’s making routine catches or reaching for the ball in tight spaces, Kincaid’s hands are reliable and his focus is unwavering.

Overall, Kincaid’s skill set as a tight end is exceptional, with his background as a basketball player giving him a unique perspective on the game. His smoothness, balance, and knack for setting up defensive backs make him a valuable asset on the field, while his explosive speed and impressive catch radius make him a force to be reckoned with in the passing game. As he continues to develop his skills, Kincaid is poised to make a significant impact in the world of football.


Dalton Kincaid’s unique build makes him a formidable tight end on the field. Despite looking more like a pumped-up receiver, Kincaid blocks with the same level of intensity as a traditional tight end. However, his performance as a blocker has not been consistent, and he has struggled both as a run and pass blocker at times.

One of Kincaid’s weaknesses is his ability to create consistent separation from defenders. Despite his size and ability to track the ball downfield, he can lack the necessary twitch to break free from coverage. This can make it difficult for him to make contested catches, a skill that is crucial for tight ends at the professional level.

Additionally, Kincaid will need to adjust to locating the ball on shorter routes over the middle. While his ability to track the ball downfield is impressive, he has room for improvement in this area. With continued practice and focus, Kincaid has the potential to develop this skill and become a more well-rounded player.


Despite these areas of weakness, Kincaid’s athleticism and potential make him a valuable asset on the field. As he continues to develop his skills and adapt to new challenges, he has the potential to become a top-tier tight end in the world of football. With his combination of size, speed, and hands, Kincaid is a player to watch as he progresses in his career.

Plus Side:

  • Elite pass catcher
  • Great catch radius
  • Dependable hands


  • Doesn’t create a ton of separation 
  • Inconsistent blocker
  • Can be overpowered by defenders at times