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Daniel Scott

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Daniel Scott

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Daniel Scott draft profile

High School and College Career

Daniel Scott was from St. Francis High School before opting to join the California Golden Bears football program. In his first year as a Freshman in 2018, Scott saw limited action on the field, only appearing in three games and playing a total of 16 snaps at the safety position.

The following year, as a sophomore in 2019, Scott saw slightly more game time, making appearances in eight games and logging a total of 135 snaps. However, he failed to make a significant impact, recording just six tackles, two assists, and two stops. Once again, he did not register any pass breakups in coverage but managed to make one interception.

As a Junior in 2020, Scott played in four games and played a more prominent role by contributing to 169 snaps. He had a better showing than the previous year, tallying up 16 tackles, one assist, and five stops. In coverage he was able to force a single pass breakup but failed to register any interceptions.

In 2021, during his senior year, Scott played a full season, featuring in 12 games and playing a total of 794 snaps. It was his most productive season, recording 67 tackles, ten assists, and 22 stops. He improved his performance from previous years in coverage by registering four pass breakups and three interceptions.

Finally, in 2022, Scott played as a fifth-year senior and had his best statistical season. He played in 12 games for 860 snaps, and recorded 69 tackles, four pass breakups, and three interceptions.

Daniel Scott Scouting Report Introduction

In terms of his skill set, Scott stands out as a fluid mover with exceptional range. He is well-suited to play the role of a single-high safety, with the ability to trigger quickly and close in on the football. Moreover, he can cover sideline to sideline in the passing game when working from up high, displaying excellent versatility and upside as a walked-down nickel defender. His man coverage skills are also noteworthy, as he can handle detached tight ends and some slot receivers. Given his ability to align in multiple spots in the secondary, he has the potential to see the field as a dime defender.

However, Scott’s weaknesses are also apparent. He struggles with consistency and is a poor tackler. In the past two seasons alone, he has accounted for 36 missed tackles, revealing a lack of proper leverage and technique when tackling. Additionally, he seems ill-suited to assume the role of a low-hole box safety due to his inability to shed blocks in run defense. Moreover, his man coverage skills need work, as he often loses reps before the snap due to poor alignment. By playing square, he leaves multiple access points to the grass, ultimately giving up precious yardage.

Scott is an older prospect, having already turned 25 years old. As a result, his ceiling is capped, with little room for development. Considering everything, he is best suited to be a backup and rotational free safety While he does possess upside as a man-coverage defender versus tight ends, he will need to improve his physicality and tackling before assuming a more significant role. However, his experience as a special teamer is a significant asset, with over 600 snaps played across his career


He has a talent for anticipating plays and reacting quickly to make impactful defensive moves. Additionally, Scott is a hard hitter and has relentless physicality. Scott has good bulk on his frame, giving him an aggressive edge in run support where he is a dependable tackler. He closes fast to make plays against quick screens and has excellent ball skills, allowing him to locate and attack any pass heading his way.

Impressively, Scott looks the part of a prototypical strong safety, with a long-armed and filled-out frame that gives him both size and strength. He is an incredibly powerful player with a natural ability to make bone-crunching hits on opposing players.

Daniel Scott is an all-around strong safety with a multitude of skills that make him a force to be reckoned with on the field. With his impressive physical attributes, including his size, strength, and natural power, Scott is a valuable asset to any defensive team.


When watching film of Daniel Scott, it is clear that he possesses a physical style of play. However, this style can sometimes lead to him playing out of control. While he may deliver a lot of big hits, his tendency to miss tackles could prove costly for his team in critical game situations. Scott’s playing style may frequently result in him drawing penalties from the officials.

Scott struggles with zone coverage, as he can be hesitant when facing the action. Finally, Scott’s tendency to get beat over the top and become too handsy when running downfield is a cause for concern. This could leave him vulnerable to getting burnt by faster opponents and lead to him conceding big plays to the opposing team.

Daniel Scott is the 140th prospect on our draft big board.