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Davis Allen

Davis Allen draft profile

Davis Allen

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Los Angeles Rams
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Davis Allen draft profile

High School and College Career

Davis Allen, a former 3-star rated high school recruit, made the decision to join Clemson following graduation. As a freshman in 2019, Allen played in 15 games and had limited success, making only five receptions for 53 yards, averaging 10.6 yards per reception, and failing to secure a touchdown.

Despite his lack of success as a freshman, Allen’s sophomore season saw significant improvement. Playing in 12 games, he amassed 16 catches for 247 yards, demonstrating an impressive 15.4 yards per catch. He also managed to score four touchdowns and had an exceptional quarterback rating of 157.7 when targeted. Davis also contributed on the field as a pass-blocker, allowing just one pressure and one sack.

As a junior in the 2021 season, Allen played in 13 games, making 28 catches for 208 yards at an average of 7.4 yards per reception. Although he only managed to secure 3 touchdowns, his quarterback rating when targeted remained solid at 101.6. Davis’ performance as a pass-blocker saw him give up two pressures but no sacks.

In his final season with Clemson, Allen played in all 13 games as a senior, significantly improving on his junior year statistics. He had an impressive 35 catches for 394 yards, leading the team with an average of 11.3 yards per catch. Davis accumulated four touchdowns for the season and boasted an elite quarterback rating of 123.5 when targeted. Despite facing some pressure as a pass-blocker, Davis remained solid, giving up only three pressures and no sacks.

Davis Allen Scouting Report Introduction

Allen is known for his versatility and has been seen lining up in various positions, such as in the backfield and as a receiver in the slot and out wide. He offers great size and length for his position and is an above-average athlete with an array of skills that could make him a valuable addition to an NFL team.

As a receiver, Allen has proven to be a one-speed runner who can win vertically down the seam but lacks any sort of explosiveness or twitch to be a big-play threat. While he may not have a sudden burst, he is still a smooth athlete who glides in the open field. He is considered an average route-runner who struggles to create separation at the top of his routes. However, he shines when working against zone coverages, as he understands how to sit in the zone and create opportunities for his quarterback. Allen’s outstanding catch radius and ball skills make him a formidable threat in contested-catch and 50/50 situations, and he rarely drops a pass. Due to his size and length, Allen was frequently used as a weapon in the red zone, where he was highly productive. Despite lacking agility, Allen has a knack for getting what he can with the ball in his hands.

As a blocker, Allen displays only average power at the point of attack but is rather positional and effective in walling off his opponents. His good pad level and hand placement are impressive, and he sustains well when working to the second level. When required to stay in pass protection, Allen uses his length effectively to separate himself from the pass rusher but struggles to anchor when faced with power.


Allen’s sideline awareness is solid, as he has a keen sense of space and movement. Allen’s knee-bend and technique are also noteworthy, as he demonstrates good form when catching passes. Allen is capable of creating separation over the middle of the field. He has the agility and speed to maneuver around defenders effectively. His long arms also give him a sizable catch radius that he couples with soft hands. He can create separation and catch purely with his dependable hands, which make him a legitimate NFL ready target.

Another skill that sets Allen apart is his good body control, which enables him to reach back for passes behind him. He also displays high-pointing skills and excellent vertical ability, which come in handy in jump-ball situations.


He struggles on deep passes, specifically with tracking the ball over his shoulder. In addition to his struggle with tracking the ball, Allen also lacks the speed and athleticism necessary to truly stand out among opposing defensive backs. He isn’t the type of player who can simply outrun his opponents or make quick, sudden movements to get open. This can make it more difficult for him to create separation from defenders, especially given his average size.

One area where Allen has struggled in the past is with running a limited route tree. This means that he has only been comfortable running a small number of routes, which can make him easier to defend and limit his overall role on the team. In order to be a more effective receiver, Allen will need to work on expanding his route tree and becoming more versatile on the field.

Davis Allen is the 122nd prospect on our draft big board.