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DeMarvion Overshown

DeMarvion Overshown draft profile

DeMarvion Overshown

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DeMarvion Overshown draft profile

High School and College Career

DeMarvion Overshown from Arp High School was a 5-star recruit prior to joining the University of Texas football team.

Overshown’s freshman year in 2018 saw him play in only one game, contributing just one snap at cornerback for the Longhorns.

The following year, as a sophomore in 2019, Overshown had the opportunity to play in 8 games and took part in 253 snaps for the Longhorns. During this season, he recorded 14 tackles and made 2 pass breakups while intercepting a pass. His QB rating when targeted was an impressive 90.1, and he was able to produce 5 total pressures for the team as a pass rusher, including 2 sacks.

In 2020, Overshown cemented his position as a key player for the Longhorns. He played in 10 games and contributed on 696 snaps, recording 54 tackles and 5 pass breakups with 2 interceptions. His QB rating when targeted dropped to 67.4, and he was able to produce 9 total pressures as a pass rusher, including 2 sacks.

Overshown’s senior year in 2021 saw him continue contributing to Texas’ success on the field, playing in 11 games and logging 530 snaps while recording 52 tackles and making one pass breakup. His QB rating when targeted rose to 111.6, but he was still able to produce 15 total pressures as a pass rusher, including 2 sacks.

Finally, as a fifth-year senior in 2022, Overshown played in all 12 games, he logged a total of 712 snaps, recorded 67 tackles and made 2 pass breakups. His QB rating when targeted was 93.7, and he was able to produce an impressive 23 total pressures as a pass rusher, including 3 sacks.

DeMarvion Overshown Scouting Report Introduction

DeMarvion Overshown, a fifth-year senior linebacker who was originally recruited to the University of Texas as a physical safety, has made significant strides in his career, transitioning from safety to linebacker, and impressing scouts with his versatility and athleticism.

Against the run, Overshown showcases exceptional sideline-to-sideline speed, tracks ball carriers down, and possesses a violent temperament when making tackles. He can beat offensive linemen to a spot and make tackles, and even on the backside of the play, he can burst through the line of scrimmage and track the ball carrier down with ease.

When it comes to pass coverage, Overshown’s experience playing defensive back shows. He has the ability to flip his hips and get great depth in his zone drops, making plays on the football. In man coverage, Overshown’s length and size adds great value, enabling him to match up well with big tight ends and some slot receivers.

However, despite his impressive athletic profile and versatility, Overshown still needs to improve on his game in some areas, particularly his ability to key and diagnose run plays. This makes him easily blockable at times, and when blocked, he lacks the true size and strength to quickly shed offensive linemen to free himself and make tackles on the ball carrier.


DeMarvion Overshown’s athleticism and ability to hold up in space when dropping into coverage are key factors in his success. This means that he is able to move quickly and fluidly across the field, always keeping a watchful eye on the opposing team and anticipating their next move.

One of Overshown’s greatest strengths is his dynamic athleticism, which enables him to be a formidable force on the edge. His flexibility is particularly impressive when it comes to pass rushing, and he uses his long arms to great effect, warding off blockers and making his way towards the quarterback. Furthermore, Overshown’s combination of good length and initial quickness make him an ideal candidate for early pass rushing, giving him a strong advantage from the start.
But it’s not just his physical abilities that make Overshown stand out – he is also a sharp and instinctive player, able to read the game quickly and react in moments. Additionally, his superior tackling skills, combined with his instinctive abilities, make him a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Finally, Overshown has fluid hip movement and long arms that enable him to turn and run with tight ends. His excellent range when dropping into zone coverage is another key factor in his success, allowing him to keep a watchful eye on the entire field and defend against any potential threats. All of these qualities make DeMarvion Overshown an incredibly valuable asset to any football team.


One concern that has been raised about him is his size. At first glance, it is clear that he is on the smaller side for a football player. This could potentially pose a problem for him as he progresses in his career.

Another concern is his relative lack of upper-body strength. This is significant because it affects his ability to engage with blockers and make tackles. He may need more time to build up his strength in order to overcome this disadvantage.

DeMarvion Overshown is the 155th prospect on our draft big board.