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Deonte Banks

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Deonte Banks, a former Edgewood High School student, where he was a three star recruit. Despite receiving interest from several schools, Banks ultimately decided to take his talents to the University of Maryland.

As a freshman in 2019, Banks quickly made a name for himself on the field. He played in 11 games, starting eight of them, and recorded a total of 478 snaps at cornerback for the Terrapins. He was a key player in the team’s defense, tallying 27 tackles, 2 assists, and 7 stops. Banks also displayed his talent in coverage, notching up 2 pass breakups, one interception, and a QB rating of 104.3 when targeted.

Banks continued his impressive form into his sophomore year in 2020, despite a truncated season. He played in five games, logging 280 snaps for the Terrapins. In those games, he made 10 tackles, had no assists, and recorded one stop. His coverage was particularly notable, as he totaled one pass breakup, no interceptions, and an impressive QB rating of 65.6 when targeted.

In 2021, Banks’ junior year, his on-field contributions were limited. He only played in two games, contributing on just 54 snaps. In that time, he managed only 4 tackles, no assists, and added one stop. The secondary saw no action from Banks in terms of forced pass breakups or interceptions. Furthermore, he gave up a QB rating of 69.8 when targeted, which was a notable drop in his defensive performance.

Banks, however, returned to form for his senior year in 2022, with a much more impressive showing on the field. He played in all 12 games and recorded a total of 680 snaps. Banks’ contributions included 29 tackles, 6 assists, and 7 stops. His coverage was particularly impressive, with 9 pass breakups and one interception to his name. Banks also maintained an impressive QB rating of 71.4 when targeted.


Deonte Banks is a standout cornerback with a formidable skill set and physical presence on the field. Banks possesses the ability to play both press and off coverage at an impressive level, thanks to his natural athleticism and keen instincts.

When playing in press coverage, Banks is known for his physicality and willingness to engage with opposing receivers. He relies on his natural strength and imposing physique to disrupt the timing of their release and route. Once in the route, Banks displays remarkable athleticism and the ability to stay on top of receivers or play a trail technique. He has smooth, fluid hips that allow him to sink in and out of breaks, staying in phase with his assignment to make a play on the ball. Banks is also adept at challenging receivers at the catch point, using his length and awareness to make it difficult for them to make a catch.

In off-coverage, Banks excels at quickly coming out of his back pedal and driving to break up passes on underneath routes. He is a physical defender who is not afraid to get his hands dirty to disrupt the passing game.

Banks’ physical attributes are nothing short of impressive, with his plus-level height and length making him a formidable presence on the field. Additionally, his rare reactionary athleticism for a corner his size allows him to quickly flip his hips and run vertically before sinking his hips and breaking back downhill towards the ball.

Deonte Banks 40 YARD DASH- 4.5 SECONDS

Deonte Banks NFL DRAFT PLAYER COMPARISON- James Bradberry



Deonte Banks is a highly skilled and experienced cornerback with an impressive array of abilities that make him a standout player on the field. He is known for his exceptional ball-tracking skills, enabling him to follow the ball downfield and make quick decisions about when and where to engage with it. He also possesses excellent ball skills and is highly effective in contested-catch situations, able to go up and high-point the ball even when faced with strong opposition from his opponent.

One of Banks’ key strengths is his route recognition, which is bolstered by his click-and-close ability. He is highly experienced, having played nearly 1500 snaps during his time at Maryland, and has an impressive career QB rating when targeted of 77.1.

Standing at 6’2″ and weighing 205lbs, Banks has the ideal size for his position and has a strong physical presence on the field. His athleticism is a particular asset, making him resemble a strong-side safety more closely than a traditional cornerback. Banks is an exceptional press corner, unafraid to engage with larger tight ends and other formidable opponents. He has a natural instinct for attacking the ball, with quick read-and-react abilities that allow him to stay ahead of his opponents. Banks is also a willing and physical tackler, displaying toughness and aggression against the run.

In terms of run support, Banks is an outstanding defender, with linebacker-like skills that enable him to close fast and make plays against quick screens. He is ideally suited to lining up outside on the team’s Z-receiver, where he can make the most of his considerable talents. Banks has the ability to sink his hips and transition in and out of his backpedal with ease, allowing him to stay balanced and patient in space. He is also able to deliver a powerful punch at the line of scrimmage while maintaining his movement, making him a formidable opponent for any receiver.

Overall, Banks is a highly skilled and experienced player with an impressive range of abilities, making him a force to be reckoned with on the field. His athleticism, size, physical presence, exceptional ball skills, and ability to read and react quickly make him a valuable asset to any team looking to bolster its defense.


However, despite his natural gifts, Banks still has areas in which he can improve as a player. Specifically, his consistency in technique remains a work in progress. In press coverage, he can become overly aggressive and resort to two-hand jamming receivers, leading to missed opportunities or instances where the receiver is able to stack him vertically. Furthermore, he sometimes resorts to holding and grabbing receivers throughout the route, which could result in pass interference penalties at the professional level.

While Banks is certainly a plus-level athlete, he is not at the elite level where his athleticism alone can make up for lapses in technique. To be effective in man-to-man coverage, he must be consistent in his technique and work to refine his approach.

Finally, Banks needs to work on improving his discipline in zone coverage. He can become too aggressive in trying to jump passes, leaving himself vulnerable to double moves and giving up big plays. By focusing on refining his approach, Banks has the potential to become an even more formidable presence on the field, capable of making game-changing plays that will lead his team to success.


Maryland corner Deonte Banks has the size and physicality to be a first-round corner in the upcoming 2023 NFL draft. The cornerback position, similar to wide receiver, has a lot of talent closely grouped together and the order could change quite easily from team to team. We have Banks as our 35th-ranked prospect overall and 6th-ranked at corner, but wouldn’t be surprised if some teams might have him higher due to their scheme. He’s likely a late first-round selection to an early second-round.

 Plus Side:

  • Great height and length; can match up very well with tight ends
  • Run stopper; linebacker type tackling skills
  • Very experience; ~1500 snaps


  • Very good athlete, but not elite
  • Can be over-aggressive, rely on his size too much
  • Needs more patience in zone coverage