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Derick Hall

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Derick Hall

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Defensive Tackle, Edge/DE



Derick Hall, from Gulfport High School, was a 4-star recruit that committed to Auburn.

As a freshman in 2019, Hall played in 11 games and showed glimpses of his potential by recording 10 tackles, one assist, and 9 stops. Although he did not record any sacks, he was a formidable pass rusher, accumulating 12 total pressures, including 10 QB hurries and 2 QB hits.

Hall’s sophomore year in 2020 saw him take a significant step forward in his development as a player. He played in 11 games and was on the field for 358 snaps. During that time, he recorded 17 tackles, an assist, and 16 stops. As a pass rusher, he was a force to be reckoned with, tallying 31 total pressures, including 21 QB hurries, 6 QB hits, and 4 sacks.

In 2021, Hall continued to improve and solidify his reputation as a talented player. He played in 13 games and was a contributor on 658 snaps, recording 30 tackles, 9 assists, and 30 stops. As a pass rusher, he was even more impressive than in previous years, generating 43 total pressures, including 25 QB hurries, 8 QB hits, and an outstanding 10 sacks.

Hall’s senior year in 2022 was his final opportunity to leave his mark at Auburn, and he did not disappoint. He played in 12 games and was on the field for 745 snaps. In that time, he recorded 43 tackles, 11 assists, and 35 stops. As a pass rusher, he continued to be a dominant force, registering 47 total pressures, including 28 QB hurries, 11 QB hits, and 8 sacks.


Derick Hall is a dynamic pass rusher with a sturdy frame and lengthy arms. His skills extend beyond simply being a third-down specialist, as he is also a formidable edge setter and run defender. His understanding of leverage and how to utilize his power and reach allow him to maintain control at the point of attack. Hall’s hands are powerful and forceful, making him a challenging obstacle for tight ends to block.

As a pass rusher, Hall’s most valuable attribute is his ability to convert speed to power. He has a quick burst off the line of scrimmage that allows him to deceive opponents with a false outside move before using his long-arm technique to push blockers back into the backfield. Hall’s ability to dip underneath offensive tackles’ hands and pressure the quarterback is impressive, although he lacks the flexibility and bend of some of the league’s top pass rushers, such as Von Miller or Myles Garrett. Despite this, he has the potential to become a long-term starting EDGE/OLB at the next level.

While Hall’s athleticism and strength are evident, there are some aspects of his game that need improvement. Specifically, his rush plan and hand-to-hand combat skills are underdeveloped, due in part to being dropped into coverage more frequently than necessary by his coaching staff. Although this allowed him to showcase his athletic ability, it has slowed his development over time. Patience will be required early on as Hall continues to refine his technique.

If your team chooses to draft Hall, they will be getting more than just a pass rusher. He is also a leader both on and off the field, with a high level of energy and drive. His potential as a pass rusher is tantalizing, especially when paired with his physical and athletic traits. He can also bring a physical presence to your run defense, further adding to his value as a player. In summary, while there is room for improvement, Derick Hall possesses the traits necessary to become a valuable and long-lasting contributor to any team.


Derick Hall 40 YARD DASH- 4.55 SECONDS 



Derick Hall is a highly athletic linebacker and edge rusher, boasting ideal size at 6-3 and 255 pounds while also possessing impressive speed with a 4.55 40-yard dash time. He has been a productive pass rusher for the past three years at Auburn, consistently showcasing his ability to disrupt opposing offenses.

Hall is not just a pass rush specialist, however. He is also an asset as a rangy run defender, able to quickly locate the ball and get to it before blockers have a chance to react at the second level. His strong core and powerful hands allow him to shed blockers with ease, and his instincts are impressive, making him a reliable contributor to any defense.

In addition to his instincts, Hall has impressive change of direction skills and the ability to quickly shift his momentum. His strength is also noteworthy, especially considering his size, and he is a real pile driver with an effective and disruptive bull rush.

Overall, Hall is a versatile player who can make an impact in a variety of roles. His athleticism, speed, and size make him a valuable asset as a pass rusher, but his instincts and ability to locate the ball quickly also make him an excellent run defender. He has the potential to be a disruptive force in the NFL, but like any young player, he will need to continue to work on his technique and refine his skills. However, if he can continue to build on his impressive college career, Hall has the tools to become a valuable long-term contributor at the next level.


While Derick Hall has impressive speed and explosiveness that allow him to get upfield quickly, he has been known to struggle with locating the ball when defending against the run. He has shown poor instincts in this area, which is an area for improvement as he transitions to the next level.

In terms of his pass rushing abilities, Hall is a little raw and has relied heavily on his athletic ability to win against opponents. However, this approach may not be as effective at the next level where he will need to develop a more diverse bag of tricks to consistently win battles against experienced and skilled blockers.

Another area where Hall could improve is his tendency to play too upright, which can allow blockers to get under his pads and gain the upper hand in the leverage battle. Additionally, his ability to bend around the edge is only average and lacks the level of athletic flexibility required to be considered an elite edge rusher.

Hall’s eagerness to get upfield can also be a double-edged sword, as he may abandon his responsibilities against the run in his pursuit of the quarterback. Furthermore, his tackling can be inconsistent at times, where he may make a huge hit on one play but miss an easy tackle on the next.


Despite these areas for improvement, Hall’s athletic ability and potential are undeniable. He has the tools necessary to become a dominant pass rusher and valuable asset to any defense. With proper coaching and development, Hall could become a consistent and reliable defender who makes a significant impact on the field.

Plus Side:

  • Ideal size/speed
  • Great change of direction
  • Solid production in college career


  • Plays upright
  • Raw pass rushing skillset
  • Average bend on edge rusher