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Blake Corum

Blake Corum draft profile

Blake Corum

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Blake Corum draft profile

High School and College Career

Blake Corum, from St. Frances Academy High School, was highly touted as a 4-star recruit and committed to the University of Michigan.

During his freshman year in 2020, Corum saw limited action, appearing in only six games. He struggled to find his footing, rushing for just 77 yards on 26 attempts, averaging a mere 3.0 yards per carry. However, he managed to score two touchdowns and did not fumble the ball. In the passing game, he made five receptions for 73 yards.

In his sophomore year, Corum showed significant improvement, rushing for an impressive 944 yards on 144 carries, averaging 6.6 yards per carry. He found the end zone eleven times and had only one fumble. In the passing game, he caught 24 receptions for 141 yards.

In 2022, as a junior, Corum continued to impress. He played in all 12 games for the Wolverines, rushing for a remarkable 1461 yards on 248 attempts, averaging an outstanding 5.9 yards per carry. He scored an impressive 18 touchdowns and again had only one fumble. In the passing game, he caught ten receptions for 82 yards.

Blake Corum Scouting Report Introduction

Blake Corum is a multifaceted running back with impressive dual-threat abilities. He possesses a unique physical build as a short and stout player, which he strategically uses to his advantage when navigating through the defense. Despite his height, Blake Corum is able to skillfully hide behind blockers on slower-developing plays, only to explode into the second level of the defense quickly.

Blake Corum’s stature and low center of gravity give him a strong advantage on the field, making it difficult for defenders to out-leverage him. He displays an impressive range of motion, effortlessly changing direction with his loose, oily hips. Blake Corum consistently presents a big-play threat and has had numerous runs of 40+ yards.

While Blake Corum’s size and stature grants him unique advantages on the field, it also brings to light some limitations. Despite his lower center of gravity, he does not consistently run through defenders making him less ideal for short-yardage and goal-line situations. Additionally, his size does not easily translate to the demands of an RB1 role for an NFL team. Blake Corum is better suited for a change-of-pace role on the field, and while he has demonstrated some receiving abilities with 24 receptions in the 2021 season, he has yet to have many opportunities to produce in this manner.


One of his strongest traits is his decisiveness, particularly when it comes to locating holes in the defense and quickly exploiting them. Once he has identified an opening, Corum’s top-end speed often enable him to outrun defenders and elude tackles.

Corum’s stop-start ability, coupled with his jump cuts, means that he is particularly difficult for defenders to tackle. His quick feet enable him to accelerate through holes and move deftly around tight quarters, and his balance and lateral agility come in handy when navigating through crowds of opposing players.

Despite his relatively short stature, Corum is surprisingly powerful due to his strong lower body. He can bounce of tacklers when running up the middle.

Corum’s combination of quick feet, good vision, and solid hands make him a valuable receiver. He is a confident and reliable player who is capable of making tough, contested catches, and who can also use his body control to avoid hits while on the field.


Corum’s major drawback is his lack of size and power, which often hinders his ability to run between the tackles consistently. Additionally, Corum’s size affects his pass protection skills, as he struggles to stand up blitzes and offer little in the way of protection for his quarterback. There is still room for improvement in his pass-protection technique. With proper training and guidance, Corum can refine his skillset to become a more effective pass protector, potentially increasing his value in both the running and passing game.

Blake Corum is the 115th prospect on our draft big board.