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Cooper Beebe

Cooper Beebe draft profile

Cooper Beebe

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Kansas State
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Cooper Beebe draft profile

High School and College Career

Cooper Beebe, from Piper High School, was a 3-star recruit and joined Kansas State University. In his freshman year in 2019, he played in only 2 games and had a total of 24 snaps for the Wildcats. During this time, he played mostly at left guard and did not allow any QB hurries, hits, or sacks.

During his sophomore year in 2020, Beebe had more opportunities to play, appearing in 9 games and a total of 463 snaps. He played most of his snaps at right tackle and conceded 5 QB hurries, 3 QB hits, and 3 sacks.

In the following year, Beebe continued his upward trajectory, playing in 13 games and taking a total of 759 snaps. His performance was impressive, giving up just 6 QB hurries, 4 QB hits, and no sacks while playing mostly at left tackle.

Finally, in 2022, Beebe’s senior year, he started in 13 games and played a total of 861 snaps for the Wildcats. Beebe played at left guard and conceded 4 QB hurries, 2 QB hits, and no sacks.

Cooper Beebe Scouting Report Introduction

Cooper Beebe is a well-built and powerful offensive lineman who excels at using his strength to make him an effective blocker. In particular, within zone blocking schemes, Beebe’s physicality helps him create space for ball carriers to move through by making contact with defenders and holding the line of scrimmage.

When Beebe has the correct leverage, he is also skilled at flushing defenders out of gaps, further opening up room for his teammates. Meanwhile, in pass protection, Beebe’s strength allows him to anchor himself firmly against defenders who attempt a bull rush. By using his hands to block effectively, Beebe does an excellent job of sitting down and preventing the opposition from gaining any penetration through the lines.

However, Beebe’s lack of length and range may limit his ability as a blocker in certain situations. When playing as a left tackle at Kansas State, he struggles to run defenders around the arc, making it easier for opponents to reach the quarterback. Beebe’s limited length and wingspan can also make it challenging for him to react to twists and other defensive stunts. As defenders gain a wider gap, Beebe struggles to play in space, further impeding his ability to contact defenders and prevent penetration into the backfield.

Overall, these frame limitations make it clear that Beebe would be better suited for inside positions, such as center or guard. By shifting to a role requiring less length and greater physicality, he could ultimately maximize his skills as a blocker and contribute more effectively on the field.


When it comes to evaluating Cooper Beebe as a pass protector, it’s clear that he possesses several key attributes that allow him to excel in this role. Specifically, Beebe has a strong, flexible core that enables him to absorb and anchor against the bull rush, which is a technique commonly used by defensive linemen to push through the offensive line and get to the quarterback. Additionally, Beebe’s strong arms and powerful grip allow him to maintain control and prevent the opposing player from breaking through the line.

Aside from his pass blocking abilities, Beebe also demonstrates leg drive and core strength facilitate movement at the line of scrimmage, allowing him to create space and open up running lanes for his teammates. Furthermore, Beebe exhibits a tenaciousness that is often lacking in offensive linemen, as he is willing to sustain blocks through the end of the play and finish off his opponents.

In terms of his technical skills, Beebe is particularly strong when it comes to reach blocks, which involve the lineman attempting to block a defender who is positioned outside of their immediate area. Beebe has shown good quickness and flexibility in these situations, and his range allows him to pull off these blocks successfully. Additionally, he demonstrates excellent leverage in his play, which helps him establish a strong position and open up opportunities for his teammates.


Cooper Beebe is in need of improvement when it comes to his pass protection technique. As it stands, Beebe needs to work on using more consistent leverage and continuing to move his feet.

However, Beebe’s struggles extend beyond just pass protection. He is not great in space and struggles to finish as well on the second level. Certain offenses that rey on lineman mobility will likely take a hard pass on Beebeif they don’t believe they can coach him up.

One area where Beebe fares better is in terms of his quickness. Despite his size, he is fairly quick, but he does not offer much range as a pulling blocker. This means that he struggles to get out in front as a lead blocker, limiting his effectiveness in certain situations.

Overall, Beebe’s skill set is not ideal for a pulling guard. He lacks the necessary speed to get out in front as a lead blocker and can struggle to change directions when he is out in space.

Cooper Beebe is the 136th prospect on our draft big board.