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Darius Robinson

Darius Robinson draft profile

Darius Robinson

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Darius Robinson draft profile

High School and College Career

Darius Robinson, a 3-star recruit from Canton High School, went on to play for Missouri.

During his freshman year at Missouri in 2019, Robinson saw some playing time in six games and played a total of 43 snaps. He only managed to record one tackle and no assists.

Robinson’s sophomore year for the Tigers in 2020 showed some improvement as he played in seven games and took part in 189 snaps. He was able to record six tackles, and notch three total pressures, one QB hurry, one QB hit, and one sack throughout the year.

In 2021, Robinson’s junior year, he played in 10 games and contributed to 294 snaps. He recorded 15 tackles, and also produced six total pressures as a pass rusher, which included five QB hurries, one QB hit, and one sack on the year.

Finally, in 2022, Robinson’s senior year, he saw much more playing time, logging 417 snaps in 12 games. Throughout the season, he had 21 tackles, 18 total pressures, including nine QB hurries, six QB hits, and three sacks.

Darius Robinson Scouting Report Introduction

Darius Robinson possesses a plethora of desirable physical traits that make him an attractive prospect for NFL teams. One of Robinson’s most noteworthy attributes is his remarkable length, combined with explosive athleticism that signals an enormous potential for growth. Moreover, his frame is already commendable and capable of filling out even more, which only increases the level of intrigue surrounding the player.

Despite starting playing football relatively late and playing a relatively smaller role in his college career, Robinson’s potential for development is still high. He has already shown glimpses of brilliance, thanks to his quickness off the ball, urgency, and active hands, providing a strong foundation of traits that he can build on to evolve as a pass rusher in a suitable defensive scheme that enables him to play at his best.

Robinson is not limited to playing in a specific position as he has demonstrated his appeal in multiple alignments, providing valuable positional and schematic versatility to any team that drafts him. He can convert his speed to power and anchor against single blocks effectively, making him an asset in any defense.

On the other hand, Robinson’s physical potential is sometimes not fully realized on the field. Although he possesses incredible physical gifts, his playmaking abilities sometimes fall behind what one would expect from a player of his caliber. Additionally, his recognition skills are not yet fully developed, and he doesn’t play with enough consistency in his leverage. His hands are more active than effective, prompting the need for him to become more technical and deliberate in deploying them to beat blocks.

To reach his full potential, Robinson has to add functional strength and fill out his frame to enhance his power and mass at the point of attack. This is particularly important given his relatively late start in playing football, which meant that he missed out on valuable years of strength development that could have left him in a better place in terms of functional strength.


Darius Robinson can quickly initiate the pass rush is due to his quick off-the-snap reactions, which are complemented by his violent hands and a good sense of how to use inside counter moves. Moreover, Robinson possesses impressive speed and athleticism when moving laterally to pursue the ball carrier as a run defender.

He has a powerful lower body and can easily hold up at the point of attack, making him an effective run defender. Robinson’s instincts on the field contribute to his ability to work his way down the line with decent range when pursuing a runner, and his lateral movement skills are particularly noteworthy.

One of Robinson’s standout qualities is his athleticism for his size. Robinson’s ability to play with leverage is especially useful in creating space and opportunities for movement on the field.

Robinson’s strength at the point of attack is a significant asset when facing run-heavy teams. Even when asked to play inside and battle double teams, Robinson remains a formidable opponent. In summary, Robinson is a versatile player with many skills that make him a valuable addition to any football team.


One area where Robinson could benefit from improvement is his spin move, which can appear slow and mechanical at times. This means that opposing players can more easily predict and defend against his spin move, which may limit its effectiveness in certain situations.

Another challenge that Darius Robinson faces is his susceptibility to cut blocks. Robinson must be alert and prepared to defend against this tactic to avoid injury and maintain his effectiveness on the field.

When it comes to his pass rush, Robinson is largely unpolished. While he has many impressive skills that help him succeed in his position, he will need to develop a countermove in order to become a more well-rounded and effective player. Without this skill, opposing players may find it easier to thwart Robinson’s attempts to get past them and make plays.

Darius Robinson is the 154th prospect on our draft big board.