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Fabien Lovett


Fabien Lovett

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Florida State
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Fabien Lovett draft profile

High School and College Career

Fabien Lovett, a 3-star recruit from Olive Branch High School, began his college football career at Mississippi State after graduating high school. In his first year with Mississippi State as a freshman in 2018, Lovett only saw action in three games and played a total of 17 snaps for the Bulldogs.

However, Lovett saw a significant increase in playing time during his sophomore year in 2019, playing in 13 games and taking part in 490 snaps for the Bulldogs. He recorded 14 tackles and 10 total pressures, 7 QB hurries, one QB hit, and 2 sacks throughout the year.

After the 2019 season, Lovett transferred to Florida State where he played as a junior in 2020. In his first year with the Seminoles, he played in eight games and participated in 287 snaps. However, he only recorded nine tackles and produced 9 total pressures, comprising 8 QB hurries, no QB hits, and one sack during the season.

As a senior in 2021, Lovett increased his playing time, logging in 11 games and playing a total of 489 snaps for the Seminoles. He added 16 tackles and tallied 20 total pressures, including 14 QB hurries, 4 QB hits, and 2 sacks throughout the season.

In his final year of college football as a fifth-year senior in 2022, Lovett saw playing time in seven games and played a total of 210 snaps for the Seminoles. However, his statistics dwindled, and he only managed to record 4 tackles and 6 total pressures, which included 6 QB hurries, no QB hits, and no sacks on the season.

Fabien Lovett Scouting Report Introduction

Fabien Lovett has been a key player for the Florida State Seminoles football program for three years, from 2020 to 2022. Throughout his time with the team, Lovett was also awarded the title of team captain – a testament to his leadership qualities both on and off the field.

On the field, Lovett is a senior defensive lineman who initially started his collegiate football career at Mississippi State. With an overall body mass that is well-proportioned, Lovett has demonstrated his effectiveness as a player through his ability to be a dominant force against the run. He can lock out offensive linemen and maintain the line of scrimmage, while also showcasing his quick ability to shed blockers and get to the ball carrier.

Against the run, Lovett shines as a gap-penetrating style player. He is particularly adept at executing twists and stunts, allowing him to turn the corner on offensive linemen and become a major disruption in the backfield.

Lovett’s athleticism and movement skills give him a high upside as a pass rusher. With his ability to attack the edges of offensive linemen, Lovett can apply immense pressure on the quarterback, which can be a game-changer in certain situations.

However, despite his many strengths, Lovett does have some areas of weakness to work on. Though he possesses the tools to be an impactful interior defensive lineman, his lack of overall production raises concerns. Lovett often appears to be late in diagnosing plays which can result in missed opportunities to make plays.

To enhance his productivity on the field, Lovett needs to improve his instincts as a player. He would be best suited for a scheme that allows him to use his athleticism to attack gaps and disrupt opposing offenses.

Overall, Fabien Lovett is a valuable asset to any team playing at the collegiate football level, showcasing key qualities of a leader, a dominant defensive lineman, and the potential to be a disruptive force on the field.


Fabien Lovett is an interior pass rusher who is able to penetrate the offensive line with his technique, particularly when playing in the three-technique. His impressive length and power make it difficult for offensive tackles to ward him off. He has a wide base and low center of gravity, allowing him to hold his ground and shed blockers. In addition, his upper-body strength allows him to rock offensive linemen back with his heavy hands aggressively.

Lovett cannot only engage blockers but also disengage and out-grapple them in tight spaces. His technique against the run includes playing with lean and leverage which makes him extremely difficult for even one man to move, with double teams sometimes being required.


mong his shortcomings may be his ability to fend off blockers as a pass rusher and some inconsistency in tackling. Despite seemingly having the advantage of getting his hands on the ball carrier, he sometimes misses tackles. This could be due in part to a need for improvement in his hand placement and technique, both of which are essential components of successful tackling.

Finally, Lovett has been noted as struggling with leverage off the snap and playing too tall. These issues may be limiting his effectiveness as a pass rusher, as they can impede his ability to make crucial plays and gain the upper hand against opposing teams. Addressing these concerns will be crucial for Lovett’s continued growth and success in the field.

Fabien Lovett is the 108th prospect on our draft big board.