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Jacob Cowing

Jacob Cowing draft profile

Jacob Cowing

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Jacob Cowing draft profile

High School and College Career

Jacob Cowing from Maricopa High School, opted to attend the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). In 2019, his first year as a freshman, Cowing played in 12 games for the Miners, showcasing his skills and talents by making 31 receptions for 550 yards. He maintained an impressive average of 17.7 yards per reception and notched up three touchdowns.

As a sophomore year in 2020, he competed in 8 games for UTEP and had 41 catches for 691 yards with an average of 16.9 yards per catch. He scored three touchdowns and sustained a QB rating of 88.2 when targeted.

The following year, Cowing had his best season yet as a junior in 2021. His number of games increased to 13, and he exceeded expectations by hauling in 69 catches for an astounding 1361 yards. He averaged 19.7 yards per catch and hauled in seven touchdowns. Cowing’s QB rating when targeted shot up to 111.0.

After the end of the 2021 season, Cowing transferred to Arizona to continue his collegiate career. In his senior year, he played 12 games and made 85 catches for 1034 yards. Although his average yards per catch dipped slightly, to 12.2, he still managed to score seven touchdowns. Cowing’s QB rating when targeted remained high at 100.9.

Jacob Cowing Scouting Report Introduction

Jacob Cowing, the leading receiver of UTEP, displayed exceptional productivity during his time with the team. He scored an impressive eight out of twelve 100-yard games, highlighting his abilities as a receiver. Furthermore, Cowing demonstrated an understanding of leveraging and identifying free terrain. Despite his smaller stature, he did not let this hinder his competitiveness, especially when it came to catching the ball. He showcased the ability to elevate and attack the ball at its highest point, always fighting for possession. Cowing sold his vertical routes impressively, forcing defenders to remain on top of the stem and providing access for underneath routes. He was also adept at manipulating his defenders by altering his route tempo and speeds.

Cowing’s smooth route-running abilities enabled him to generate natural separation from defenders, thus highlighting his potential as a chain-mover. Additionally, his run-after-catch ability was impressive, averaging seven yards after the catch last season. However, there were some noticeable limitations to Cowing’s game, most notably his size. This physical attribute will always compromise his blocking abilities and limit his capacity to align on the playside effectively.

Moreover, Cowing was not overly dynamic or explosive, even for a smaller receiver. Thus, it is likely that he will be confined to a slot-heavy role at the next level. Furthermore, while Cowing terrorized lesser opposition, there are concerns regarding his ability to compete at a higher level, such as the Pac-12. Finally, his limited exposure to press alignment makes it difficult to gauge the fullness of his release package.


Cowing’s on-field performance has impressed many with his elite balance and tight-rope walking ability along the sideline. His exceptional start-stop ability and burst have also been notable. Additionally, he showcases impressive foot quickness and toughness, suggesting he could handle slot duties at the next level. His versatility is demonstrated by his ability to line up all over the field, making him a valuable asset for any team.

Cowing is a dangerous weapon with the ball in his hands. He has short-area quickness, Cowing has the potential to create separation, and his straight-line speed could pose a significant threat down the seam.

Cowing’s quickness off the line of scrimmage and acceleration abilities are significant assets, and his top-end speed is among the best in this year’s draft.


He may face some challenges when running routes against NFL defenders. This is due to his slight frame, which may make it easier for defenders to knock him off his intended route. Cowing may not have the top-end level of speed and athleticism, which would help him with his lack of physicality.

Cowing doesn’t have a single trait that he can rely on to beat NFL defensive backs. Pure talent wise, he may be mediocre but if he becomes a technician with route running and timing he could be an impactful receiver.

Jacob Cowing is the 118th prospect on our draft big board.