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Jacob Gall

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High School and College Career

Jacob Gall was a 2-star prospect who committed to the University of Buffalo out of high school.

During his freshman year with the Buffalo Bulls in 2018, Gall played in 11 games, amassing a total of 388 snaps primarily at right guard with some appearances at left guard. Impressively, he only allowed 3 QB hurries with no QB hits or sacks throughout the season.

His sophomore campaign in 2019 was just as impressive, with Gall playing in 10 games and a total of 385 snaps. He allowed four QB hurries and two QB hits with no sacks while playing the majority of his snaps at right guard and the rest at left guard.

In 2020, Gall featured in seven games with Buffalo, playing 454 snaps at mainly left guard. This time, he did not concede any QB hurries, only two QB hits, and zero sacks.

Following the end of the 2020 season, Gall transferred to Baylor University for his final year of college football eligibility. As a senior, he played in 14 games for the Bears and clocked up a total of 938 snaps while playing exclusively at center. Throughout the season, he allowed just five QB hurries and two QB hits, impressing both his coaches and teammates.

In 2022, as a fifth year senior, Gall’s performances continued to shine with his impressive work ethic as the starting center for the Bears. He played in 12 games, totalling 883 snaps and conceding 8 QB hurries, three QB hits, and no sacks.

Jacob Gall Scouting Report Introduction

When analyzing Jacob Gall’s skills as an offensive lineman, it is clear that his athleticism is a major asset to his game. This characteristic allows him to excel in both the run and pass game. In terms of the run game, Gall is able to effectively work with his teammates, often reaching second-level defenders and making impressive blocks. He is skilled in executing reach blocks and cut-off blocks, which help to seal off defenders and create running lanes for the ball carrier.

In pass protection, Gall’s athleticism is equally advantageous. He has the ability to easily pick up stunts and work with guards on either side of him. Additionally, he is able to move his feet laterally while engaged with defenders, which allows him to sustain blocks during pass protection.

However, there are areas where Gall could improve. One of his key weaknesses is his lack of strength. Although he is athletic and able to get to the right spots, he often struggles to displace defenders and push them back in the run game. This is evidenced by instances where Gall is pushed into the backfield and fails to move the line of scrimmage forward with his blocks.

This lack of strength also hampers his effectiveness in pass protection. Gall tends to struggle with defenders who swiftly convert speed to power, causing him to be pushed deep into the pocket. As such, his overall effectiveness could be improved if he were to focus on improving his strength.

In conclusion, Jacob Gall is a skilled offensive lineman whose athleticism makes him effective in a variety of situations on the field. While his ability to read plays and anticipate defenders is impressive, he would greatly benefit from focusing on his strength to further enhance his capabilities as a blocker.


One of Gall’s notable strengths is his ability to get outside and lay down blocks in space, an essential characteristic of an effective run game.

Gall’s ability to anchor against larger defenders in the middle of the field sets him apart. He has a particular talent for resetting his hands to maintain distance, which allows him to block effectively without getting overpowered by stronger opponents. His athleticism also comes in handy, enabling him to help on the nose tackle and quickly pick up twist or late blitzer to protect his quarterback.

Gall’s skillset is not limited to blocking alone; he also has a strong defensive game. He can successfully mirror quick interior rushers and is always looking to help the center when he is uncovered.


Jacob Gall has a tendency to reach and lunge when up against opposing players with quicker reflexes. Gall is a solid athlete, although he is more comfortable moving forward as a run blocker rather than setting up in a pass protection position. Often, he relies solely on his initial punch to stand up against pass rushers rather than moving his feet. Gall must learn to be a more tenacious finisher by avoiding falling off blocks too often.

Moreover, Gall’s overreliance on his initial punch could be problematic in the NFL. Professional pass rushers are skilled in avoiding and recovering from punches thrown at them, and Gall’s lack of footwork would leave him vulnerable in those situations. Additionally, his inability to put defenders on the ground suggests that he may not be a dominant force in the NFL’s more aggressive and competitive environment.

Jacob Gall is the 184th prospect on our draft big board.