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Jaheim Bell

Jaheim Bell draft profile

Jaheim Bell

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South Carolina
Tight End
Jaheim Bell draft profile

High School and College Career

Jaheim Bell, was a 4-star recruit from Valdosta High School, prior to his time at the University of South Carolina

In his first year with the Gamecocks in 2020, Bell made appearances in 4 games for the team. During these games, he was only able to make one reception for 29 yards.

As Bell transitioned into his sophomore year in 2021, he played in 13 games and became a more integral part of the team’s offense. Throughout the season, he made 30 catches for a total of 488 yards, averaging 16.3 yards per catch. He also scored 5 touchdowns and recorded an impressive QB rating of 121.7 when targeted.

During his junior year in 2022, Bell continued to see playing time, appearing in 12 games for South Carolina. He made 24 catches for a total of 235 yards, averaging just 9.8 yards per catch. He also recorded 2 touchdowns and maintained a QB rating of 110.6 when targeted.

Jaheim Bell Scouting Report Introduction

In 2021, Jaheim Bell, a football player for the South Carolina Gamecocks, showcased his skills despite being behind Nick Muse on the depth chart and the team playing with four different quarterbacks. Despite these challenges, Bell was able to demonstrate his abilities and stand out for his impressive post-catch production.

One of Bell’s key strengths is his athleticism, as he has a thick and muscular build with explosive speed and agility. This allows him to excel when he has the ball in his hands, and he often proves to be a difficult opponent for defenders to tackle thanks to his size, speed, twitch, and physicality.

In addition to his athleticism, Bell has strong and confident hands that allow him to make impressive catches with ease. He also demonstrates good ball skills, body control, and the ability to catch the football away from his body.

Bell’s versatility is another asset, as he can play multiple positions, including the slot, wide receiver, backfield, and tight end. He also has solid blocking skills, especially in space, and can be relied on to make critical blocks.

On top of his physical abilities, Bell has gained the praise of his coaches for his work ethic, intelligence, and toughness. He has also been given the opportunity to take handoffs and serve as a kick returner, showcasing his versatility even further.

However, Bell’s production in 2021 was not always consistent, and he had the benefit of being an ancillary weapon rather than a featured piece. Moving forward, it will be essential for him to prove himself as a pivotal player in the team. Additionally, while Bell’s versatility is an asset, it may limit his ability to serve as a traditional in-line tight end. There are also questions regarding his true position on the field, especially in that some wonder if he has the capabilities to become a dynamic route-runner.


Jaheim Bell is a talented receiver who possesses a good combination of speed and size. He has a quick acceleration off the line of scrimmage, which sets him apart from other big receivers. What makes Bell stand out is his ability to read defenses and run good routes. He has a strong sense of how to manipulate defenders and uses his size as an advantage to create opportunities for himself.

Bell’s considerable size also gives him an enormous catch radius, meaning he can make difficult catches outside of his frame, making him a major threat in the red zone.

Bell’s precision route-running creates the separation needed to be effective in the quick out and stop patterns. He is also very agile, possessing good stop-start ability and lateral movement. Bell’s ball-tracking skills and hand-eye coordination allow him to adjust to underthrown balls and back-shoulder throws when used as a deep threat.

Bell’s quick feet and excellent balance make him a lethal threat on stick and post routes. He has the ability to create separation from defenders and quickly change direction to make the catch. In addition, he consistently catches the ball with his hands away from his body, which is a significant asset in making challenging receptions.


His playing speed may not be considered elite compared to other league receivers.
Despite his slightly slower playing speed, Bell still has the ability to track the ball effectively. This is a crucial skill for any wide receiver, as it allows them to anticipate the ball’s trajectory and position themselves to catch it. However, one area where Bell could improve is in his hands. Too often, he allows the ball to get into his body downfield instead of snatching it with his hands.

Jaheim Bell has a lot of potential as a receiver, particularly when it comes to his physical strength and ability to track the ball. However, his playing speed and hand-catching skills are areas where he could work to improve his game.

Jaheim Bell is our 92nd prospect on our draft big board.