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Jeremy Banks

Jeremy Banks draft profile

Jeremy Banks

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Jeremy Banks draft profile

High School and College Career

Jeremy Banks, from Cordova High School, was rated as a three-star recruit and he decided to join the Tennessee Volunteers.

In 2019 as a freshman, Banks saw action in just three games, during which he played 52 snaps as a linebacker for the Volunteers. Throughout his limited playing time, he recorded five tackles.

As a sophomore for the Volunteers in 2020, Banks played in nine games and was on the field for a total of 225 snaps. He recorded 24 tackles, no pass breakups, no interceptions, and a disappointing QB rating when targeted of 118.8.

In 2021 as a junior, Banks became an essential asset to the Volunteers, playing in 13 games for 747 snaps. He excelled with 86 tackles, two pass breakups, one interception, and a QB rating when targeted of 99.1. He produced 16 total pressures as a pass rusher, including eight QB hurries, four QB hits, and four sacks.

In 2022 as a senior, Banks continued to perform well, logging playing time in 11 games and totaling 498 snaps. He recorded 40 tackles, four pass breakups, no interceptions, and a QB rating when targeted of 104.3. As a pass rusher, he tallied 12 total pressures, consisting of eight QB hurries and four QB hits, but he was unable to secure any sacks for the season.

Overall, Banks’ college football career showed his progress and improvement as a player. He started as a modest freshman, gaining experience, and then became an essential player for the Volunteers in his junior and senior years. Although his statistics may have fluctuated, he proved himself as a valuable asset in the team, showcasing his abilities as a linebacker, in coverage, and as a pass rusher.

Jeremy Banks Scouting Report Introduction

Jeremy Banks excels in coverage, specifically when looking into the backfield in zone coverage. This skill is critical for defensive players, as it requires them to read and anticipate the actions of the opposing team’s quarterback and receivers in order to disrupt plays and prevent successful passing plays. Banks’ proficiency in this area suggests that he has a keen eye for reading plays and making quick decisions based on what he sees unfolding in front of him.

Another area of strength for Banks is his ability to attack the edge with speed. This allows him to quickly get around the offensive team’s tackle, which puts him in a prime position to disrupt plays and take down ball carriers. Additionally, Banks has demonstrated impressive flexibility, which enables him to dip low and under the tackle’s reach. This type of maneuverability is particularly useful when playing against larger or more physically dominant players, as it allows Banks to use his speed and quick movements to find weaknesses in his opponents’ defense strategies.

Banks’ quickness is also a strength when it comes to closing the gap on relatively immobile quarterbacks. When facing quarterbacks who are slower or less mobile than others, Banks is able to quickly close the distance between them and make plays. This is an important skill for him to have, as it allows him to take down quarterbacks and disrupt plays before they have a chance to develop.

Finally, Banks is known for consistently delivering heavy hits. This is an important trait for a defensive player, as it can intimidate and discourage opposing players, making them less willing or able to make plays. Banks’ ability to separate the ball from his opponents with explosive hits is also noteworthy, as it can lead to fumbles or incomplete passes.


Jeremy Banks has great speed and even a twitchiness to his play that allows him to make a significant impact when he comes off the edge as a specialist on third downs.

In addition to his physical gifts, Banks also demonstrates an impressive understanding of angles on the field. This enables him to beat blockers to the spot and get into position to make plays. This is a key trait for any defensive player, as it allows them to stay one step ahead of the offense and disrupt their plans.

Another area where Banks excels is in his ability to handle misdirection plays. This requires quick change-of-direction skills and the ability to read and react to what the offense is doing. Banks has shown that he can do this effectively, which helps prevent big plays from occurring.

When it comes to defending against the run, Banks is equally effective. He hits an open lane hard, which allows him to make tackles and disrupt plays at the line or even in the backfield.

Overall, Banks is an impressive player with a range of skills that make him an asset to any team. Whether he is coming off the edge on third downs or defending against the run, he has the physical gifts and mental acuity to get the job done effectively. With the right coaching and continued development, it is likely that he will continue to improve and become an even more dominant force on the field.


Jeremy Banks looks to be a 3rd down specialist in the NFL. He’s solid at creating pressure on the QB, but lacks the consistency to be an every-down defensive end. Banks has a tendency to abandon run-defense duties in pursuit of the QB. He sometimes fails to set and keep the edge, which can lead to big runs on his side of the field on the outside. He is a solid tackler when in position but he’s not always in a position to make a play on the ball carrier. Banks also needs to develop an arsenal of pass rush moves that he could use on a first and third down.

Jeremy Banks is the 158th prospect on our draft big board.