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Joey Porter Jr

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Joey Porter Jr

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Joey Porter Jr draft profile



Joey Porter Jr., a Penn State cornerback, is anticipated to be a highly effective defender in the NFL, possessing remarkable length and physicality on the field. In 2022, he made considerable strides, becoming a more reliable coverage defender, showcasing impressive athleticism and placing himself among the top prospects for the 2023 NFL Draft.

Porter Jr., a former four star prospect and the son of former NFL player Joey Porter, played high school football at North Allegheny High School before committing to Penn State. He started playing as a true freshman but redshirted in 2019 before becoming a starter in 2020. In 2022, he had a standout season for Penn State, earning the title of college football Most Valuable Defensive Player for his team and securing second-team All-American honors.

In his freshman year in 2019, Porter Jr. played only four games and 80 snaps at cornerback for the Nittany Lions, recording three tackles, one assist, and no stops. He managed one pass breakup but had no interceptions and a QB rating of 156.3 when targeted.

In his sophomore year in 2020, Porter Jr. played eight games and logged 415 snaps, achieving 28 tackles, four assists, and eight stops. He had two pass breakups but had no interceptions and a QB rating of 127.0 when targeted.

As a junior in 2021, Porter Jr. played in 13 games and contributed 769 snaps, achieving 46 tackles, nine assists, and 14 stops. In the secondary, he forced three pass breakups, one interception, and improved his QB rating when targeted to 84.7.

In 2022, Porter Jr.’s senior year, he played in ten games, logging 440 snaps and achieving 24 tackles, four assists, and five stops. In coverage, he broke up nine passes and surrendered a QB rating of 63.6 when targeted, demonstrating his elite level of play. He also didn’t excel in one season with subpar play over the rest of his college football playing career. Each one was built upon the prior and showed that the Penn State Nittany Lions corner was developing and learning.

Joey Porter Jr. NFL DRAFT

Porter Jr.’s exceptional length allows him to have great reach and influence inside the contact window and at the line of scrimmage. In 2022, he showed notable improvement at Penn State in his patience in these areas, relying on his footwork and length to disrupt releases and push receivers to their stems with lateral displacement.

He also has strong tackling skills in the run game and can cover a wide area at the catch point, making him effective in both run support and in recognizing quick game plays to the flats, allowing him to get past blocks from opposing skill players.

He displayed a lot of growth over his three seasons as a part of the Penn State Nittany Lions. He managed to play in 31 games (eight games in 2020, thirteen games in 2021, and ten in 2022), so he’s more of a known commodity than some others at his position.


Player Comparison: Marlon Humphrey

Joey Porter Jr. forty yard dash: 4.47 seconds



In 2022, Porter Jr. had an impressive stretch of dominance at Penn State and was seldom tested in coverage after the season opener against Purdue. His unique ability to play around the frame of receivers and extend for the ball makes him a valuable press man lockdown option or zone coverage defender.

He also moves well vertically in transition, effectively flipping his hips and carrying routes, allowing him to go stride for stride with opposing players and squeeze them outside the red line. Additionally, he demonstrates strong football intelligence, which will make him a desirable player for multiple defensive systems.

Joey Porter Jr. possesses a range of skills and abilities that make him a valuable asset on the field. He has the fluidity, speed, and quick feet to effectively defend slot receivers in man coverage. Additionally, he excels at breaking down in space and making tackles after the catch.

Porter Jr. is a long, lean athlete who moves fluidly and shows good route recognition. He can quickly transition out of his backpedal and close in on the ball, which allows him to make critical plays . He also has the core and lower-body strength to escort receivers to the sideline when working deep, all part of his great pass breakup and press technique. Last year, he demonstrated tremendous instincts with his eyes on the backfield, making him a skilled and adaptable player.

One of Porter Jr.’s notable strengths is his ability to track the ball and make turnovers. His natural ball skills, paired with his athleticism, allow him to force fumbles and interceptions. He also has a quick and powerful punch when playing in press coverage and plays with a confident and competitive demeanor on the field.

While Porter Jr. has the quick and agile feet to mirror opposing players’ quickness and change direction underneath, he is at his best when facing the action. His length and leaping ability allow him to high-point the ball and make plays, and he would have had even more significant interception numbers in college had quarterbacks not avoided throwing in his direction.

Overall, Joey Porter Jr.’s range of skills, athleticism, and adaptability make him a valuable addition to any team. His ability to effectively defend slot receivers and his natural ball skills make him a versatile player capable of making critical plays when it matters most.


However, Porter Jr. may not be an ideal prospect for all teams. Playing him off could cause problems in mirroring at the top of routes or triggering on quick game plays. Therefore, teams utilizing the Cover 3 scheme should consider using Porter Jr. as the “Cloud” cornerback or half-turning to accentuate his strengths.

Off-man coverage is not likely to be his strong suit, and although he has the potential to become skilled at block deconstruction, there is still room for growth in this area despite his length. Furthermore, he may risk getting flagged for defensive holding if he is forced to grab and gear down to feel breaks from receivers. This is especially true against big receivers. While some may criticize his ball production, he had limited opportunities to make interceptions due to his few targets in the passing game.

Joey Porter Jr. 2023 NFL DRAFT SUMMARY

Porter Jr.’s future success in the NFL will be dependent on the team and defensive system he is placed in. Press-man teams will benefit the most from his talents, but he may also be an impactful player in deep third coverage as a Cover-3-heavy zone corner. Regardless of the system, he is expected to be a day-one starter for an NFL defense.


  • Incredible length and athleticism
  • One of the best at his position at making tackles
  • Solid ball skills; pass breakups and turnovers


  • Turnover production leaves more to be desired
  • May not fit in all defensive schemes; let him play press man
  • Some issues with penalties

Joey Porter Jr. will be an interesting name to watch come April’s 2023 NFL draft. Teams that analysts are discussing include NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals, and Miami Dolphins. His name ranges from the top at his position in the draft down to the 3rd or 4th.

We have him ranked 18th on our draft big board and 3rd cornerback behind Christian Gonzalez and Kelee Ringo.