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Jordan Morgan

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Jordan Morgan

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Jordan Morgan draft profile

High School and College Career

Jordan Morgan, a 3-star recruit from Marana High School, before joining the Arizona Wildcats football team.

In his freshman year with the Wildcats in 2019, Morgan played in four games, accumulating a total of 94 snaps as a left tackle. Although he allowed four quarterback hurries, he managed to prevent any sacks or quarterback hits.

During his sophomore year in 2020, Morgan’s playing time was limited to just two games, during which he played a total of 147 snaps. Playing at the same position as his previous year, Morgan encountered more difficulty, allowing one QB hit, two sacks, and four QB hurries.

In 2021, as a junior with the Wildcats, Morgan saw action in eleven games, playing a total of 706 snaps as a left tackle. Despite an increase in playing time, his performance regressed compared to his freshman season, allowing 15 QB hurries, 7 QB hits, and 5 sacks against opposing defenses.

In his final year with the Wildcats in 2022, as a senior, Morgan played in ten games and had a total of 670 snaps as a left tackle. Despite a slight reduction in the number of QB hurries allowed from his previous year, Morgan still allowed 14 QB hurries, 2 QB hits, and one sack.

Jordan Morgan Scouting Report Introduction

Jordan Morgan is a standout football player known for his physical demeanor and playing style on the field. During run-blocking sequences, he is able to displace and wash edge rushers with ease. He has a unique technique of popping out of his stance with a roll of his hips to make contact with his defender. In his matchup against Cameron Thomas, Morgan performed exceptionally well.

One of Morgan’s strengths is his ability to keep rushers at bay through his length and punch placement. He also displays impressive athleticism when pulling on screens and running plays. Morgan’s hands are a major asset to his game, as he is able to counter and reset during combative sequences. His hand power allows him to latch onto and control his opponents.

Despite all his strengths, Morgan does have a few areas for improvement. His lateral strides can be restrictive and segmented, which can impact his ability to maneuver on the field. Additionally, his punches are thrown with wide spacing due to his strong and powerful hands. He also tends to attack defenders with high leverage in the run game, which can decrease his overall balance. Improving his knee bend to eliminate waist bending will be key in helping him overcome these issues.

Another area for improvement is his change of direction. Twitchy rushers can stress his upfield shoulder and footspeed, so he needs to work on his ability to change direction once he’s committed outside. Morgan’s ability to absorb power and anchor with his strong lower body is impressive, but his lack of consistency in covering his chest during the run game could be improved.


Jordan Morgan has long arms and heavy hands which he effectively uses in pass protection. Morgan’s initial punch is strong enough to get an edge on quick sets, and he is capable of flashing heavy hands to knock back pass rushers.

He has long legs that allow him to cover a lot of ground with his initial kick slide. Furthermore, he has the quickness to set up quickly, with enough lateral shuffle to mirror and mobility to get to the second level.

He’s a mauler in the run game, where he plays through the whistle with tremendous physicality. Jordan Morgan’s skillset is defined by his ability to effectively leverage his physical attributes to excel in both pass protection and run blocking. His knowledge of angles, quickness, and agility enable him to provide great value to his team. Additionally, his mean streak and physicality make him a threat to opposing defenses, making him a valuable asset to any team.


When examining the performance of offensive tackle Jordan Morgan, it is worth noting that he exhibits some concerns with his pass protection capabilities. One area of weakness that stands out is his slow reaction time when the ball is snapped. This can lead to difficulties in keeping defenders at bay and defending the quarterback in a fast-paced, high-pressure situation.

Additionally, Morgan has shown some hesitation when faced with stunts. This hesitation can leave him vulnerable to being beaten by opposing defenders and ultimately failing in his duties as a pass protector. The hesitation is compounded by mechanical or robotic-like lack of fluidity in pass protection. This will be a major point of emphasis in training camp.

Since he is more accustomed to moving forward as a run blocker rather than retreating as a pass protector, he may struggle to keep up with opposing defenders who possess greater speed and agility with his lacking footwork. Again, this will be a point of emphasis for his coaching staff right out of the gates.

Jordan Morgan is the 103rd prospect on our draft big board.