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Layden Robinson


Layden Robinson

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Layden Robinson draft profile

High School and College Career

Layden Robinson, a 3-star recruit from Manvel High School, decideded to commit to Texas A&M.

Robinson’s freshman year in 2019 gave him some game time, but it was limited to only two games, during which he played a total of 21 snaps. Despite his limited plays, he demonstrated exceptional skill and gave up no QB hurries, hits, or sacks while playing at right guard.

The following year, Robinson was a sophomore and played in three games, seeing a total of 33 snaps. He maintained his remarkable performance and did not give up any QB hurries, hits, or sacks while playing right guard.

During his junior year in 2021, Robinson had more opportunities to showcase his skills, appearing in 10 games and amassing a total of 622 snaps. Although Robinson gave up 8 QB hurries, one QB hit, and zero sacks while playing at right guard, his performance was commendable, given the increased gameplay time.

Robinson’s senior year in 2022 saw him play in 12 games and accumulate a total of 754 snaps. While his performance was overall satisfactory, the numbers weren’t as impressive as his performance in previous seasons, as he allowed 20 QB hurries, 11 QB hits, and 4 sacks while playing at right guard.

Layden Robinson Scouting Report Introduction

Robinson has an impressive build, with a stocky and thick frame that imbues him with a great deal of power. This type of functional strength is especially valuable in creating displacement in the run game, as it allows Robinson to move opposing players out of the way with ease. Additionally, his anchor is firm when it comes to pass protection, signifying that he is not easily moved or overpowered by rushers.

One of Robinson’s most effective tools are his powerful hands, which can stun opponents and give him control of plays. Throughout every snap, he shows great attention to fitting his hands and competing for placement. Moreover, his hand usage is independent and versatile, giving him the ability to vary his strikes and keep opponents guessing.

Though he is certainly effective, there are some drawbacks to Robinson’s game. He has tight hips and heavy feet, limitations which mean that his range in the run game is somewhat hampered. This can also present challenges to staying square in pass protection, a crucial aspect of preventing the opposing team from getting to the quarterback. As a result, he may be limited as a guard-only prospect, depending on the specific schemes used by a team.

Another limitation of Robinson’s game is his modest length, which sometimes necessitates him working harder to keep defenders out of his frame. His responses can sometimes be tardy with late recognition on twists and stunts, a problem compounded by his lack of reactive athleticism and lower body tightness.

Ultimately, while there is certainly room for improvement, there is a lot to like about Robinson’s game. He has power to spare, effective hand usage, and demonstrates great control in his execution of plays. With some work in areas such as his range and responsiveness, Robinson could prove a valuable asset for a team looking to bolster their offensive line.


Layden Robinson is a football player who possesses a significant amount of functional strength, which enables him to withstand powerful bull rushes from opposing players. Robinson also exhibits excellent hand speed and accuracy, allowing him to quickly react to his opponents and make effective moves.

His abilities begin at the point of attack, where he fires off the line with a considerable amount of power, and holds his ground against even the most colossal defensive tackles. Additionally, his hand strength comes into play, as he can grip and move opponents when needed, particularly in the run game.

Robinson has an advantage in his quick snap off the line of scrimmage, which enables him to initiate movement at the point of attack with ease. He frequently completes his blocks with force, effectively removing his opponent from the play. His strength and aggressive approach in the run game are particularly noteworthy, as Robinson demonstrates a mean streak that allows him to generate a push early on, increasing his team’s chances of success.

When it comes to blocking in open space, Robinson puts forth a solid effort. He has the necessary speed to get outside and connect with targets on the move. He also exhibits fluidity and precision when ascending to the second level and landing blocks on oncoming opponents. Robinson is quick enough to be utilized for pulling plays, showcasing enough straight-line speed to make him a versatile player on the field.

Overall, Robinson’s functional strength and quick, precise hands make him an asset to his team’s offensive line. He takes pride in his mean streak and generates plenty of movement in the run game. Additionally, his impressive speed and agility enable him to perform well on open-field blocking and pulling plays – proving himself to be an all-around effective player.


Layden Robinson can sometimes overextend himself, which causes him to struggle to maintain his balance and positioning.

One area where Robinson may struggle is with his hand technique. His hands are not strong enough to hold up to physical pass rushers.
His tendency to reach and lunge when his initial punch is ineffective, opens him up to get beat with speed off the edge.

Layden Robinson is our 77th prospect on our draft big board.