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Max Melton

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Max Melton

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Max Melton draft profile

High School and College Career

Max Melton, a 3-star recruit from Cedar Creek High School, opted to join the Rutgers Scarlet Knights football program

As a freshman during the 2020 season, Melton played in 9 games and showcased his abilities on the field in 354 snaps as a cornerback. Despite being a relatively inexperienced player, he managed to record 24 tackles and one pass breakup but failed to intercept any passes thrown his way. Nevertheless, he limited his opponents to a QB rating of 88.9, which is a respectable figure for a freshman playing in a high-stakes conference like the Big Ten.

During his sophomore season in 2021, Melton’s role in the team grew, and he saw action in 10 games, playing for 487 snaps. He continued to prove his worth by racking up 23 tackles and tallied 6 pass breakups and an impressive 3 interceptions. His ability to make plays on the ball saw him limit opposing QBs to a QB rating of 92.3.

In 2022, Melton entered his junior season with high expectations after showcasing his talent the previous year. During this season, he played in all 12 games and made his presence felt in the secondary on a whopping 577 snaps. He continued to rack up tackles, chalking up 25, and forced 6 pass breakups and 2 interceptions, which demonstrated his growing confidence on the field. He also limited his opponents to a QB rating of 84.8, proving himself to be one of the Scarlet Knights’ most formidable players on defense.

Max Melton Scouting Report Introduction

Max Melton is an up-and-coming football player who has been catching the attention of many scouts and coaches due to his impressive abilities on the field. One aspect of his game that has stood out is his physicality at the line of scrimmage, where he has displayed unexpected power in his hands. This type of physicality allows him to be more effective in press coverage, a style of defense where defenders line up very close to the opposing receivers in order to disrupt their routes and timing.

In addition to his physicality, Melton also possesses key traits that are highly sought after in successful football players. He has impressive length, athleticism, and natural ball skills, all of which contribute to his ability to perform well in press coverage. These traits also make him a viable candidate to be selected as a top 100 pick in the upcoming draft.

Melton’s skills aren’t limited to just the line of scrimmage, however. He is also an adept defender in the red zone, an area on the field where it is crucial for teams to be able to prevent the opposing team from scoring touchdowns. Melton is aware of his surroundings, constantly scanning the field for potential threats, and has a good sense of where to position himself in order to take away fade throws – a type of throw that is often used in the red zone due to its effectiveness. He is also capable of punishing quarterbacks who make late throws, taking advantage of any mistakes or lapses in judgment.


Melton has the ability to cover quick receivers underneath. This means that he can keep up with speedy opponents and ensure they don’t get past him. In addition to his speed and agility, Melton also has a knack for making plays on the ball.

Melton’s technique is particularly impressive when it comes to jump balls. Not only does he have the burst and quickness needed to get back to the ball, but he also has excellent timing. This means that he’s able to get to the ball at just the right moment, which significantly increases his chances of making a play.

Additionally, Melton demonstrates strong instincts when facing the action in zone coverage. In these situations, he’s able to read the field and react quickly to what’s happening around him. This helps him to stay in position and make plays on the ball when the opportunity arises. Melton’s ball skills are also solid and allow him to make accurate and impactful plays.


Max Melton’s pursuit game could use some improvement, as he tends to take wider angles than necessary. Additionally, he needs to refine his tackling technique to consistently finish plays, which ties into his habit of going for the turnover instead of just making the stop. This leaves him open to giving up huge plays when the damage could’ve been minimized. He often prioritizes trying to strip the ball instead of focusing on the tackle itself, which leaves him open to misses.

In terms of run support, Melton seems hesitant to come up and make the necessary hits. With his focus on the strip rather than the tackle, he ends up missing opportunities to stop the ball carrier in their tracks.

Max Melton is the 109th prospect on our draft big board.