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Sedrick Van Pran

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Sedrick Van Pran draft profile

Sedrick Van Pran Draft Profile

Sedrick Van Pran, a 4-star recruit from Warren Easton High School, committed to the University of Georgia. As a freshman in 2020, Van Pran played in a limited capacity, appearing in only three games and playing for a total of 25 snaps. However, his performance during those snaps was solid, as he did not allow any quarterback hurries, hits, or sacks while playing as a center.

The following year, Van Pran experienced a significant increase in playing time, appearing in all 15 games and playing for a total of 881 snaps. During this time, he continued to play as a center, but faced increased pressure from opposing defenses. While he conceded eight QB hurries, he did not allow any QB hits or sacks, indicating that he could withstand the pressure and protect his team’s quarterback effectively.

During the 2022 season, Van Pran continued his development as a player, once again playing all 13 games and playing for a total of 852 snaps. Once again playing as a center, Van Pran continued to demonstrate his effectiveness in the role, allowing no sacks or QB hits while conceding eight QB hurries.

Sedrick Van Pran Scouting Report Introduction

Once engaged with defenders, Van Pran battles to the whistle, showcasing his tenacity and drive. His athleticism makes him an excellent fit for zone blocking schemes, as he can quickly climb to the second level and pick off linebackers in the run game. Additionally, his ability to get out quickly on screens is a testament to his agility and coordination.

Van Pran’s demeanor on duo blocks is also noteworthy, as he engages with the intention to drive/wash defenders out of their assigned gap. Moreover, his football IQ and field vision are impressive, allowing him to work off duo blocks and quickly pick off nearby defenders. As a puller, Van Pran punishes second-level defenders in open space and is adept at identifying A-gap blitzes and making quick decisions.

However, there are some areas where Van Pran could improve. While he plays with a relentless approach, he needs to work on sustaining blocks for a longer period in the run game. This is an essential aspect of his position, and improved play strength could increase his ability to latch onto and turn defensive linemen. Additionally, Van Pran’s functional power/strength has room for improvement to maximize his quick-play style.

Another concern for Van Pran is his arm length, which could potentially limit his success against longer-armed defensive linemen. He must engage quickly and play inside the defender’s frame as longer-armed defenders can create distance/separation at the point of attack and stack Van Pran. This can lead to overcompensating weight distribution during battles and cause balance issues.

ISedrick Van Pran has many positive attributes that make him an asset to any team. His competitiveness, athleticism, and football IQ are impressive, and his willingness to assist his teammates and battle to the whistle is admirable. However, he could improve his play strength, sustained blocking ability, and arm length limitations to reach his full potential.


Sedrick Van Pran is an exceptional football player who possesses a myriad of skills that set him apart from his peers. Among his many talents, Van Pran is an expert at understanding angles and leveraging them to his advantage. This allows him to make lightning-fast adjustments on the field, giving him a decisive edge over his opponents.

Van Pran’s long arms and heavy hands make him a formidable player when it comes to pass protection. His initial punch is strong enough to gain an edge on opponents who make quick sets, and he uses his arms and hands expertly to keep the line of scrimmage secure.

As a pass protector, Van Pran plays with excellent balance and a wide base, demonstrating a consistent kick slide and impressive lateral movement. It is clear from watching him on the field that he takes his role as a protector seriously, and is dedicated to being the best he can be.

Van Pran is not just an effective pass protector, however, he is also a force to be reckoned with in the run game. His size and power allow him to hold his own at the line of scrimmage, and he is capable of creating movement that can propel his team forward.

When faced with a bull rush, Van Pran has the functional strength to stand firm and maintain his position. In addition, his hands are exceptionally quick and precise, allowing him to make the necessary adjustments with lightning-fast speed.

Van Pran’s size and power make him a versatile player who can potentially hold his own at guard or even right tackle. His length and athleticism give him the ability to play multiple positions, making him an invaluable asset to any team lucky enough to have him on their roster.


One area of concern is his lack of agility and speed, which can impede his effectiveness as a pulling guard. Additionally, Van Pran often experiences difficulties when he is required to operate in open space. As a result of these factors, he may struggle to make blocks on the second level of the defense consistently.

While Van Pran does have power in the run game, there are times when he fails to be an enforcer. This can be a disadvantage as physicality is vital in the success of offensive linemen who consistently overpower their opponents. Further, Van Pran has a tendency to bend at the waist, which can make him vulnerable to being beaten by quicker and more nimble defenders. This is compounded by his footwork being subpar, which can lead to him lunging and reaching to make a block against those who are quicker than he is.

Sedrick Van Pran is our 69th prospect on our draft big board.