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Storm Duck

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North Carolina
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High School and College Career

Storm Duck, a former 3-star prospect from Boiling Springs High School in South Carolina, ultimately decideded to attend the University of North Carolina.

Duck wasted no time in making a name for himself on the field, as he was able to step in and contribute during his freshman year in 2019. He played in 13 games and spent a total of 530 snaps as a cornerback for the Tar Heels, showing off his skillset with 33 tackles, 3 assists, and 14 stops. Duck was also a force in pass coverage with 5 pass breakups, 2 interceptions, and a QB rating when targeted of 69.0.

The following year, during the pandemic-shortened 2020 season, Duck only appeared in two games as a sophomore, logging 133 snaps for the Tar Heels. Despite limited playing time, Duck still managed to make an impact with 5 tackles, 1 assist, and 3 stops. He remained effective in pass coverage with 4 pass breakups and an impressive QB rating when targeted of 40.2.

In 2021, Duck played in six games and contributed on 303 snaps as a junior. He recorded 17 tackles, 1 assist, and 4 stops, and proved to be a reliable presence in the secondary with one pass breakup and no interceptions. However, he did give up a QB rating when targeted of 92.8.

Finally, in his senior year in 2022, Duck continued to impress with an increased workload, playing in 12 games and spending 801 snaps on the field. He contributed 45 tackles, 4 assists, and 14 stops, showing his versatility as a defender. In coverage, Duck added 7 pass breakups and 3 interceptions, but surrendered a QB rating when targeted of 96.7.

Storm Duck Scouting Report Introduction

When it comes to evaluating a cornerback, there are several important traits that scouts and coaches look for. Two of the most critical attributes are cover skills and athleticism, which can make all the difference in making plays on the ball and shutting down opposing receivers. These are qualities that are often cited as strengths when discussing Storm Duck, a cornerback with the potential to be an impact corner in the right situation.

At first glance, it’s clear that Duck has the kind of speed and agility that coaches love to see in a cornerback. According to reports, he has the ability to transition well from coverage to close on the ball, which is a key part of making interceptions and breaking up passes. In addition, Duck has strong hands and quick reactions, which allows him to make game-changing plays when the opportunity arises.

But Duck isn’t just an athletic marvel – he has also shown a great deal of skill when it comes to reading and anticipating the play. He has demonstrated good ball skills, which means he is adept at tracking the ball and going up to make a play on it. Moreover, he has the fluidity and change-of-direction ability to mirror quicker receivers underneath, which makes him an effective asset in covering all types of receivers.

However, Duck’s talents aren’t just limited to his coverage skills. He’s also an effective tackler in the run game, showing an aggressive mentality when coming downhill to make a play on ball carriers. This type of fearlessness is essential for any cornerback, as it demonstrates a willingness to engage physically with opponents and make plays not just in coverage but all over the field.

All these skills and abilities demonstrate that Duck has the potential to be a top-notch cornerback if he is able to mature and develop his game further. While he is still a young player with room to grow, his cover skills, athleticism, and big-play ability make him a promising prospect for any team looking to bolster their secondary.


When evaluating Storm Duck’s performance on the football field, several key strengths immediately stand out. For starters, he is exceptional when it comes to providing support during running plays. This is due in part to his physicality as a hitter, which allows him to create an intimidating presence on the field. Additionally, Duck’s versatility extends beyond his primary position, as he is considered a strong candidate for a role as a safety.

One factor contributing to Duck’s effectiveness on the field is his impressive athleticism and flexibility. These attributes allow him to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and maintain a high level of performance throughout a game. Furthermore, Duck possesses a valuable combination of speed and acceleration that gives him an edge over many opponents at his position. He is able to quickly make up ground even after missing a play, thanks to his excellent recovery speed.

Perhaps most noteworthy of Duck’s strengths is his rare hand-eye coordination and agility. This skillset makes him a valuable asset in the return game, where he is able to use his vision and quick reflexes to navigate around defenders and create opportunities for his team. Finally, Duck’s third gear allows him to break away from tacklers and make big gains down the field.

Overall, it is clear that Storm Duck is a dynamic and versatile player who brings a wide range of skills and strengths to his team. From his physicality and speed to his agility and hand-eye coordination, Duck is a valuable asset on both defense and special teams.


Although he is a physically imposing player, Strom Duck struggles when it comes to transitioning and driving out of his backpedal, particularly in off-man coverage. Another area of concern for Duck is his tendency to be too handsy downfield, which can result in penalties and other game-altering consequences. While this may have been an effective strategy in the collegiate level, it is unlikely to work as well against the increasingly skilled receivers found in the NFL. A defensive PI call will no longer just cost 15 yards, but instead changes to a spot of the penalty call. This is a common weakness for many collegiate corners getting used to the change at the NFL level.

Despite his imposing physical stature, Duck is not an overly physical tackler, which may be another area where further development is needed. In order to be more effective and impactful at the next level, it may be necessary for him to add weight and build up his physical strength and stamina.

Overall, while Storm Duck’s performance in college football showcases his impressive physical abilities, his limitations in certain areas highlight the need for further development and refinement as he looks toward a career in professional football. As he continues to refine and perfect his skills, there is no doubt that Duck has the potential to become a formidable competitor on the field.

Storm Duck is our 83rd prospect on our draft big board.