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Tommy Eichenberg

Tommy Eichenberg draft profile

Tommy Eichenberg

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Ohio State
Tommy Eichenberg draft profile

High School and College Career

Tommy Eichenberg, a 3-star recruit from St Ignatius High School football player, joined Ohio State Buckeyes football program.

In his initial season as a freshman in 2019, Eichenberg didn’t experience a significant amount of playing time, with appearances limited to just two games, and he played in a total of only five snaps. He made one tackle and no assisted tackles.

In the following year, Eichenberg was given more playing time, appearing in one game and taking part in six snaps as a sophomore in 2020. Despite this additional playing time, he recorded only two tackles.

During his junior season in 2021, Eichenberg began to demonstrate his full potential. He played in 13 games, contributing to 431 snaps, and performed notably better, recording 45 tackles, two pass breakups and one interception, although his QB rating of 134.1 when targeted was subpar. He managed nine total pressures as a pass rusher, including seven QB hurries, two QB hits, and no sacks over the entire season.

Finally, in his senior year of 2022, Eichenberg continued to progress and shine. He played in 12 games and logged a total of 697 snaps for the Buckeyes. He recorded a total of 84 tackles, three pass breakups and one interception, and an impressive QB rating of 87.5 when targeted. As a pass rusher, he had a much more significant impact, tallying 22 total pressures, including 14 QB hurries, four QB hits, and four sacks over the course of the season.

Tommy Eichenberg Scouting Report Introduction

One of Eichenberg’s main strengths is his quick processing skills and his aggressiveness to attack once he makes up his mind. This combination allows him to anticipate and quickly react to opposing teams’ plays, often allowing him to sniff out run plays and shut them down. Furthermore, he is a dynamic blitzer that times his moves well and displays explosive speed while maintaining balance.

Eichenberg’s range is another key asset. With the ability to work laterally, he can make tackles from sideline to sideline. To maximize his coverage ability, he takes consistently calculated angles. He displays above-average skills at taking on contact and breaking down blocks. An impressive aspect of his game is his leverage and extension using powerful hands.

Eichenberg is also an effective tackler. While mostly a secure, wrap-up tackler, he plays with good balance and control. His hitting power and contact balance also contribute to his status as a tone-setter for Ohio State’s defense.

However, Eichenberg is still relatively inexperienced, having only a handful of starts under his belt, despite being in his fourth season at Ohio State. Although he doesn’t play like he lacks experience, he needs more time on task to be fully impactful in coverage. With only minimal exposure to coverage responsibilities so far, it remains to be seen how he will deal with more significant coverage tasks.


Tommy Eichenberg has the agility to lock down opponents in man coverage, including keeping up with tight ends and running backs. Eichenberg is also strong and determined, able to punch or stiff-arm his way out of blocks to stay with plays downfield. This leads to frequent tackles, even when facing multiple linemen.

Furthermore, Eichenberg is known for his quickness and instincts on the field. His lateral agility and short-area burst allow him to play fast and flow with the action. His awareness to find the ball and react quickly allows him to be a sideline-to-sideline playmaker.

Eichenberg can also be used as a rangy defender inside. His instincts allow him to quickly find the ball and react before blockers can respond at the second level. He’s a violent tackler and wraps up ball carriers with the best of them.


One area of concern is that he tends to play too high when attempting to set the edge. This means that he positions himself too upright, making it easier for opponents to get past him and blocking his ability to make plays.

Another issue that has been raised about Eichenberg is his inconsistent motor. This refers to his level of effort and intensity; at times, he may play with great energy and drive, while at other times he may appear lacking in motivation or effort. This inconsistency can be problematic to say the least as teams evaluate him.

When it comes to his physical capabilities, Eichenberg has been criticized for not playing with enough physicality. This means he may struggle to fight through blocks and make tackles independently. Instead, he may need to rely on his teammates for support and coverage to maximize his field effectiveness.

Tommy Eichenberg is the 128th prospect on our draft big board.