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Troy Fautanu

Troy Fautanu draft profile

Troy Fautanu

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Troy Fautanu draft profile

High School and College Career

Troy Fautanu, from Liberty High School, was a 3-star recruit and ultimately decided to commit to the University of Washington.

In his first year with the Huskies, Fautanu’s playing time was limited, but he was afforded the opportunity to step onto the field in one game as a freshman and played a total of 12 snaps.
Fautanu’s sophomore year saw him play in 7 games and an increased amount of playing time totaling 201 snaps. During this time, he switched between playing as both a left tackle and left guard. While showcasing versatility in his position, he conceded 4 QB hurries, no QB hits, and one sack during these games.

As Fautanu entered his junior year with the Huskies in 2022, his role expanded significantly. He saw action in all 12 games and played a total of 866 snaps, mostly at left tackle, allowed only 12 QB hurries, 2 QB hits, and no sacks.

Troy Fautanu Scouting Report Introduction

Fautanu is willing to aggressively attack and punch multiple times to finish the play. Additionally, he is quick to pick up on edge blitzes and shows no signs of panic. He is able to easily adjust his angles and reset his feet as required.

Another key aspect of Fautanu’s game is his ability to recover and reset his anchor. This means that he is able to maintain his position on the field and react quickly to changes in the game. Furthermore, Fautanu is known for rarely being late off the snap. This speaks to his reliability as a player and his strong sense of timing when it comes to executing plays.

Off the field, Fautanu is a competitor with a positive attitude and leadership traits that coaches admire. These qualities are important in creating a cohesive and successful team dynamic. When it comes to his technical abilities, Fautanu excels in certain areas. For example, he is outstanding on reach blocks. He shows good initial quickness and flexibility when sealing the backside. He is a heady player who is quick to recognize and react to twists and stunts up front. Additionally, Fautanu shows a good sense of timing on combo blocks.


Troy Fautanu has remarkable agility, which allows him to move quickly and deftly on the field. Additionally, Fautanu possesses excellent technique, when it comes to his ability to use his hands to maneuver defenders.
He moves well and can reach the second level to block during running plays. This is indicative of his ability to think on his feet and anticipate the movements of the opposition, proving his value as a run blocker.

Moreover, Fautanu has shown steady improvements in his pass protection skills. He is solid at the point of attack, allowing him to hold off defenders while maintaining a wide base. This trait is highly desirable in an offensive lineman, and Fautanu’s possessive nature of it is a significant advantage.


In terms of his technique, Fautanu has been criticized for not having hands that are active enough to stand up against pass rushers. On top of this, his poor balance has been pointed out for causing him to struggle in his attempts to contain opposing pass rushers.

Fautanu’s physical attributes are only average, with his arm length being particularly limited. He does not possess any overpowering qualities that can make up for his weaknesses in pass protection. Additionally, as a pass protector, he has been caught reaching and lunging when matched up against quickness, which puts him at a disadvantage and makes him susceptible to being beaten by faster pass rushers.

Troy Fautanu is the 134th prospect on our draft big board.