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Zak Zinter

Zak Zinter draft profile

Zak Zinter

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Zak Zinter draft profile

High School and College Career

Zak Zinter was a 4-star recruit out of high school and committed to the University of Michigan.

As a freshman in 2020, Zinter played in five games and logging a total of 214 snaps for the Wolverines. Stationed at right guard, he demonstrated impressive pass protection skills by allowing only three QB hurries, three QB hits, and no sacks.

Zinter played in all 13 games as a sophomore in 2021, totaling 733 snaps for the Wolverines. He did concede 11 QB hurries, four QB hits, and one sack.

Entering his junior year in 2022, Zinter continued to impress on the field. Throughout 13 games and an 835 snap count, Zinter demonstrated a clear improvement from the previous year, conceding only six QB hurries and one sack. Notably, he gave up no QB hits, indicating a strong improvement in his pass-protection skills.

Zak Zinter Scouting Report Introduction

Despite his limited experience, Zak Zinter has an above-average level of awareness. Zinter shines is in his blocking technique. Specifically, he is adept at executing the trap block, which involves using another offensive lineman as a decoy to trick a defender into moving in the wrong direction before making a block. Additionally, he can quickly turn to seal off defenders, demonstrating his fluidity and agility. These skills are essential in creating opportunities for running backs and protecting the quarterback.

Zinter also displays excellent footwork, which allows him to maintain power while dealing with speed. When facing a speed rush, he can slide his feet and adjust to the defender’s movements, often sending them past the pocket altogether. This is a valuable skill for an offensive lineman, as speed rushing is a common tactic used by pass rushers to create pressure on the quarterback.

Moreover, Zinter is an adept one-on-one blocker, showcasing good burst off the line of scrimmage and playing with leverage to maintain his position. He also possesses impressive upper-body strength, which is essential in mano-a-mano situations where he needs to overpower defenders.

Overall, Zak Zinter demonstrates a well-rounded set of skills that make him an asset to any offensive line. His awareness, blocking technique, footwork, and strength are all hallmarks of a successful lineman.


One important aspect of his game is his skill in executing reach blocks. Not only is he effective in this area, but his approach also demonstrates good initial quickness and flexibility when it comes to sealing off the backside of plays.

He quickly recognizes and responds to twists and stunts from opposing defenses, which is a valuable skill in any offensive lineman. Additionally, Zinter possesses a strong sense of timing and coordination when it comes to executing combo blocks. Zinter can handle moving defenders with ease. This is due in part to his impressive core strength and highly stable base, which allow him to react and adapt to even the most challenging situations.


He tends to stop his feet , which does not bode well for his balance. He also struggles with maintaining his balance when moving back into his set. These issues can cause problems for him when trying to mirror his opponent’s movements during passing plays. He struggles against rushers who can dip and bend around the edge, and he is not adept at handling good counter moves either. His most concerning habit is dropping his head, which is a flaw that will need to be corrected.

Zak Zinter is the 119th prospect on our draft big board.