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Emmanuel Forbes

Emmanuel Forbes

Emmanuel Forbes

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Emmanuel Forbes draft profile

Emmanuel Forbes DRAFT PROFILE – 2023 NFL DRAFT


Emmanuel Forbes, a cornerback from Grenada High School, was rated a 4-star prospect. Forbes chose to join the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

In 2020, Forbes made an immediate impact on the Bulldogs’ defense as a freshman. He played in 11 games and accumulated an impressive 701 snaps at cornerback, which is a testament to his endurance and physicality. Forbes proved to be a versatile player, recording 33 tackles, 11 assists, and adding 12 stops. However, his most significant contributions came in coverage, where he notched up 5 pass breakups, an outstanding 5 interceptions, and a QB rating when targetted of 88.2.

As a sophomore in 2021, Forbes continued to impress on the field. He played in 13 games and logged 757 snaps, making him one of the most dependable players on the team. Forbes’ tackles and assists increased, recording 55 tackles and 4 assists, and he had 32 stops. His coverage skills also continued to improve, totaling 5 pass breakups, 3 interceptions, and a QB rating when targetted of 90.0.

In 2022, Forbes proved to be a crucial player in the Bulldogs’ defense. Although he played in fewer games (11), he still managed to contribute to the team’s success, playing 668 snaps. Forbes recorded 36 tackles, 5 assists, and added 17 stops. In the secondary, Forbes forced 6 pass breakups and an impressive 6 interceptions, a remarkable feat that few players can match. Forbes was also able to limit his opponents’ QB rating when targetted to an outstanding 42.8, showing his ability to stifle the opposing team’s passing game.

Emmanuel Forbes DRAFT PROFILE

Emmanuel Forbes has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with on the field. He is known for his ultra-competitive spirit and his ability to battle at the catch point to force pass break-ups. He is at his best in press alignment, where he can disrupt the timing between the wide receiver and quarterback.

Forbes offers scheme and coverage versatility, making him a valuable asset to any defense. He is experienced in both man and zone coverage schemes, and he plays with good instincts, working against rub routes and switch releases. His ball skills are impressive, and he makes plays on the football at a consistent and high rate.

Forbes processes information quickly before jumping routes, making him a formidable opponent on the field. He is also a solid contributor in the run game, willing to squeeze down and attack the ball carrier’s lower body. Despite his slim and slender build, Forbes does not mind throwing his body around as a tackler and plays more physically than his frame would suggest.



Emmanuel Forbes 40 YARD DASH- 4.35 SECONDS




His length and leaping ability allow him to high-point the ball and make plays, giving him an advantage over many of his opponents. In fact, Forbes would have had even more impressive interception numbers in college had opposing quarterbacks not gone out of their way to avoid him. Despite this, Forbes still managed to showcase his total ball-hawking abilities, boasting elite ball skills and a record six pick-sixes during his college career.

Forbes’ speed is also a key factor in his success on the field. His 4.35 combine performance demonstrates his elite speed, which he consistently ran stride for stride with the top wide receivers in the SEC with ease. This speed allows Forbes to cover a lot of ground and stay with even the most elusive of opponents.

Furthermore, Forbes’ instincts when facing the action in zone coverage are impressive. He shows excellent awareness of his surroundings and can quickly read and react to the play. Forbes knows how to get in the right position to make a play and is a master at disrupting the timing of his opponents.

Forbes also dominates in contested catch situations, thanks to his decent length and elite leaping ability, combined with excellent timing. He can get his hands on the ball and disrupt his opponent’s attempts to make a catch. Forbes’ high-flying ability and ball skills make him a dangerous player to throw against.


However, Forbes’ aggressive play style can also be detrimental at times. His tendency to freelance in coverage can lead to missed assignments and openings for double moves. Even in press alignment, his over-aggressiveness leads to missed punches and losing at the line of scrimmage, causing him to get out-positioned by opponents and be grabby.

Forbes was hit with six penalties this season, the most of his career. Additionally, there are concerns about Forbes’ deep speed and his ability to carry routes vertically against more explosive wideouts. He will need to become more technically sound in coverage to prevent being stacked on vertical routes.


Despite these areas of improvement, Forbes projects as a true perimeter and outside cornerback at the next level. He has an unteachable combination of ball skills and return ability, having the most pick-sixes in FBS and SEC history. Toning down his aggressiveness and being more disciplined can benefit his NFL future, and the development of his technical process will be important to his ceiling. With the right coaching and training, Forbes has the potential to become a CB2 for a defense.

He is our 56th ranked prospect on our draft bog board. 

Plus Side:

  • Elite speed
  • Great instincts, excels in zone
  • Solid hands


  • Over-agressive at times
  • Too many penalties
  • Can wander in coverage