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Eric Gray

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Eric Gray

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New York Giants
Running Back
Eric Gray draft profile

High School and College Career

Eric Gray, was a four-star recruit from Lausanne Collegiate High School in Tennessee before joined the University of Tennessee.

During his freshman year in 2019, Gray immediately impacted the Volunteers’ offense. He appeared in 13 games and had 101 rushing attempts for 539 yards. His yards per carry average was an impressive 5.3, and he scored four touchdowns while fumbling once. As a receiver, Gray had 13 receptions for 115 yards.

As a sophomore in 2020, he played in 9 games. Gray rushed for 758 yards on 156 carries, averaging 4.9 yards per carry, with 4 touchdowns scored and 3 fumbles. In the passing game, Gray pulled in 31 receptions for 262 yards.

Gray made the decision to transfer to the University of Oklahoma before the start of the 2021 season. As a junior, he played in 13 games for the Sooners and continued to perform well on the field. Gray rushed for 412 yards on only 78 attempts, averaging an impressive 5.3 yards per carry. He scored two touchdowns and impressively did not fumble the ball once. Gray showed off his versatility as a receiver with 23 receptions for 229 yards.

However, Gray’s senior year in 2022 was truly outstanding. He played in 12 games and ran for a career-high 1372 yards on 212 carries. His yards per carry average jumped to an impressive 6.5, and he scored 11 touchdowns while only fumbling once. Gray continued to be a reliable threat in the passing game, with 34 receptions for 238 yards.

Eric Gray Scouting Report Introduction

Eric Gray’s collegiate football career has been an interesting journey. Beginning at the University of Tennessee, he transferred to the University of Oklahoma ahead of the 2021 season.

Gray’s running style is impressive, in that he has the ability to slip past defenders with fancy footwork and cutting ability. He is known for his agility and balance, which he showcases while moving around the field. His stop-and-start ability, lateral quickness, and the tendency to take advantage of the cut-back lanes prove to be handy while attacking the opposing team’s defense. Additionally, he is a reliable option in the receiving game, being able to create opportunities for himself after the catch. His vision in the open field is an asset that enables him to exploit defenders and use his creativity to create space during play. Furthermore, he manages to balance his dynamic playing style with a degree of discipline, as evidenced by his excellent ball security performance over the past two seasons.

However, Gray does have some areas of concern when it comes to his preferred play style. While he is a competitive runner, his power and contact balance are inconsistent, leaving room for improvement. Moreover, Gray’s ability to process and anchor in pass protection leaves much to be desired. With his narrow build, physicality and balance might always be a concern for Gray. Additionally, his speed is not top-end in the league, making it difficult for him to be viewed as a home-run hitter.

Despite these limitations, Gray has the potential to be a contributing backup running back at the professional level with his skillset. While he may not be suited for the lead back position, his abilities as a runner and receiver provide valuable options for the team.


Gray has a mean running style, enabling him to work through tacklers easily. His natural balance and instincts give him a rare combination of balance, agility, and power, which makes him a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Despite his compact build, Gray possesses an impressive range of skills that allows him to excel in different areas of the game. He has decent burst and straight-line speed, which enables him to turn in big plays for his team. Gray is at his best when working in space, where his quickness and vision make him a viable option as a return specialist. His stop-start ability is also an asset and often allows him to create initial separation from defenders.

He lowers his pads and delivers a blow to the chest of defenders, allowing him to fall forward on nearly every run due to his lean. His short build, which often makes it difficult for defenders to find him among linemen, is an added advantage. Gray’s good acceleration and straight-line speed further bolster his effectiveness on the field.

Gray shows suddenness and accelerates quickly off the line of scrimmage, making him a formidable player in any team.
Last, Gray has the size and strength to pass protect, making him a valuable player in different game scenarios. His range of talents and abilities make him a standout player and a great addition to any football team.


He may not be the ideal player for separating himself from opposing defenders. He lacks the lethal speed to blow the top off the defense.

Gray is also not a reliable blocker. He relies on chop blocks, which aren’t ideal to rely on as he can whiff.

While Gray may not be the most dynamic receiver on the field, his abilities to do several things well can be a valuable asset for any offense.

Eric Gray is the 162nd prospect on our draft big board.