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Gervon Dexter

Gervon Dexter draft profile

Gervon Dexter

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Chicago Bears
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Gervon Dexter draft profile

High School and College Career

Gervon Dexter Sr. from Lake Wales High School was a 5-star recruit prior to committing to playing for the University of Florida.

As a freshman in 2020, Dexter saw limited playing time, appearing in just 12 games and playing for a total of 254 snaps. During this time, he recorded 10 tackles, and as a pass rusher had 4 total pressures, including 3 quarterback hurries and one QB hit; he was not able to secure any sacks throughout the season.

However, Dexter’s sophomore year proved to be a breakout year for the young player. He was given a starting role and played in 13 games, racking up 481 snaps. His statistics significantly improved, with 33 tackles, recording 24 total pressures, including 12 QB hurries, 8 QB hits, and 4 sacks.

Dexter continued to build upon his success during his junior year in 2022. He played in 12 games and participated in 636 snaps. Although his overall tackle numbers remained consistent with his sophomore year, once again totaling 33 tackles and 15 assists, he notably increased his pass-rushing game. He recorded 24 total pressures, including 19 QB hurries, 3 QB hits, and 2 sacks.

Gervon Dexter Scouting Report Introduction

Gervon Dexter Sr. is a promising young football player who has already made an impact at the University of Florida as a defensive lineman. As a third-year sophomore, Dexter has shown the ability to make impact plays and handle high-pressure situations, indicating that he possesses great potential.

One of the key qualities that sets Dexter apart from his peers is his size and athletic ability. Standing at 6-foot-6 and weighing in at 300 pounds, Dexter has a significant physical advantage over many other players on the field. This allows him to dominate offensive linemen and get penetration, disrupting the opposition’s attacks.

Moreover, Dexter has displayed a range of skills that make him a viable option as a pass-rusher. He possesses great speed and athleticism which allows him to reach the quarterback quickly and force turnovers. Additionally, he has the ability to quickly shed tackles and tackle the ball carrier.

However, despite these impressive physical abilities, there are still some areas where Dexter can improve. One of the most significant issues he faces is his tendency to play too high. This makes it easy for his opponents to gain inside leverage on him, giving them a massive surface area to work with. Consequently, Dexter is often displaced and unable to maintain the line of scrimmage, making it more difficult for him to make an impact.

Another issue that impacts Dexter’s consistency is his lack of a clear pass-rushing plan. Although he is a strong pass-rusher, Dexter can become stagnant and lack direction if he doesn’t win immediately with his speed. This can lead to him floating around the edge of the line of scrimmage, leaving him unable to make a significant impact on the game.


Gervon Dexter has solid lateral agility and balance, allowing him to cover a wide range of ground across two gaps easily. Dexter has a closing burst, especially when he is moving down the line to pursue the opposing team’s ball carrier.

Despite his large size, Dexter can slip through narrow gaps in the defense, making him a fit in various schemes, including as a nose tackle in a 3-4 formation or as a classic defensive tackle in a 4-3 formation.

He’s a powerful run defender who is adept at handling double-teams, which frees up opportunities for teammates. Dexter is ready to step in immediately as a three-down player with ample physicality and technical skills.

Dexter’s upper-body strength is impressive, and he possesses heavy hands that enable him to win with power. His ability to drop his weight and anchor himself against the run enables him to hold up at the point of attack and occupy double teams.


One area in which Dexter falls short is his pass-rushing ability. He has yet to develop any lethal moves or demonstrate explosive quickness off the snap. As a result, he has not been particularly successful in consistently producing pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

One element of Dexter’s gameplay that could use improvement is his pad level. He tends to play too high, which can be a major problem in terms of losing leverage in the run game. This can result in him being overpowered by opposing players and struggling to hold his ground at the point of attack.

In addition, Dexter sometimes struggles with his balance and power, which can make it difficult for him to make the most of his size and length truly. He is also sometimes susceptible to cut blocks, a tactic that opponents have frequently used against him.

Another significant issue with Dexter’s gameplay is his tendency to lose track of the ball in the run game. This can lead to him taking himself out of plays and failing to contribute as fully as he could.

Gervon Dexter is the 123rd prospect on our draft big board.