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Henry To'oTo'o


Henry To'oTo'o

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Houston Texans
Henry To'oTo'o draft profile

High School and College Career

Henry To’oTo’o was a 4 star recruit from De La Salle High School, and ultimately decided to join the Tennessee Volunteers.

As a freshman for the Volunteers in 2019, To’oTo’o was a key player who participated in 13 games and played a total of 727 snaps. Despite being a newcomer to the team, he quickly proved his worth by recording 52 tackles, 20 assists, and 30 stops. In terms of coverage, To’oTo’o added 2 pass breakups and held an impressive QB rating when targeted of 111.4. As a pass rusher, he recorded 10 total pressures, including 6 QB hurries and 4 QB hits, but failed to record a sack all season.

To’oTo’o continued his impressive play as a sophomore in 2020, participating in 10 games and taking part in a total of 699 snaps for the Volunteers. Over the course of the season, he recorded 59 tackles, 22 assists, and 30 stops. In terms of coverage, he made one pass breakup, one interception, and held a highly impressive QB rating when targeted of just 88.6. As a pass rusher, he recorded 6 total pressures, including 3 QB hurries, 1 QB hit, and 2 sacks.

Following his sophomore season, To’oTo’o transferred to the University of Alabama, where as a junior he played in a total of 15 games and took part in 923 snaps. Despite playing for a new team, To’oTo’o was a consistent performer all season, recording 75 tackles, 33 assists, and 38 stops. In coverage, he failed to record any pass breakups or interceptions, but still held a solid QB rating when targeted of 119.2. As a pass rusher, he impressed with 13 total pressures, including 6 QB hurries, 4 QB hits, and 3 sacks.

In his senior year in 2022, To’oTo’o continued to deliver solid performances for the Crimson Tide, playing in 12 games and recording a total of 782 snaps. Over the course of the season, he tallied 67 tackles, 24 assists, and 46 stops. In coverage, he failed to record any pass breakups or interceptions but still held a solid QB rating when targeted of 88.4. As a pass rusher, he once again recorded 13 total pressures, including 6 QB hurries, 4 QB hits, and 3 sacks.

Henry To’oTo’o Scouting Report Introduction

One player who has been making waves in college football is a linebacker who possesses exceptional talent and has captured national attention. This player is none other than To’oTo’o, who earned Second-Team All-SEC in 2021 and was named First-Team All-SEC in 2022 as a senior. In the former year, To’oTo’o led the University of Alabama football team in tackles with 113, and in the latter year, he recorded a total of 94 tackles.

To’oTo’o demonstrates his intelligence and instincts on the field, making him a reliable and consistent tackler. His superior mental skills, top-notch tackling ability, and mobility are his strongest attributes. He exhibits remarkable lateral speed and a high level of flexibility, highlighting his ability to contort his body and make challenging tackles. Moreover, To’oTo’o is a natural leader, an excellent communicator, and takes control of the defense. He is responsible for ensuring that his fellow teammates are in the correct position to carry out their designated roles, thereby uniting the defense into a cohesive, effective unit.

One of To’oTo’o’s most impressive qualities is his versatility, making him an asset to any defense. He can expertly lead a defense from the middle, allowing them to effectively run a 4-3 or 4-2-5 formation, but he is also capable of playing alongside another inside backer in a 3-4, which demonstrates his adaptability.


Henry To’oTo’o is known for being ferocious against the run and decent in coverage, making him an extremely versatile asset for the team. Despite his build, To’oTo’o manages to hold up well in traffic and makes a lot of plays by engaging a block, shedding it, and pursuing the ball.

To’oTo’o is not only a versatile player, but also a true leader on Alabama’s defense. He shows remarkable toughness by getting under the pads of tackles to push them, club them upfield to create an inside lane, or fight through blocks for secondary rushes when the passer steps up. This makes him an integral part of their defense, someone who can be relied upon to make plays and command respect from his teammates.

One of To’oTo’o’s greatest strengths is his combination of instincts and reaction skills. He seems to possess a natural talent for finding the ball in traffic, which is a vital skill for any linebacker. Furthermore, he handles misdirection well with his quick change-of-direction ability. This allows him to quickly adjust to any changes in the play, making him a formidable opponent on the field.

When it comes to defending against the run, To’oTo’o is a force to be reckoned with. He comes downhill quickly against the run when he has an open lane and always tries to plow into the largest piles.

However, despite his many strengths, To’oTo’o is undersized for the middle linebacker position. This means that he can be outmuscled by larger opponents. Nonetheless, his strengths far outweigh this particular weakness, making him a valuable asset to the Alabama defense.


He’s not as physical or hard hitting as other linebackers in his class, which can be a major liability in a sport where physicality is king. This lack of strength can also reduce his effectiveness in pass-rushing situations, where offensive tackles can easily overpower him.

To’oTo’o’s instincts are also a cause for concern, as he has been observed biting on fakes and taking an extended amount of time to diagnose plays. This can result in him being out of position and missing key tackles or opportunities to make plays. Even when he is in the right position, however, he has a tendency to take bad angles to the ball, making it more difficult for him to make the tackle. This problematic decision-making can also result in him playing a bit wild, which can make him more of a liability than an asset on the field.

Despite these concerns, To’oTo’o has shown some promise in his ability to chase stretch plays to the sideline and be effective when left uncovered inside. However, it remains to be seen whether this strength will be enough to outweigh his weaknesses or compensate for the areas where he falls short, particularly on defense.