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Isaiah Foskey

Isaiah Foskey

Isaiah Foskey

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Isaiah Foskey draft profile

Isaiah Foskey DRAFT PROFILE – 2023 NFL DRAFT


Isaiah Foskey, a standout player from De La Salle High School, was a 4-star recruit . After high school, Foskey committed to Notre Dame.

During his freshman year in 2019, Foskey saw limited action, appearing in just 4 games and playing a total of 54 snaps for the Fighting Irish. Despite the limited playing time, he still managed to record 5 tackles and one assist, while adding 4 stops.

In 2020, Foskey’s sophomore year, he played a much more significant role for the Fighting Irish. He appeared in 12 games and took part in 282 snaps, recording 13 tackles, 3 assists, and 12 stops. As a pass rusher, he proved to be a significant threat, accumulating 18 total pressures, including 8 QB hurries, 6 QB hits, and 4 sacks throughout the year.

Foskey’s junior year in 2021 was a breakout season for him. He played in all 13 games, contributing on 564 snaps, and recording 34 tackles, 6 assists, and 35 stops. In coverage, Foskey did not record any pass breakups or interceptions, but he did hold a QB rating of 104.2 when targeted. As a pass rusher, he continued to be a force to be reckoned with, racking up 32 total pressures, including 17 QB hurries, 4 QB hits, and an impressive 11 sacks throughout the year.

In his final year at Notre Dame in 2022, Foskey continued to showcase his impressive skill set. He played in 12 games and logged a total of 563 snaps, while adding 26 tackles, 5 assists, and 26 stops. As a pass rusher, he proved to be an absolute nightmare for opposing offenses, tallying 33 total pressures, including 18 QB hurries, 3 QB hits, and a dominant 12 sacks on the season.

Foskey’s exceptional performance throughout his college career has placed him among the most elite defensive players in college football. His combination of size, speed, and technical skill have made him a difficult player to game-plan against, and he will undoubtedly be a highly sought-after prospect in the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft.


Isaiah Foskey’s on-field performance illustrates his high-end athleticism, as he displays dynamic movement in all phases of the game. As a speed rusher, Foskey generates an impressive amount of spring from his two-point stance, enabling him to claim passing-down wins with ease. Although he occasionally concedes the edge while shedding blocks against quarterbacks rolling outside, his linear release and acceleration are significant.

Foskey’s smooth and fluid movement on the edge allows him to turn the corner with speed and accelerate through his target. He shows easy conversion to power, collapsing tackles and reducing angles when he is not able to capture the edge. His effortless reaction skills and nose for big plays make him a valuable asset in all phases of the game, paired with his terrific pursuit skills and relentless effort in the defensive front.

As a backside defender, Foskey’s rally skills prevent cheap runs out the back door due to lazy collapse. He also excels on special teams, having blocked several punts throughout his college career, including two against UNLV in 2022. In addition to his work on the edge, Foskey served in a chess piece role up front in 2021, implementing a stack LB role at times to pressure off the B-level.


Isaiah Foskey 40 YARD DASH- 4.72 SECONDS



Isaiah Foskey showcases remarkable strength at the point of attack and makes great use of his violent, active handwork to defeat blocks. As a strong hustle player, he consistently disengages from blockers and demonstrates violent hands throughout each play. He’s an instinctive player who can quickly read, react, and locate the ball, and he finishes tackles with authority, wrapping up opponents with precision.

Foskey’s flexibility allows him to bend the edge effectively, and he’s most effective when he can utilize his quickness and change-of-direction abilities to counter back inside. He has a keen sense of how to work off blockers and knows precisely when and how to counter as the play progresses, making him a significant threat on the field.

Whether inside or outside, Foskey maintains excellent leverage at the point of attack, keeping his eyes in the backfield when necessary. He’s able to move linemen to either side with strong hands, demonstrating his power and control in every aspect of his play.

Foskey’s ability to make quick decisions, coupled with his explosive strength and hand usage, makes him an excellent addition to any team. His flexibility, leverage, and ability to bend the edge provide a unique set of skills that make him a versatile player.

As a strong hustle player, he consistently demonstrates his commitment to the game and his willingness to do whatever it takes to help his team succeed. Overall, Foskey is a well-rounded, talented player with the skills and instincts necessary to excel at the highest level of football.


However, Foskey does not always play with high levels of extension despite possessing sufficient separation skills. Although he employs effective shedding techniques with rips and chops, his consistency in long-arming tackles will be a defining variable. He heavily relies on his speed to win, but he needs to play with more pop through his hands and power elements to be a well-rounded player.

Foskey is not physically soft, and he dominates skill players charged with blocking him. Still, in close-quarters combat with tackles, he is at times getting stuck on blocks and lacks the knockback to dissuade forward progress. Teams that run directly at him cause some problems, but playing him as an outside linebacker provides him with built-in natural leverage to gather contain and turn the back inside.

He needs to develop as a pass rusher. He’s a raw talent that flashes great hand use, but doesn’t have a fully developed arsenal of pass rushing moves.


Foskey should be considered a valued addition to an NFL defense, but he is not a plug-and-play type player. Multiplicity in the defensive front is necessary to maximize his role, as he is an instinctual player that requires structural weaponization to offer him advantageous angles and protect him from playing in tight alignments. Expectations for Foskey should be realistic, but if utilized properly, he has the potential to be a game-changer in the NFL.

The Fighting Irish Edge/DE is our 41st ranked prospect overall on our 2023 NFL Draft big board. 

Plus Side:

  • Active hands against blockers
  • High motor player
  • Can bend well around the edge


  • Relies too heavily on his speed to win; raw as a pass rusher
  • Plays tall sometimes, doesn’t set a strong base
  • Inconsistent play when teams run at him