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Jahmyr Gibbs

Jahmyr Gibbs draft profile

Jahmyr Gibbs

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Jahmyr Gibbs draft profile



Jahmyr Gibbs is a promising true junior RB who was widely regarded as a 5-star recruit out of Dalton High School and opted to remain in Georgia by choosing to play for Georgia Tech. During his two-year tenure with the team, Gibbs showcased his offensive prowess, emerging as their standout player. However, he decided to transfer to Alabama for the 2022 season and made a smooth transition by securing the starting RB position.

After receiving offers from several high-profile schools, including Alabama, Texas, LSU, and Florida, among others, Gibbs chose to enroll at Georgia Tech. In his first year, he rushed 89 times for 460 yards and 4 touchdowns, while also catching 24 passes for 303 yards and 3 touchdowns over seven games. Gibbs showed incredible growth in his sophomore year, managing to rush 143 times for 746 yards and 4 rushing touchdowns, while also gaining 465 yards through the air on 35 receptions with two touchdowns over 12 games.

 Despite his success at Georgia Tech, Gibbs entered the transfer portal following his sophomore year, with the goal of self-improvement. He then joined the Alabama Crimson Tide as a junior, where he played in 11 games and demonstrated his exceptional talent.

Gibbs ran for an outstanding 850 yards on 136 attempts, with 7 TDs and no fumbles, averaging 6.3 ypc. He also caught 42 receptions for 378 yards, further showcasing his versatility as a running back and a pass-catcher.


Gibbs’ diverse skill set and remarkable track record of success make him an exceptional talent for any team in need of a star player. His dynamic playing style will undoubtedly make him a future star at the next level.

Although Gibbs is primarily a running back, he boasts exceptional versatility as a receiver out of the backfield. In this day and age, where running backs must excel in both rushing and receiving, Gibbs surpasses expectations and could potentially be one of the most exceptional hybrid running backs to enter the draft in the past decade.

Gibbs is a first round talent and with his vision and speed as a runner and a pass catcher, he is a game wrecker who should have a major impact early on in his rookie season.


Jahmyr Gibbs 40 yard dash- 4.32 SECONDS



 When it comes to running the ball, Gibbs has an uncanny ability to identify openings in the defense and evade defenders. He also possesses remarkable lateral foot quickness and agility that enables him to jump-cut through holes and utilize multiple moves while maintaining exceptional balance. Gibbs can also manipulate second-level defenders, create missed tackles, and leverage his elusiveness and rapid burst to accelerate past defenders, even in open-field scenarios.

Gibbs is also a valuable pass-catcher, displaying a remarkable aptitude for running a variety of routes, such as wheel, angle, and option routes. He has an exceptional understanding of spacing and how to create separation, allowing him to motion from the backfield to a wide receiver alignment or start as a wide receiver and run precise routes. Gibbs’ route-running ability is nuanced and detailed, which differentiates him from defensive backs running conventional routes on the route tree. He has natural hands and the capacity to be used as a traditional receiver in select scenarios.


Jahmyr Gibbs, the former running back for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and the Alabama Crimson Tide, boasts an outstanding skill set that could make him a valuable asset for any team. Gibbs’ exceptional talent has positioned him as one of the top running backs in his draft class, with a versatile skill set that allows him to fit into any scheme.

One of Gibbs’ most outstanding skills is his ability as a pass-catcher. He has a more advanced route tree than would typically be expected of a running back, which provides added value to his already impressive skill set. Gibbs’ capacity as a receiver makes him a significant mismatch for opposing defenses, providing a valuable weapon for any team that has the privilege of drafting him.

In addition to his impressive receiving ability, Gibbs also has the strength to complement a power-back rushing attack. This makes him a unique and valuable asset that can fit into any offensive scheme, whether it is a power-running scheme or a more pass-oriented offense.

Gibbs’ electric speed is one of his most exceptional attributes, allowing him to burn past tacklers on the corners with ease. His speed enables him to make big plays and opens up opportunities for explosive plays on the field.

Gibbs’ vision and confidence to hit holes without second thought is another one of his greatest strengths. He has a remarkable ability to find the gaps in the defense and exploit them, making him a dynamic and exciting player to watch on the field.

Another impressive aspect of Gibbs’ game is his fluidity as a runner. He can stop on a dime or turn on the jets at will, making him a dangerous player for defenders to tackle. Gibbs has been clocked at 22.3 MPH on one of his 70+ yard touchdowns, illustrating his impressive speed and agility.

At just twenty-one years old, Gibbs has ample time to continue developing his skills and reach his prime years as a player. With his unique skill set and exceptional athleticism, Gibbs is undoubtedly an exciting prospect to watch in the coming years. His capacity to fit into any scheme and his versatility make him an outstanding asset for any team looking for a dynamic and versatile running back.


Despite his impressive skills, Gibbs’ size is a concern for some teams on his scouting report. Listed at 200 pounds, he doesn’t have the conventional size of a feature back and may require a bulkier back to complement him to reduce the wear and tear on his frame.

Additionally, due to his size, Gibbs may struggle with pass protection and physicality, which could lead to rushers getting past him to the quarterback.

Although his pass-blocking is below average at best, it is not due to lack of effort. Gibbs spends most of his time perfecting his running and pass-catching abilities, leaving little time for developing his blocking skills. During his time at Alabama, a school with a deep roster, Gibbs was often taken out of the formation on pass-blocking plays, making it necessary for another player to take his place. However, he will not have this luxury on the NFL stage. Therefore, coaches will likely focus on molding him into a formidable blocker during training camp and his first offseason.

With the help of a talented offensive coordinator and coaching staff, Gibbs has the potential to become a “do-it-all player” in his offense. His impressive speed and agility, combined with his unique skill set, make him a valuable asset that can excel in any offensive scheme. Gibbs’ versatility and dynamic playing style make him an exciting prospect to watch in the coming years.

The biggest hindrance to his draft stock as a first round worthy player is the fact that he’s a running back. There’s talk of him and Bijan Robinson both going in the first round, but that’s no sure thing even though they both deserve it.


Overall, Gibbs is an electric running back that should be viewed as a potent offensive weapon. His ability to make plays both as a running back and as a pass-catcher makes him a significant mismatch for opposing defenses. Teams searching for an explosive playmaker will find Gibbs to be an ideal fit, as he can fulfill traditional and non-traditional running back roles with ease.

Jahmyr Gibbs is an exceptionally talented runner and one of the most versatile players the league has seen in a long time. It is rare to find a running back who can excel in both pass-catching and power rushing. Gibbs’ unique skill set makes him a coveted asset for any offense, whether it’s run-heavy or pass-heavy.

Plus Side:

  • Dangerous in space; great lateral cuts and vision
  • Starting running back in day 1 of rookie year; 3 years of play against top talent
  • Best of the prospects at the running back position in the pass game


  • Pass protection in the backfield is lacking; restricting him being a three down offensive player
  • Reliant on outside runs and space, can he carry the ball inside between blocks?
  • Does he have the weight to provide blocks in the passing game pound through defensive linemen?

Alabama RB Jahmyr Gibbs has a first round NFL scouting report, but will his position discount force him to fall to day 2 of the NFL draft? He proved himself over three years in college, including two years at Georgia Tech. His final season at as the Alabama rb solidified his spot as the possible top guy at the rb position.

We have him ranked as the 2nd ranked at his position behind Bijan Robinson and 25th overall ranked prospect.