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Jake Bobo

Jake Bobo draft profile

Jake Bobo

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Seattle Seahawks
Wide Receiver
Jake Bobo draft profile

High School and College Career

Jake Bobo, from Belmont Hill High School, was rated a 3-star recruit before committing to Duke University.

As a freshman in 2018, Bobo appeared in 13 games for the Blue Devils. During this time, he managed to make 10 receptions for 167 yards, averaging an impressive 16.7 yards per reception. Bobo also scored one touchdown and earned a quarterback (QB) rating of 135.1 when targeted.

Bobo’s sophomore season in 2019 was less successful than his freshman year, as he played eight games and only made 10 catches for 122 yards. His average yards per catch decreased to 12.2, and he didn’t manage to score any touchdowns.

However, Bobo’s junior year proved to be a comeback for the wide receiver. In 11 games, he hauled in an impressive 32 catches for 358 yards, averaging 11.2 yards per catch. While he only scored one touchdown during the season, he improved his QB rating when targeted to 83.6.

In his senior year, Bobo continued to excel on the field, making the decision to remain with Duke for the 2021 season. During this time, he played 12 games and managed to snag an impressive 74 receptions for 794 yards. Bobo’s average yards per catch decreased to 10.7 yards, but he still managed to score one touchdown and earn an excellent QB rating of 91.5 when targeted.

Following the end of the 2021 season, Bobo made the decision to transfer from Duke and continue his football career with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In his fifth year as a senior at UCLA in 2022, Bobo played 12 games and finished with 54 catches for 789 yards. He averaged 14.6 yards per catch and scored a total of seven touchdowns. Bobo proved to be an excellent target, earning an exceptional QB rating of 126.5 when targeted.

Jake Bobo Scouting Report Introduction

Jake Bobo, a seasoned receiver, has been consistently productive throughout his college career. Having started his career at Duke University, he played and contributed for four seasons before transferring to UCLA for his final year in college. Bobo played a vital role in UCLA’s team, being the go-to receiver when they needed crucial plays, especially on third down.

The receiver has a wide frame and excellent size and length that he uses to his advantage. His ability to position his body between the ball and the defender on routes coming inside is impressive, as he understands how to use his wide frame to his advantage. Despite his height, Bobo is a fluid athlete and a nuanced and savvy route-runner, which helps him create separation at the top of the route.

Furthermore, Bobo’s outstanding hands and body control allow him to make tough catches look routine. He is proficient in sinking and getting in and out of breaks quickly, utilizing head and body fakes to create separation.

However, the receiver is more of a possession receiver who lacks top-end speed and separation quickness required to stress the defense over the top or with the ball in his hands. Defenders with more size and strength than him can easily stay in his hip pocket and challenge him at the catch point. Bobo is a gets-what’s-there runner and lacks elusiveness or big-play potential.


His hands are strong, and Bobo can track deep balls and bring them in fluidly without interrupting his stride when running downfield.

He is agile and can create separation from defenders. He’s also a homerun threat with some serious straight line speed. Bobo is a strong runner with the ball and can easily maneuver his way around defenders in the open field.

Bobo’s soft, long arms and excellent catching ability make him stand out. These attributes provide a sizable catch radius and make him a fluid mover capable of creating separation over the middle of the field. Bobo can also quickly transition from a receiver to a runner, making him a valuable asset to any team.


Jake Bobo lacks top-end speed. Bobo does not possess the speed that would allow him to bypass defenders swiftly. Bobo’s abilities aren’t stellar when it comes to running down the field. He really isn’t able to muster up the kind of speed necessary to push past defenders and truly stretch the field.

He has had some issues catching and tracking the ball while running. He needs to shore up his hands some more and rely on them to secure catches instead of pinning it to his body, especially when down the field.

Jake Bobo is the 161st prospect on our draft big board.