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Jake Haener

Jake Haener draft profile

Jake Haener

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Jake Haener draft profile

High School and College Career

Jake Haener, quarterback from Monte Vista High School, entered the college football scene as a 3-star recruit and decided to join the Washington Huskies.

During his freshman season with the Huskies in 2018, Haener had limited involvement on the field, only appearing in three games. During this time, he threw for a modest 107 yards on 13 attempts with a completion rate of 69.2 percent, averaging 8.2 yards per throw.

Seeking more playing time and a greater role in the offense, Haener transferred to Fresno State following his freshman season. As a sophomore in 2019, he saw action in six games, passing for 2019 yards on 232 attempts with a completion percentage of 64.7 percent for an average of 8.7 yards per pass. Haener executed 14 touchdown passes throughout his sophomore season, although he also took 23 sacks, and achieved a QB rating of 103.4. Haener also showcased his agility on the field, with 42 rushing attempts for a total of 201 yards at an average of 4.8 yards per rush.

Haener’s junior season in 2020 proved to be a breakout year, as he played in all 13 games for Fresno State. He threw for a noteworthy 4098 yards on 490 attempts and recorded a completion rate of 67.3 percent, averaging 8.4 yards per attempt. Haener executed an impressive 33 touchdown passes, allowing 25 sacks with a QB rating of 107.8. As a runner, he logged 55 runs for a total of 195 yards at an average of 3.5 yards per run.

In his senior year of 2021, Haener played in 10 games, achieving 2900 passing yards on 355 attempts with a completion rate of 71.3 percent, averaging 8.2 yards per pass. He threw 20 touchdown passes but took 26 sacks, and ended the season with a QB rating of 110.8.

Jake Haener Scouting Report Introduction

After failing to beat out Jacob Eason at the University of Washington, Haener transferred to Fresno State University, where he would subsequently break both David and Derek Carr’s passing records.

At first glance, Haener’s physical attributes may seem underwhelming, particularly his height and size, which are below average for an NFL quarterback. However, his overall athleticism is above average, compensating for his size limitations. Despite not possessing the physicality that is characteristic of elite quarterback prospects, Haener’s game possesses numerous qualities that make him a worthwhile consideration in the draft. He possesses an above-average arm and exceptional accuracy, enabling him to hit all the throws that will be expected of him in the NFL. His release time is quick and compact, making him an instinctive player who throws with excellent timing and anticipation. Pre-snap, Haener exhibits tremendous skill in understanding the opposing team’s gameplan and getting his team in the best position to combat it.

Haener’s athleticism is also utilized to make plays within and out of structure. While he may not be a significant rushing threat, he is mobile enough to evade pressure and escape the pocket. Despite his physical limitations, Haener’s superior ball placement and accuracy still make him a legitimate quarterback prospect.

He faces limitations, however, with his deep ball accuracy being inconsistent, and there are moments where his lack of height becomes a hindrance. Nevertheless, Haener makes up for these areas with his tremendous competitive spirit and resilience. He has proven himself capable of playing through injuries and always performs his best when his team needs him the most.

Had Haener been bigger and stronger, he would have been a top pick in this year’s draft. However, despite his underwhelming physical traits, he has the qualities necessary to succeed in the NFL. Given his remarkable work ethic, natural abilities as a passer, and competitive toughness, there’s a possibility that Haener could develop into a low-level starter who can win games if surrounded by an excellent team. While his limitations may hinder his ceiling, Haener’s intangibles provide a foundation for success throughout his professional career.


Jake Haener is a quarterback with promising potential. While he may not have an elite level of arm strength, he displays a good level of arm talent and can easily complete most of the required NFL throws. He also has a good ability to throw deep passes accurately.

Haener is known for his high football IQ and leadership qualities on and off the field. He reads the defense well and is exceptional in calling audibles before the snap. While he is not necessarily a scrambling quarterback, he has enough mobility to buy some extra time when pressured.

One of Haener’s notable strengths is his ability to perform well under pressure. He is considered a clutch player that raises the offenses in crucial situations. Additionally, he has fantastic timing on his throws, allowing his receivers to easily catch the ball.

Haener’s ball placement is another strong suit of his game. He has a natural instinct to make plays when forced to improvise, making him a valuable asset for any team. He progressed through reads quickly. He is mainly accurate on intermediate and short throws, with flashes of anticipation, placement on intermediate outs, and the ability to lead receivers on deeper throws.
Haener has a quick release and demonstrates good accuracy on shorter throws when on the move to either side.


When discussing the potential of quarterback Jake Haener, it is important to consider a few key factors. First and foremost, his slight frame and limited room for additional growth may hinder his ability to be looked at as a long-term starting quarterback at the professional level. This physical limitation could pose a challenge for Haener as he progresses through his career, especially as he takes on harder hits and more competitive opponents.

Another notable factor to consider is Haener’s history of injuries. He has missed multiple games due to injury, which could suggest that he may struggle to stay healthy at the next level. This is an unfortunate reality for any athlete, but it’s especially concerning for a quarterback who needs to be consistently present on the field to build chemistry with his teammates and maintain a successful offense.

Moving to his on-field abilities, Haener’s arm is passable but far from strong. While he has demonstrated the ability to make accurate throws, he loses both accuracy and velocity when he is not set in the pocket. This could hinder his ability to evade pressure and make plays on the fly, an important skill for any successful quarterback.

Finally, it’s important to note that Haener puts too much air in some of his throws and needs to show a lower trajectory on deep throws. In today’s NFL, deep ball accuracy is a must for any starting QB.

Jake Haener is the 130th prospect on our draft big board.